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Ecological problems in our country Done by MIDUKOVA OLGA PAVLOVNA 2013 SCHOOL №6, SHUMERLYA.

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1 Ecological problems in our country Done by MIDUKOVA OLGA PAVLOVNA 2013 SCHOOL №6, SHUMERLYA

2 THE AIMS OF OUR LESSON ARE: To brush up the words connected with the theme To discuss the topics which are the part of our theme To find out how other people protect the environment and wildlife To understand how important it is for us to save the Earth To think of the ways you can protect the environment

3 Ecology the environment ecological to save the Earth together forever future peacefully roam to pollute the wildlife technological revolution helping Mother Earth flower animal to reuse litter the nature the evolution recycle, the air the radiation to plant the water the protection the soil the destruction

4 It is known that the age of our planet is 4,6 milliard years. Scientists say that life on the Earth began about 4 milliard years ago. The scientific and technological revolution took place in 18th century and lasts only 2 seconds. But people had already had time to reduce the nature of our planet to ecological disaster for the last 2 seconds! As the result of economic activities of man both the air, the water and the soil are polluted. The pollution of the environment is the most serious problem today and if we want to survive and live any longer, we must solve it until its too late.



7 THICK AND THIN QUESTIONS 1.What does the word “ecology” mean? 2.Are there any laws and decision on the protection our environment 3.Radiation is very important problem, isn’t it? ( 4.What is happened in Myslez not far from Shumerlya in 1996? 5.How long does the litter last? 6.How long does a butterfly live? 7.How long does a bee live? 8.How long does it take a blue berry bush to grow to give berries? 9.Ecology is one of the global problems of the 21-st century. What should you do? 10.What noble work do the people of the “Greenpeace” do? 11.What is older: nature or mankind? 12.An English poet, Francis Thomson, said: “One couldn’t pluck a flower without troubling a star”. Do you agree with him? 13.Why must technology bring apology to ecology?

8 Many animals are disappearing nowadays. People cut down trees and many animals lose their homes.

9 Plants and factories send smoke into the atmosphere. The results are changing of climate and global warming.

10 We have a problem with dirty air too. People can’t breathe in big cities because the air isn't fresh.

11 Water is very important for us and without drinkable water we’ll die. Different plants make water dirty. People can’t drink this water and animals die in this water. People leave rubbish at the seaside too. It is also very bad.

12 The result is very sad.

13 Save the tiger. Save the whale and the panda. Save the tiger. Save the whale and the gorilla. Save the elephant in Africa The eagle in America. Save the wildlife of the world. Save the tiger. SAVE THE TIGER



16 USEFUL TIPS Don`t break trees. Don`t leave litter. Keep the town tidy. Respect the life and work of the countryside. Put litter away. Grow trees and flowers. Don`t frighten birds and animals. Don`t cut wild flowers. Don`t burn fires. Don’t hurt animals Feed birds and help them Plant trees and flowers Clean rivers Always put garbage in a garbage bin. Don’t cut down baby trees Don’t paint on the trees

17 The famous English writer John Galsworthy said: "If you don`t think about the future you will not have it." Let`s think about the future. Let`s keep our planet tidy and make it a better place to live in. Let`s save the Earth for ourselves and it`s important to save all forms of life. Love the nature – our mother!

18 PHOTO - HTTP://IMAGES.YANDEX.RU “Kids for saving Earth promise song” The Earth is my home. I promise to keep it healthy and beautiful. I will love the land, the air, The water and all leaving creatures. I will be a defender of my planet, United with friends. I will save the Earth. United with friends, I promise to keep it, United with friends, I will love the land, United with friends, I'll be a defender, I will save the Earth.

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