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1 Poets’ Corner Best poems By Mrs M’s Students SMS Arcadia Pertini - Milano.

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1 1 Poets’ Corner Best poems By Mrs M’s Students SMS Arcadia Pertini - Milano

2 2 Contents Click to read your poems: 2B Space Poetry - December 2004 2B Season Poems – March 2005 2C Halloween Poems – October 2006

3 3 Space December 2004 Planets go round the Sun like aureoles I can see the Moon! Every Planet has its breadth Its colour Its temperature and its history. I would like to visit them, Because they arouse my curiosity. I like looking at the Moon, Because it is very beautiful. There is a Star in the Sky, it is a small Star It is my Star I can see the Moon! In the morning in the Sun. It is Yellow and big!

4 4 Space December 2004 I am a Star. I live in the sky. You can see me only at night. I am travelling in the space with the Moon. I am very shiny and very nice. I am very beautiful. I am the Sun The beautiful Sun I am a Star I am the king of the Day I am a hot star On me there isn't any life I am the Sun.

5 5 Space December 2004 There are nine planets. I live on the Earth! My planet is big but Jupiter is the biggest. I like my planet.

6 6 Seasons March 2005 My favourite season is Summer Because it's hot and I go to the seaside I can go to the swimming-pool too I go to my country which is beautiful in Summer I go out with friends Summer is very beautiful I like Winter It is very cold My house is warm and I can stay in bed There is no chocolate for breakfast I play with the snow Everything is white

7 7 Seasons March 2005 Today, how surprising: it's Spring There are surprises in all the fields Green leaves are shot Yellow buds and green sprouts Yellow, white and red flowers So many shades of coulours in the landscape The Sun To help the branches to hold the leaves here's the rain and golden rays The rivers get wider And silver becomes transparent Summer is my favourite season Days are longer and I can play with my friends There's the Sun, I like the Sun I can go to the seaside

8 8 Seasons March 2005 My favourite season is Winter Because it's magical Winter becomes the children's toy There is the snow and Snow means fantasy Winter is beautiful to me Because we have a lot of snow Winter is a very cold season Days are shorter in December January, February and March I love the snow because I go and ski I love making snowmen.

9 9 Seasons March 2005 Nature wakes up from a long sleep I pick up flowers and strawberries I love Spring Because flowers no longer sleep In summer school finishes Summer begins in June and ends in August I can go to the seaside I can swim and I can build sand castles In summer, I wear shorts, T-shirts and tennis shoes Summer means SUN!

10 10 Seasons March 2005 My favourite season is Summer In summer I can run on the beach I can play in the sea I can see my grandmother and my grandfather The Sun is beautiful And hot The grass is full of flowers I can swim in the sea and look at the fish springing at spring

11 11 Witches, bats and dragons Are flying in the sky. Trolls, skeletons and various monsters Are walking down the roads and dark lanes Everybody is looking for people to scare And are knocking at the doors of houses “Boo!” we suddenly exclaim But, which is the answer? Gifts and sweets as many as you like The adults are mistaking us since we are masked children And now we are eating an infinity of chocolate Halloween October 2006

12 12 Halloween October 2006 It’s night It’s dark And the Moon is full! Beware, careful, Tonight will come the witch If you are good From her you’ll get one sweet If you are bad From her you’ll get an ugly trick I you’re dressing in a decent way You can’t frighten people If you dress in a strange way That means that is coming

13 13 Children are dressing as witches, ghosts, vampires, fairies and bats At the doors they knock To get sweets or to joke “Trick or Treat” People open the doors smiling Each kid receives a sweet This magic moment appreciating They go back home happy In a good mood and singing All of them you can see Like spirits flying on the streets Witches, ghosts and numerous characters are at Halloween party The Ghosts are going through the walls The wicthes are flying on their brooms To cast a spell on boys and girls Pumpkins are scaring people at night Halloween is so nice Halloween October 2006

14 14 On the Night of Halloween The Mummy and the Vampire are going To all the houses, through all the houses To get sweets and chocolate No one knows who’s behind the threatening masks They are only children who are taking some sweets They aren’t stealing them They aren’t eating them They’re celebrating Halloween! A Halloween Party On October 31st On the windows Pumpkin lanterns Some boys and some girls Are wearing strange costumes Monsters, Aliens and Ghosts Are singing on the street “Trick or Treat” Halloween October 2006

15 15 There is a tree full of Pumpkins Rooted in the middle of the Count’s table There is a Ghost who is eating a cannolo There is a Witch with a mouse With sharp teeth And a dog without a collar There is a basket full of bats There is my Grandfather who is washing a basket. Long Live Halloween It’s nothing you’ve ever seen! Halloween October 2006

16 16 Tonight is the Night When Pumpkins stare Through sheaves and leaves Everywhere When Gouls and Ghosts And Goblin Hosts Dance around their Queen It’s Halloween! The Monsters are Happy It is Halloween today They’re going to the city To scare the children Dragons and bats are flying in the sky Goblins and Trolls are walking into the world Get up, run, escape, go away Ghosts are under the bed It’s Halloween Today! Halloween October 2006

17 17 Halloween, Halloween, Halloween It’s fun, It’s fear A lot of people look like Demons, witches and skeletons And make with jokes and legends Children and adults bewitched. There’s a feast Witches are flying over the cities Black cats are singing on the roofs Halloween October 2006 Halloween, Halloween, Halloween The symbol of our feast Is the famous Pumpkin Halloween here and Halloween there There will always be a feast On 31st October

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