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THE BRYCE IS RIGHT! Empowering Managers in Today's Corporate Culture By Tim Bryce Another fine eBook from M. Bryce & Associates (MBA) a division of M&JB.

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1 THE BRYCE IS RIGHT! Empowering Managers in Today's Corporate Culture By Tim Bryce Another fine eBook from M. Bryce & Associates (MBA) a division of M&JB Investment Company Palm Harbor, FL, USA Since 1971: "Software for the finest computer - the Mind"

2 ABOUT THE eBOOK A frank and candid description of the state of the art in management. Includes essays on the problems in management today, along with some pragmatic advice on how to deal with them. The book doesn't ramble; it gets straight to the point and represents a common sense approach to managing in today's corporate world with a dash of humor thrown in. This "food for thought" eBook is a handy handbook for today's managers and the next generation of workers. "An excellent study for anyone interested in managing anything." - Edward J. Howard Westerville, OH, USA

3 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tim Bryce Management Consultant. Consulted for a wide variety of businesses on five continents. Author, Lecturer. Over 30 years of experience. BSC degree from Ohio University.

4 WHO SHOULD READ THIS BOOK? Managers. Basically, this is a condensed course in management. As such, it is suited for managers, either those aspiring to become a manager or for those who need a refresher course. It will also be of interest to young people entering the work force. Excellent for college curriculums. "If you don't want to manage right. Do not read this book. The book contains philosophies that are universal and fundamental.“ - W.P. O'Callaghan Philadelphia, PA, USA

5 INTRODUCTION "The book has a good flow. Well written and has tons of good ideas on management." - John Lusa Dayton, OH, USA Click icon for audio introduction by the author, Tim Bryce

6 CHAPTER 1 THE DEATH OF MANAGEMENT "A very impressive publication which requires careful reading and reminds me somewhat of Peter Drucker." - Wolf Hager Fort Myers, FL, USA Contains: Review of Theories X, Y, and Z. How perceptions affect our actions and decisions.

7 CHAPTER 2 HOW DO WE MANAGE? "Very interesting book. Good work! It reminds me of some of the early works I read by W. Edwards Deming. Too bad the American corporate gurus of his day didn't pay him heed.“ - Charles Cole Lyndhurst, OH, USA Contains: A review of problems in today's management environment. The attributes of a manager: 1. Leadership. 2. Providing the proper work Environment. 3. Results oriented.

8 CHAPTER 3 UNDERSTANDING CORPORATE CULTURE "It demystifies many of the obstacles created by those who attempt to create difficulty 89n this field, attempting to inflate their expertise. So I found it a refreshing, well written series of lessons which cut through the jargon and explained in a pretty concise, easily readable manner." - Dr. Victor Sereno, PhD;MRICS;FCIOB;FDCIArb Southport, England, UK Contains: Member vs. Alien phenomenon. The three characteristics of culture: 1. Customs. 2. Religion (morality). 3. Society. Subcultures. Changing the culture.

9 CHAPTER 4 A CRASH COURSE IN MANAGEMENT "A breath of fresh air in the polluted ether of Silicon Valley management.“ - Bill Dominguez Ecocentric Strategies San Francisco, CA, USA Contains: Assuming responsibility. Know thy Business. Run Your Department like a Business. Your Three Prime Duties: 1. Leadership. 2. Environment. a. Corporate Culture. b. Management Style. c. Continuous Improvement. 3. Produce/Deliver. The Manager's Personal Development.

10 CHAPTER 5 PARENTING MANAGEMENT "Thoroughly enjoyable, informative and thought-provoking." - Bill Barnett Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK Contains: The Need for Parenting. Past Efforts. Roles to be played: 1. Role Model. 2. Teacher. 3. Guidance Counselor.

11 CHAPTER 6 INDIVIDUALISM VS. TEAMWORK "Well written and hits the nail on the head. Especially the part about managers who are only interested in the mechanics of managing and not being results oriented.“ - Dick Farris Ohio, USA Contains: Corporate fad or valid concept? Eight Tips for promoting Teamwork.

12 CHAPTER 7 WHY WE RESIST CHANGE "First of all I must say that you summarized and defined very well all the realities we are living in a corporate environment.“ - Metin Delevi Istanbul, Turkey Contains: What causes change? Why we resist it. How to implement change. Trend Analysis. The Need for Change Control.

13 CHAPTER 8 INCREASING BRAIN POWER Contains: Three levels of Brain Power: 1. Primal. 2. Moderate. 3. Accelerated. How much do we use in the average work day? Some recommendations for enhancing brain power.

14 CHAPTER 9 THE NEED FOR CRITICAL THINKING "I am very impressed with the ease in which you deal with the common challenges of management.“ - Anthony (Tony) Pierce North Wales, United Kingdom Contains: Five benefits for improved critical thinking. How to implement.

15 CHAPTER 10 THE ART OF PERSUASION Contains: The three canons of speech: 1. Ethos. 2. Logos. 3. Pathos. Know your audience. The need for organization.

16 CHAPTER 11 IMPLEMENTING BUSINESS ETHICS Contains: How to interpret ethics. How to implement ethics. "I wanted to commend you on a fine piece of work. It covers all of the bases concerning management, and is in fact more comprehensive than several of the books I have purchased previously on management." - David Daehnke Ramsey, NJ, USA

17 CHAPTER 12 MANAGING FROM THE BOTTOM-UP Contains: What the manager has to do. What the worker has to do.

18 CHAPTER 13 FIRING EMPLOYEES ISN'T FOR SISSIES Contains: Problems in firing an employee. How to prepare for a termination. Doing it professionally. Conducting a postmortem.

19 CHAPTER 14 HOW PRODUCTIVE ARE YOUR MEETINGS? Contains: How to prepare for a meeting. How to execute. Conducting a review.

20 CHAPTER 15 MANAGING CRUNCH TIME Contains: How to manage a "crunch time" project. 1. Getting organized. 2. Planning. 3. Creating a Sense of Urgency. 4. Supervising. 5. Managing the Critical Path. 6. Developing a Quality Product. 7. Review.

21 CHAPTER 16 WHY WE NEED POLICY MANUALS Contains: Purpose and applicability. What should a policy manual contain? How to implement.

22 CHAPTER 17 CREATING A SKILLS INVENTORY Contains: Why is it needed? What is a skill? What is a proficiency? How to create a Skills Inventory. Types of reports. Other uses.

23 CHAPTER 18 10 TIPS FOR IMPROVING SOCIAL INTERCOURSE Contains: 10 commonsense tips for improving interpersonal relations/communications in the workplace. "I must give you a big round of applause. Even though you stress the need for central management, you stress the need to make every member of the company feel appreciated and provide an avenue to be a part in helping to make decisions." - L.C. Addison, II St. Paul, MN, USA

24 CHAPTER 19 CRAFTSMANSHIP: THE MEANING OF LIFE Contains: Why do we need craftsmanship? Attributes of a craftsman. How to make craftsmen.

25 EPILOGUE, QUOTATIONS, BRYCE'S LAWS Contains: Lessons learned from the eBook. Famous quotes regarding management. Bryce's axioms on management.

26 BOOK SPECIFICATIONS Contains: Pages: 90 (8.5" x 11" paper) Delivered in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader) - (approx..7mb) ISBN: 0-9786182-3-8 Published: June 2006 "Tim, you did it again. What a great book. You hit the nail right on. Most of your points are practiced in the USAF as the very best and proven methods. Congratulations on putting it to print." - Jud Hiscutt New Port Richey, FL, USA

27 COMPANION TRAINING PROGRAM One day crash course in management. Course is normally for 16 students or less; maximum 32. Lecture format (classroom or roundtable); requires overhead projector with PC hookup (MS PowerPoint); blackboard or flip chart. (click image for more info)

28 COURSE OUTLINE What is the State of the Art? The 3 Theories of Management How do we Manage Today? Managing from the Bottom-Up Understanding Corporate Culture A Crash Course in Management Parenting Management Individualism vs. Teamwork Why we Resist Change Increasing Brain Power The Need for Critical Thinking The Art of Persuasion Conducting Meetings Develop an Inventory of your Systems. Know your Business Processes Working with I.T. People Managing Crunch Time Policy Manuals Skills Inventory Firing Employees isn't for Sissies 10 Tips for Improving Social Intercourse Craftsmanship Lessons Learned

29 HOW TO ORDER The eBook can be purchased through MBA's web site: $20.00 (US) plus sales tax. Free abridged sample available for review. Contact the vendor for availability and pricing of the training program. Click for Kevin Williams’ comments, Host of the Middle Management Lobotomy Podcast

30 FOR MORE INFORMATION Call or write us today. M. Bryce & Associates (MBA) P.O. Box 1637 Palm Harbor, FL 34682-1637 USA Tel: 727/786-4567 Since 1971: "Software for the finest computer - the Mind"

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