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1 Italy

2 Geography Capital City: Rome Population: approximately 60 million
Area: km2 Location: Southern Europe Mountain Ranges: Alps, Apennine Major Lake: Garda Active Volcanoes: Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli Climate: Varies between maritime and continental. Higher altitudes have cold and wet winters while coastal areas have mild winters and warm, dry summers.

3 Map of Europe

4 Cultural Baggage Sports Language Customs & Traditions Food

5 Italian Sports Calcio (soccer) Bocce Skiing Cycling Water polo
F1 Motor Racing

6 Italian Language Hello - Ciao (Ciao) Goodbye - Arrivederci
How are you? - Come stai? Fine, thank you - Bene, grazie Good Morning - Buon giorno Good Afternoon - Buon pomeriggio Good Evening - Buona sera My name is… - Mi chiamo…

7 Customs & Traditions It is customary when greeting friends and relatives to give one kiss on each cheek Most Italians start the day with an espresso or cappuccino

8 Italian Food Pasta Pizza Bruschetta Panini Gelato Wine

9 Quiz What is the capital of Italy? Rome
What active volcano is on the mainland? Vesuvius Name 2 Italian sports. Calcio, bocce, skiing, cycling, water polo, F1 How do you say “Good Morning” in Italian? Buon giorno What is the name for Italian ice cream? Gelato

10 Bibliography
Other Photos by: Leandro Sperduti Grolier Encyclopedia (Italy)

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