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Dan was born and raised in Kibbutz Beit Kama, in the south of Israel.

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3 Dan was born and raised in Kibbutz Beit Kama, in the south of Israel.

4 Dan was an individual with high humanitarian values who always cared and acted for others in his community.

5 He joined the IDF “Nahal” Infantry Brigade and served as a fighter and commander.

6 Dan was very seriously injured while safeguarding the border communities.

7 He arrived at the hospital having suffered severe head trauma and internal organ injuries.

8 Dan struggled to survive for a week, but tragically lost his battle for life on March 16, 2010. He was only 20 years old

9 A portable CT was not available When his condition deteriorated, brain surgery had to be performed. Given his critical condition he couldn’t be transferred to the CT room, and the surgery was conducted in the absence of a comprehensive understanding of his brain injuries.

10 Unfortunately, we were unable to save Dan. To honor his spirit and his memory, our last promise to Dan was to make every effort to have a portable CT available to help save soldiers and civilians in similar conditions. Our hope is that “CT-DAN“ will be available throughout the intensive care unit for those who, like him, will be fighting for their lives.

11 Why a portable CT? It isn't possible to move children and severely injured patients to the CT room. In such conditions, patients with head injuries cannot undergo CT scanning and therefore may not receive optimal neurosurgical treatment. A portable CT allows for safe bed-side scanning, providing immediate and critical information.

12 Current situation in Israel Only 1 portable CT machine is available in Israel!!! The machine is being used on a regular basis by the various departments in only one specific hospital. The Portable CT weighs a ton and hence its transport between hospitals is virtually impossible. Ideally, every regional trauma center requires such capability.

13 The cost of a portable CT unit is $ 350,000

14 Sending a check (Tax exempt donations) to: PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. 317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607 New York NY 10017, USA Please add a note that the contribution is for: Haverim LeRefuah - “CT Dan fund” POB 6782.- 5217 Ramat Gan- Israel Web Page: email: Minimum contribution through PEF is $25. How to contribute?

15 By Credit Card: to the “CT Dan Fund” in the “Friends for Health" site using By phone and personal service: call the "Friends for Health" Center: +972-3-579-2220. By Check or bank transfer: Deposit to the “CT Dan Fund” account: Bank Hapoalim (Swift:poalilita), Branch 681 Account 604662. Dizengof 64 /Tel Aviv 64332 POB 23175 For a receipt please fax the deposit confirmation to +972-3-579-2223, or call the "Friends for Health" Center +972-3-579-2220.: WEB PAGE: How to contribute?

16 May you always be on the giving side!

17 Appendix Detailed cost description of the CT Name of company and its details Pictures of the CT Video about the portable CT

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