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Zespół Szkół Nr 2 Stróżowska 15 38-500 Sanok Poland.

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1 Zespół Szkół Nr 2 Stróżowska 15 38-500 Sanok Poland

2 Worn out tyres are a growing problem not only in our country.

3 All over the world people produce more than 2 billion tonnes of waste rubber every year.

4 Storing worn out tyres does not solve the problem. It takes over 100 years for tyres to decompose. Storing waste rubber is dangerous because it may lead to self-ignition. Is it a reasonable solution?

5 How should we reclaim it?

6 Tyres should be reclaimed. We don’t need to be convinced about it anymore. We know that We are getting run out of resources, and waves of overgrowing rubbish cover new areas.

7 This is our school

8 During our classes we gain knowledge about ecology We learn about: Recycling, Salvaging, Utilization.

9 We organize poster campaigns It is the best way to draw people’s attention to growing problem of waste rubber.

10 What are the posters like? Works displayed on school corridor attract attention of passing by students.

11 Are tyres valuable material? A carried out survey will give us an answer for the question. We only need to work out the results during IT lessons.

12 We organize cleaning campaigns We gather wastes, sort and deliver to recycling centres. Let our care of natural environment be an example for others.

13 Do YOU know how to recycle waste rubber?

14 Collect them and deliver to a specialised recycling centres. In order to process worn out tyres one should Grind them down in specialized mills. This way we obtain pellets which can be used in production of new wares.

15 Isn’t this road surface a real beauty? This flexible material makes tracks and sports fields elastic. They support dynamics and fluidity of movement. It is made of pellets obtained from grinding down old tyres.

16 They are produced in various colours. These surfaces are durable, safe and friendly for environment. Road surfaces made of pellets

17 Artificial or natural? This modern surface was made of pellets obtained from worn out tyres.

18 The way is simple: Previously grinded down tyres are put into a special microwave oven. Fuel for engines made from tyres? Why not… Steel can be scrapped, and graphite that gives tyres black colour can be reused in production of high quality rubber. After some time we get diesel fuel, gas we can burn in stoves and some amounts of steel and graphite.

19 Can we upgrade asphalt ? Rubber roads are much safer. Worn out tyres can be successfully used to modify and upgrade road surfaces. Rubber in combination with asphalt reduces braking distance up to one quarter.

20 Can we burn it in a stove? Rubber is a great energy carrier. Its calorific value is comparable to value of high quality coal. Burning of waste rubber also has other advantages in comparison to burning coal – lack of ash, lower emission of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. Though we need to remember that the combustion of such fuel requires special stoves.

21 Can we hit the road again? Retreading of tyres is another way of reusing waste rubber. A retrodden tyre is 50% cheaper than the new one and you can use again the 75% of its mass.

22 Can you see it now that worn out tyres are a valuable resource?

23 We don’t want a view like this.



26 THE END © ZS2 Sanok 2009

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