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Managing the Virtual Library Jane Burke Vice President, ProQuest General Manager, Serials Solutions.

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1 Managing the Virtual Library Jane Burke Vice President, ProQuest General Manager, Serials Solutions

2 ASIDIC 3-08 Research Library Model

3 ASIDIC 3-08 Old Model of Library Use is Gone Old model resulted from $$$ of the ’60’s Built BIG print collections Users had to come to the collections

4 ASIDIC 3-08 Nature of collections has changed 50+% spent on e-resources is not unusual Underutilized Collections are much more volatile e-journals Open Access journals e-book collections e-music Institutional repository Online reference resources Datasets

5 Recent Study: Primary Research Group Study on Database Licensing Practices: Mean number of licenses for e-content has tripled Mean spending for e-books by corporate and legal libraries is $48,000 Consortium purchases accounted for 30% of licenses The Survey of Library Database Licensing Practices: ISBN#:1-57440-093-2 ASIDIC 3/08

6 ASIDIC 3-08 It’s all about the Users The Web has changed how we deliver and consume information The shift from physical to digital delivery of information has created new requirements and opportunities for delivering effective library experiences The Web has profoundly transformed the nature of library collections The majority of new acquisitions are Web-based Collections have increased dramatically and content is available anytime, anywhere Web search engines compete with libraries

7 ASIDIC 3-08 Users are forcing a paradigm shift 87% of respondents believe that the paradigm has shifted from library management to user- centric They cite the “Googlization” of information access as a primary reason Where researchers still use the library—it is often remotely This negates the research librarian’s traditional value-added role in users’ research processes

8 End Users are very busy Social networking sites very rarely used for research. Student lives are compartmentalized User generated content is not easy to get Good news … they will try the Library 1st ProQuest study of undergrads ASIDIC 3/08

9 ASIDIC 3-08 Today’s Library exists within a new world of users We need to be where the end users are ! We can’t believe that they will tolerate learning multiple user interfaces Courseware & Google are the lingua franca We must accept short term risk to avoid long term “disintermediation” 危 机危 机

10 ASIDIC 3-08 What about access systems? ILS systems are ubiquitous Application “stacks” around a single bibliographic database of MARC records ILS’s are print inventory based OPAC’s are “shop windows” on inventory control systems, exposing users to administrivia before they can do what they want to – search

11 Charleston 11-07

12 ASIDIC 3-08 What about the e-content? Databases E-books Full text Data sets Competing for visibility

13 Charleston 11-07 Where should I begin? Searching - What the Patron Sees

14 ASIDIC 3-08 But we have Federated Search Good – important step Federated search is NOT “in its infancy” Connector technologies – publishers “get” it now – XML gateway standard (NISO MXG) Results processing advances Relevancy Visualization Results Clustering

15 Charleston 11-07 Visualization

16 ASIDIC 3-08 Results Clustering “On the fly” subject categorization Facets Journal Title clustering Author clustering Year clustering

17 ASIDIC 3-08 But… is the e-content findable? Where are the e-resources ? Where is the access to the federated search? Buried on the site? Inherent problems with federated search Speed ! Differing metadata

18 ASIDIC 3-08


20 Charleston 11-07

21 ASIDIC 3-08 Role of Linking Link Resolvers keep A&I prominent Skip the landing page ! Demand “tuned” links Expect “search within link” to expand the reach of the resolver My library Print versions

22 ASIDIC 3-08 Serials Libraries want to give up checkin ! Don’t worry about claiming User notification – let RSS do it Support Onix for Serials New Editeur/NISO standards SPS SOH SRN Lobby publishers and software vendors

23 ASIDIC 3-08 We – Librararies and Providers -- continue to be bifurcated Continuing blind spot -- silo by format We are all doing this Digital Millennials don’t differentiate !

24 ASIDIC 3-08 We can’t teach the difference We’ve tried and tried Card catalog vs. Wilson indexes Online catalog vs. databases Give it up !

25 ASIDIC 3-08 Today’s Tools don’t equal Web 2.0 Source: Open Gardens

26 ASIDIC 3-08 Research project said librarians want: Way to search that provides seamless integration and access to all content repositories both internal and external Including e-books, audio, video, etc. Integration of all solutions into one product… …and interoperability

27 ASIDIC 3-08 Success: Part 1 Users find what they need quickly In a simple way Wherever they are So they don’t have to go somewhere else

28 ASIDIC 3-08 Success: Part 2 Measurement What’s being used and how often The meaning behind the statistics Some way to measure return on investment

29 ASIDC 3-08 Success: Part 3 Providing a competitive advantage over the Internet Honing in on the value we add to the research experience

30 ASIDC 3-08 The World is Flat Each object is on an equal level Search

31 ASIDC 3-08 Is it Happening? Seeing the first glimpses “Discovery”=Content + Community + Technology Discovery: Single interface for finding all the information. Users are no longer forced to search in multiple systems for different media types—books, e-books, print and electronic articles, digital media, and other types of resources.

32 Early entrants: 3 types of players Commercial – vendor supplied Open Source – library efforts Google Scholar ASIDIC 3-08

33 Commercial Endeca

34 Charleston 11-07




38 ASIDIC 3-08 Open Source Summa -- State and University Library, Denmark Villa Nova University eXtensible catalog – University of Rochester + partners

39 Charleston 11-07


41 ASIDIC 3-08 The Elephant in the Room

42 ASIDIC 3-08 Early Days … Currently focusing on library’s records Keywords Facets “Community” requires a hosted service Definitely Web 2.0 Maybe not social networking Scalability Need billion + documents Doable with stretch

43 Libraries need to … Align priorities with reality Align behaviors with reality Stop doing lots of stuff that isn’t appreciated Hurry Up !! We have no real sense of the print environment, but that’s how they evaluate. ASIDIC 3/08

44 But they don’t always understand how or why Tradition of discrete systems Just starting to appreciate the problem of multiple “knowledgebases” Still tend to look at each new digital collection discretely Don’t see the knowledgebases as other “OPAC’s” Uneven approach to digital collections Uneven embrace of new technology ASIDIC 3/08

45 Providers need to care Usage through federated search Project COUNTER reporting “Assessment” products emerging Duplicative development efforts ASIDIC 3/08

46 What should we be doing for them? Overall, save them time, make their content findable so that they stay relevant Be the source of all digital collection access and management in an integrated workflow Apply approval plans to e-content Give up individual interfaces ASIDIC 3/08

47 ASIDIC 3-08 Change requires change Librarians must sell – blatantly – to users Librarians must abandon the format mentality and customized MARC records Publishers must rethink the value of metadata Metadata as a commodity “Dis-aggregation” New standards

48 ASIDIC 3-08 Overall…we can do this ! Must be end-user focused Must accept that we can’t do everything Old things New things Tools can help Access and discovery E-resource management

49 ASIDIC 3-08 Hurry Up !! This is a time of “revolution” – not evolution Give print only the percentage of time it earns by circulation Flip the mental switch – it will lead to the right behaviors and expectations

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