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Questions and answers. 1. Tony … singing very much. liks like liking likes.

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1 Questions and answers

2 1. Tony … singing very much. liks like liking likes

3 2. Where … Peter and Tony from? is do does are

4 3. I live … number 5 Elm Street. on out in at

5 4. How … pens have you got? lot of often much many

6 5. What’s the time? It’s … / 14:15 / half past two quarter to two fifteen to two quarter past two

7 6. She is standing … her car in this picture. through in under in front of

8 7. My books are … the shelf. between through in on

9 8. Are you listening? Yes, … I did. I have. I do. I am.

10 9. What’s your favourite …? P.E. I think. school thing job subject

11 10. Is he …? No, he isn’t. He is American. France German Brazil Hungarian

12 11. We haven’t got Maths... Thursday. to in at on

13 12. Where... you yesterday? are was did were

14 13. Sally... but she... can draw...can’t painting can drawing...can’t painting can draw...can paint can’t draw...can paint

15 14. Which is the... month of the year? December. twelfeth twelve twelveth twelfth

16 15. My lucky number is... threety thirdteen threeteen thirteen

17 16. There is a... and three... in this picture. men …… womans man …… woman men …… women man……women

18 17. What’s the weather like today? It’s... on Thursday Wednesday shines sunny

19 18. Mary is in the park. Let’s phone... he she him her

20 19. Are Kate and Ken coming to the party? Yes,... they aren't we are she is they are

21 20. What are you doing now? I learn. I'm in the kitchen. I'm happy. I'm watching TV.

22 21.Peter’s friends... at my party on Saturday. had did was were

23 22. I think it is... bag. Peter of of Peter Peter is Peter's

24 23. In the park you...on the grass. musn't to walk musn't walking must walk mustn't walk

25 24.Jessica is tall. She can see... at basketball matches. easyli easy easili easily

26 25. How are you today? “...” How do you do. It’s Wednesday. I’m ten years old. I’m fine, thanks.

27 Columbus had He wanted... They carried... They discovered... They didn’t know... about that continent. meet, wood and water on board. three ships. to sail to India. a new continent. Match the sentence halves ( Keresd meg a mondatok befejező részét! )

28 vacuum-cleaner towel rake rope spoon in the kitchen in the garden in the rooms in the bathroom in the gym Where do you use these tools? Hol használjuk a következő eszközöket? Találd meg a párokat!

29 OF AND HE AGAIN JULY MADE WAS YOUNG ONE NORMAL Daniel Jacob Radcliffe ……1….. born on …..2….. 23rd, 1989 to Alan Radcliffe and Marcia Gresham. ….3…..began performing in small school productions as a …..4…..boy. He was recognized worldwide after, Harry Potter and the Chamber …..5…..Secrets (2002), He appeared …..6… Harry in Harry Potter …..7…..the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004). Now being …..8…..of the world's most recognizable people, Daniel leads a somewhat …..9….. life. He has …..10…..friends working on the Harry Potter films, which include his co-stars Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.Alan RadcliffeMarcia GreshamHarry Potter and the Chamber …..5…..SecretsHarry Potter …..7…..the Prisoner of AzkabanRupert Grint Emma Watson Fill in the text with the given words (Egészítsd ki a szöveget a megadott szavakkal! ) OF AND HE AGAIN JULY MADE WAS YOUNG ONE NORMAL

30 Ben’s classroom This is my classroom. It’s nice and big. There are some colourful posters and drawings on the walls. You can see my poster, too. It’s of a chimpanzee in a tree. We’ve got two aquariums because we’ve got a lot of fish and two tortoises in the classroom. There are desks and chairs and bookshelves with a lot of books. We’ve got some board games, too. They are in a cupboard. There are some flowers on the teacher’s desk. There are two maps on the wall near the door. There are three big windows. Look! You can see our playground. The school has got a small garden, too. We can listen to the school radio in the break. Read the text and decide if the sentences are true or false

31 True or False? There is an animal on Ben’s poster.

32 True or False? The aquariums are for only the tortoises.

33 True or False? The boardgames aren’t in the classroom.

34 True or False? We can find the maps not far from the door.

35 True or False? They can always listen to the radio at school.

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