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Creating Forms in Microsoft Word Lunch and Learn: April 2, 2008.

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1 Creating Forms in Microsoft Word Lunch and Learn: April 2, 2008

2 Plan Ahead Plan ahead for the specific form you need. What types of fields should be on the form? Will recipients/users have Word on their PCs? How should they send you the completed forms?

3 Begin Your Document Consider the adage: Input your content and then make it look pretty. (In short, content first and then form fields)

4 Turn Your Forms Tools On Access the View menu and select Toolbars. Select Forms.

5 Insert Your Fields Place your cursor where you would like the first form field. Click the appropriate form toolbar button. ButtonFunction Text Box Checkbox or Radio Button Drop-Down Pick List

6 Customize Your Fields Double-Click a field to bring up its settings/options.

7 Customize a Text Field Text Field Options: Type: Text, number or date Default: Text to appear before user types Max Length: Number of characters (max) Text Format: Uppercase, lowercase, initial caps or title case

8 Customize a Checkbox Field Checkbox Field Options: Size: Match your point size to your font size Default Value: Appearance before user acts

9 Customize a Drop-Down List Field Field Options: Drop-Down Item: Type your first entry and click the Add button. Up/Down Arrows: Sort your list as desired with the arrow buttons

10 Lock Your Form Lock your form to protect it from accidentally being altered. This isn’t for security as much as it is a safety net. Click the Protect Form button on the Forms toolbar. Tab from field to field for use.

11 Consider How It Will Be Used Consider the following, depending upon how the document may be used: Password-Protect the file from being modified (Tools – Options – Security) Save the document as a template, not a document (File – Save As – File Type – Document Template)

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