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Unit 7 Unit 7 Story of Cars By Li Chunlin; Yan Yongyi Story of Cars.

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1 Unit 7 Unit 7 Story of Cars By Li Chunlin; Yan Yongyi Story of Cars

2 Learning Objectives To learn to talk about the topic of cars. To learn more new types of car. To enlarge the vocabulary about cars.

3 Warm-up (a) A car cartoon movie: Mikes.New.Car.2002[].flv
Types of vehicles? Can you figure out some of them? E.g. car, bus……

4 Types of vehicles Types of cars[].flv
Jeep 吉普车 Truck 卡车 Bus 巴士 Taxi 出租车 Mail car 邮车 Police car 警车 Van 面包车 Trailer 拖车 Van有篷货车 Hatchback:有仓门式后背的汽车 Sports car 跑车 Ambulance 救护车 Racing car 赛车 Minibus 面包车 Sedan 轿车 Station wagon 旅行车 Wrecker 清障车 Convertible / ragtop 敞篷车 S.U.V (Sport utility vehicle) 越野车

5 See P. 83-84 You can find different car brands here, can you draw out their logos?
Have a try 

6 car logos.doc


8 Warm-up (b) Makes of cars: have fun with them! BMW: BUICK: HONDA:

9 ACURA 本田美国版商标 Always Catching Up, Rarely Ahead
A Car Usually Rarely Appreciates AUDI 奥迪 Always Upside-down, Double Interest A Used Dodge Incognito BMW 宝马 Break My Window(这一条是世界上最出名的宝马外号,英语国家家喻户晓) Be My Wife. BUICK 别克 Big Ugly Indestructible Car Killer CADILLAC 凯迪拉克 Company Always Denies Its Lawful Liability After Collisions CHEVROLET 雪佛兰 Can Hear Every Valve Rap On Long Extended Trips Cheap, Hardly Efficient, Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time

10 DODGE 道奇 Damned Old Dudes Going Everywhere Dear Old Dad's Garbage Engine FERRARI 法拉利 Ferociously Elegant Racer Ravages All Roads Intuitively FIAT 菲亚特 Found In A Trashcan Fix It All the Time FORD 福特 Fast Only Rolling Downhill For Old Retired Dutchmen HONDA 本田 Horribly Overpriced, Needing Dad's Assistance Honest, Officer, Nobody Drank Anything Jaguar 捷豹 Just A Guess U Are Rich LOTUS 莲花 Loads Of Trouble Usually Serious

11 II Dialogues (a) Honda Accord Be practical for one’s need Brakes
Air bags An AM/FM stereo with a CD player Cruise control Sunroof To get the paperwork ready

12 II Dialogues (b) Porsche 保时捷汽车 A standard car
The car has a lot of miles on it. Lot (有特殊用途 的一块土地: a parking lot停车场)

13 I think you made the right choice, coming to us.
We have a wide selection of vehicles you can choose from. It’s because our prices are so good. And this car has a lot of miles on it. But it’s in nice shape, isn’t it? Can I return the car in San Francisco? Really? I heard in America you can return rental cars in different cities. San Francisco? No, sir. We only have this office here. You will have to return it here. No, sir. That’s only with the very big companies. I’m sorry, but his car must be returned to this lot. …and I want to buy the insurance too. I think it’s necessary. You’re smart to buy it. At 45 dollars for three days, it’s a good deal.

14 Role-play After-listening oral activities (a) Situation 1
Role A: You are a Chinese student at an American university. You presently plan to buy a second-hand car. You just saw an ad on the campus notice board. You call the owner to inquire. Role B: You are a student at an American university. You will graduate from the university soon and you plan to sell your old car, which you bought from another person 3 years ago. (You decide on the specifics about your car.)

15 After-listening oral activities (b)
Know more about cars car vocabulary.doc Refer to the car vocabulary above and expressions on P. 87, do Situation 2 Situation 2 Role A: You are a Chinese student at a British university. You are presently thinking of renting a car to have a trip. You just saw an ad in the local newspaper. You call the car rental shop. Role B: You are a local British man and you work in a big car rental company, which has offices all around the country. (You decide on specifics about your cars.)

16 ..\Week15\I like car![].flv
Do you know which car is the most expensive one in the world? What elements drove the price up? ..\Week15\The world's most expensive car[].flv Broaden your mind: ..\Week15\top ten most expensive cars.doc

17 News Report 1-Hybrid Cars
After-listening Oral Activity p90-roleplay hybrid cars VS Conventional cars Husband VS Wife

18 News Report 2-Concept Cars
After-listening Oral Activity (a) p92-speech 1. read the introduction to the guest speakers 2. summarize the points about their car-driving experiences that impress you most 3. deliver the introductory speech 4. Don’t give your own speech on the same topic that the guest speaker will be covering. (see Speaking Skills on p94 for reference.)

19 News Report 2-Concept Cars
After-listening Oral Activity (b) p93-jigsaw Advantages of driving private cars Disadvantages of driving private cars

20 News Report 3-Featured Cars
Qs: Besides the armored cars, what other featured cars have you heard of? How do they function?

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