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Unit 6 Cartoons And Comic Strips? cartoon n. 卡通片 comic strips n. 漫画.

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2 Unit 6 Cartoons And Comic Strips?

3 cartoon n. 卡通片 comic strips n. 漫画

4 Walt Disney(1901-1966) He was a famous American cartoon maker.and film producer( 制片人 ).He was born in Chicago.He made the world-famous cartoon pictures----Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. He began to take posters (海报) in Kansas City (堪萨斯城),Montana (蒙大拿 州).The he made cartoon pictures, but he was not very successful at the beginning. Later he moved to Hollywood (好莱坞) and cooperated (合作) with his brother. They began to produce silent films with the topic of Mickey Mouse and later made it talk in the movies.


6 Donald Duck kind & lovely funny & lovely a. 和蔼的;仁慈的 a. 滑稽可笑的 funny & kind? Mickey Mouse Pluto

7 Disneyland makes Walt’s amusement empire find the combining between dream and reality, it has created the glory of the whole century.

8 The animation of Japan is popular not only in Asia but also all over the world. As the famous animator in Japan, Hayao Miyazaki (宫崎骏) has an important seat in the Japanese animated cartoon history, even the whole world animation history.He makes his cartoon own the characteristic of the Japanese nation and humanism color, and shows his own “Poetic sentiment and Philosophy” thoughts about life, survival, environment and dreams through the cartoon. In the production, he pays enough attention to the social actuality, and initiates a new trend in Japanese animation.

9 moving castle dragon cat spirit princess

10 Chinese Cartoon: splendid past, bitter present In addition to having a glorious age, Chinese animation now faces severe competition as the international industry is dominated by massive Japanese and US animation output. More and more Chinese children are fascinated by Transformers Dragon Ball, Garfield as well as Snoopy.


12 Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Superman, Batman, Father and Son, Slamdunk, the Lion King, Ding Dang, Carfield the Cat, Michey Mouse Ding Dang The Lion KingCarfield the Cat Mickey Mouse Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Superman Father and Son Slamdunk


14 Questions When do you watch cartoon? Do you like Chinese cartoon or foreign cartoon? Why do you like it?

15 Task 4

16 Look carefully at the above cartoon and answer the following questions: 1. Where is the man sitting? The man is sitting in a chair. 2. What does the man have in his hands? He has a newspaper in his hands. 3. Is he reading it or not? He isn’t reading it. He is looking at the paper held out by his son.

17 4. Where has the boy come from? (Just make a guess.) He has come from school. 5. What does the boy have in his hands? He has a long stick in his hands. 6. Where is the piece of paper with the number “2” on it? The paper with “2”on it is fastened to the other end of the long stick.

18 7. What kind of paper is it? It is a school report. 8. Why is it held that way? The boy wants to keep some distance between the man and himself. 9. What is the possible relationship between the man and the boy? The man must be the boy’s father.

19 Please guess what happened before this picture and then make up a story.








27 Question: What do you think the man will do after he reads the report? After the man reads the school report, he will probably punish the boy. He might spank his son.

28 Skim the text by reading the first and last sentences of each paragraph and answer the following questions. 1.Give a definition of the cartoon and the comic strip? 2.Is about the birth of cartoons and comic strips? 3.Gives a description of the cartoon? 4.Describes the present condition of traditional hand-drawn comics? 5.Tells us that both adults and children enjoy reading cartoons and comic strips? 6.Shows us the significance of the cartoon? 7.Introduces some well-known characters and topics of today’s cartoons and comic strips? B A C G E D F

29 Look at Paragraph E & Choose the correct answeragain Were cartoons and comic strips first born for _____? AB A

30 Why were cartoons and comic strips born for adults rather than children first ? A:Cartoons used to be a way to express people’s ideas or feelings.

31 Scan Paragraph and find out the writer ’ s opinion ( 意见 ) of hand-made comics: Will computer-made comics replace hand-made ones? G

32 Homework: Listen to the tape and read the text. Recite the new words

33 The End 返回

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