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Tobacco’s New Products

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1 Tobacco’s New Products
Awareness and Enforcement Bryan Wood, Detective Corona Police Department Family Services Unit 1

2 Objectives: Familiarization with new tobacco products and marketing to the younger crowd. Introduce usage trends with youth. Provide enforcement resources pertaining to juveniles.

3 Corporate Marketing “Youth Appeal?”

4 In recent years, tobacco companies have introduced an array of candy, fruit, and alcohol-flavored cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products, and little cigars. 4

5 R.J. Reynolds introduced Camel Exotic Blends, which came in flavors such as Twista Lime, Margarita Mixer, Beach Breezer, Warm Winter Toffee, and Winter Mocha Mint, among others. 5

6 R.J. Reynolds also recently offered alcohol-flavored cigarettes, such as SnakeEyes, Scotch, ScrewDriver Slots, and BlackJack Gin. 6

7 Swisher, Inc. offers a variety of fruit-flavored small cigars under the name, Swisher Sweets. 7

8 “when sweet isn’t sweet enough.”
In addition to Phillies Cigarillos, an extension of this brand, called Sugarillos, offers the new option “when sweet isn’t sweet enough.” Phillies Blunts also have flavors such as chocolate, peach, berry, and sour apple. 8

9 “White Owl” cigarillos and blunts also come in a large variety of flavors, including grape, peach, pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, and wild apple. 9

10 Liquid Zoo cigarettes, manufactured by Kretek International, Inc
Liquid Zoo cigarettes, manufactured by Kretek International, Inc., have been even more blatant in their appeal to children. With flavors like strawberry and vanilla, packs decorated with cartoon-like images, and a name like a trendy new candy, these products clearly appealed to youth. 10

11 The company that made Liquid Zoo cigarettes still sells the Dreams line of cigarettes, which come in flavors ranging from chocolate to strawberry to cherry to “California Dreams.” 11

12 Ads have been found in magazines popular with youth, including Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, and Sports Illustrated. 12

13 Interesting Marketing Strategy
With their colorful packaging, various flavors, and frequent placement near candy displays in retail outlets, cigars can easily be mistaken for candy by adults and children alike. Colorful White Owl flavored cigar display near Easter candy at a Mobil gas station counter in Washington, DC in April 2006. 13

14 Just thought this was interesting…

15 Camel “Crush” “Camel Crush” is a tobacco product that is “a highly engineered nicotine-delivery device, finely tuned to appeal to the taste, feel smell, and other sensations of new and addicted smokers.” When crushed, the blue capsule will release menthol flavoring. 15

16 The “new wave” of smokeless, spit-less, dissolvable tobacco:
The Products The following products are rapidly gaining popularity among juvenile users: The “new wave” of smokeless, spit-less, dissolvable tobacco: They are easily concealed, discreet, and not widely recognized as tobacco products…

17 SNUS (snoose) PRODUCTS

18 Snus are teabag-like packets containing tobacco and other flavorings that users place between the gum and lip. Not having to spit enables “snusers” to get their nicotine fix when they otherwise can’t. Students admit to using Snus during class, saying, “It’s easy, it’s super- discreet … and none of the teachers will ever know what we’re doing.” 18

19 Snus Vs. Snuff: Snus is much more refined and powdery
No need to spit with Snus Manufactured differently; pasteurized, not fermented Both Snus and Snuff typically have higher nicotine content than cigarettes

20 Dissolvable Tobacco R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. is introducing three dissolvable smokeless products: Camel Orbs Camel Sticks Camel Strips 20


22 ORBS Similar size as chewable vitamins Lasts 15-20 minutes
Continuously releases nicotine

23 Sticks Like a toothpick Dissolves over 20-30 minutes
Continuously releases nicotine

24 Strips Similar to breath strips Place in mouth Dissolves quickly


26 Hard Snuff Comes in tablet (Orb) form Dissolves in the mouth
Blister packages

27 “Stonewall Hard Snuff Tobacco” and “Ariva” are both dissolvable tablets of tobacco meant to replace cigarettes in situations where smokers cannot smoke. The packaging and the flavors (i.e., wintergreen) closely resemble packs of mints or candies. 27




31 Health Risk Factors Tobacco companies do not contend that any of the smokeless products are without health risks… They are required to issue warning labels on the packaging. Smokeless forms typically have higher nicotine content/ concentration. All of the preceding products contain “tobacco” and/or its derivatives…and have been associated with higher levels of hypertension, heart disease, and different forms of cancer.

32 Enforcement: 308(a)(1) PC: Every person, firm, or corporation that knowingly or under circumstances in which it has knowledge, or should otherwise have grounds for knowledge; sells, gives, or in any way furnishes to a subject under the age of 18: Any tobacco, cigarette, or cigarette papers, or blunt wraps, or any other preparation of tobacco or any other instrument or paraphernalia that is designed for the smoking or ingestion of tobacco, products prepared from tobacco, or any controlled substance: Punishable either by criminal action as misdemeanor or civil action brought by city attorney (etc.) punishable by incremental fines ($200- $1000).

33 Enforcement: 308(b) PC- Every person under the age of 18 years who purchases, receives, or possesses any tobacco, cigarette, or cigarette papers, or any other preparation of tobacco, or any other instrument or paraphernalia that is designed for the smoking of tobacco, products prepared from tobacco, or any controlled substance: Shall be subject to fine ($75) or (30) hours of community service. Infraction

34 Enforcement: Additionally: violations committed by persons, businesses, and/or retailers selling tobacco in the City of Corona have restrictions as outlined in the Municipal Code. Most violations are misdemeanors; and/or follow a graduating fine schedule.

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