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Pennsylvania’s Symbols

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1 Pennsylvania’s Symbols
Pennsylvanians chose symbols to represent our state’s land, history, and its people.

2 William Penn He was the owner and the first governor of our commonwealth. He made the basic laws that gave us the freedoms of speech and of religion.

3 “The Keystone State” A keystone is the center stone of an arch.
It holds an arch together and keeps it from falling. There are many stories about why we are called the “Keystone State.”

4 Eastern Hemlock This is our state tree. The leaves - The cones -

5 The Firefly, or “Lightning Bug”
The firefly was suggested by school children on April 10, 1974. The larvae

6 The Great Dane The Great Dane has been a symbol of Pennsylvania since 1965. It comes from Germany and they call it “Deutsche Dogge”, but we English speakers ignore that.

7 The Brook Trout This trout is found in many streams in our commonwealth. It is very tasty and provides fishermen with a great deal of fun catching them. It can grow to about 12 in. and 14 pounds.

8 The Ruffed Grouse It is known as the “King of the Game Birds.”
It is hard to see in the fall because it has the same colors as the falling leaves. It makes a drumming sound with its wings.

9 The Phacops Rana It had large eyes.
They lived 365 to 425 million years ago. They are arthropods, related to insects and crustaceans. They had to molt their skin like crabs and spiders.

10 White Tail Deer A large deer may stand up to 3 feet tall.
It can be 280 pounds. Its rack will grow two and a half feet high. The antlers are different than most deer, they point forward.

11 White Tail Deer A male deer is called a “buck”.
On the left is a female deer which is called a “doe.” It doesn’t have antlers.

12 White-tail Deer We’re getting a little too close.

13 White-tail Deer This is a picture of the baby, or fawn.
It is well camouflaged to protect it when it is a newborn.

14 Mountain Laurel The mountain laurel grows on Pennsylvania’s hills and mountains. It blooms in May and June. Its leaves are poisonous so we are careful with animals.

15 Mountain Laurel Here is a close up of a cluster of flowers.
There can be several clusters on a branch.

16 Mountain Laurel Let’s get real close to the flower to see its beauty.
Lovely, isn’t it? Well I certainty think it is.

17 Mountain Laurel This is what its blooms look like.

18 Milk Cow’s milk is a very important business in Pennsylvania.
People in the Delaware Valley eat more ice cream than anywhere in the United States.

19 Milk Milk is sometimes an ingredient in paint.
Not everyone could get the oil used in paint. People would use extra milk, mix in some pigment, and go to work!

20 And now for some of the symbols you probably never heard of!

21 Penngift Crown vetch This beautiful plant is used as the “state beautification plant.” It was discovered in a field near Reading, PA. You’ll see its purple flowers on the highways.

22 The GCI 4859 Electric Locomotive
We have a long history with railroads. This engine could go 100 mph when it was built in 1937. The last one was retired in 1979!

23 The K4s Steam Locomotive
We also have a State Steam Engine! An old picture. A recent photo.

24 A train changes over time…
In 1937 the train was changed to look “streamlined.” It didn’t do much for the power of the train, but the people loved the new look.

25 Every one was built in PA!
They were the favorite train of all Americans. The one on the right is being “restored.” It wasn’t working, but engineers are trying to make it like it was back in 1914!

26 The Niagara United States Brig Niagara is our state ship.
You may visit it when you visit Erie, Pa. It is a “reconstruction” of the original ship.

27 Virtue, Liberty and Independence
This is our state motto. Virtue - Liberty - Independence -

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