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The Power of Virtue in the Evolution of Human Consciousness Isn’t it Interesting?

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1 The Power of Virtue in the Evolution of Human Consciousness Isn’t it Interesting?

2 My Personal Journey… Dreamweaver Opportunity to regain a Pace of Grace Connecting with my A Team Returning to my true Self

3 Synchronicity and Angel Gifts Books, books and more books Free Online Teleconferences Introduction to energetic healing Renewed morning spiritual ritual Sense of the Awe- fullness of life.

4 Observations Spiritual Awakening Advancement in the level of human consciousness Kindness movements Compassion movements Access to many Spiritual teachings Offerings of divine abundance A blending of Science and Spirituality A projection of a major spiritual shift Dec 2012

5 It’s all about our Personal Journey… …we are all pilgrims on a journey home.

6 Humanity’s Next Mission “A new cultural story for humanity that will come from humanity itself. This is where we re-write the script of who we are and how we choose to react and be with the world.” Neale Donald Walsh Conversations with God.

7 My pleasant Surprise… …were present everywhere! Virtues

8 The levels of Consciousness Dr. David Hawkins LevelLog Enlightenment700–1,000 Peace600 Joy540 Love500 Reason400 Acceptance350 Willingness310 Neutrality250 Courage200 Pride175 Anger150 Desire125 Fear100 Grief75 Apathy50 Guilt30 Shame20 Levels 200 and above Virtues Based

9 Power vs. Force PowerForce Arises from meaningArises from crass Requires no justificationMust always be justified Uplifts, dignifies, ennoblesMovement against something Gives lifeAbout judgment Makes no demandsDrains and takes away from Makes you go strongMakes you go weak Brings JoyBrings Satisfaction Consciousness is about living our life from a place of Power vs. Force. Fostering the Positive. Not fighting the negative. Virtues Approach

10 Living at the lower levels of Consciousness Living in a state of: Pride Anger Desire Fear Grief Apathy Shame Force

11 Living at highest level of Consciousness Living in a state of: Love Kindness Forgiveness Gentleness Compassion Optimism Reverence Understanding Living in a State of Virtue… Expressing the Essence of the Divine! Power

12 Significant Changes in Level of Human Consciousness Prior to 1985 held at 190 for thousands of years 1986 jumped to 200 (Courage) with 85% of humanity below 200 1995 12 individuals on the planet above 700 2010 jumped to 207 with 78% of humanity below 200 – 22 individuals above 700 – 20 individuals above 800 – 10 above 900 – 1 at 990 2012 475 individuals over 700 (my personal testing response )

13 E=mc 2 Quantum Physics and Spiritual Neuroscience Everything is energy Including our thoughts One loving thought resonates at 10 -35 million megawatts One fearful thought resonates at 10 -750 million microwatts Even a few loving thoughts during the course of the day more than counterbalances all of our negative thoughts.

14 Healing Codes Love vs. Selfishness Joy vs. Sadness/Depression Peace vs. Anxiety/Fear Patience vs. Anger/Frustration/Impatience Kindness vs. Rejection/Harness Goodness vs. Not being Good enough Trust vs. Control Humility vs. Unhealthy Pride/Arrogance Self Control vs. Loss of Control The Energy of these Virtues promotes healing. The absence of these Virtues makes us unwell.

15 The Emotion Code Freeing yourself of negative trapped emotions… Frees you to choose positive emotions (Virtues). Positive Emotions AcceptanceDelightHope AmbitiousnessDiligenceHumility AnticipationElationInterested AweEmpathyJoy BenevolenceExcitementKindness CalmnessFaithLove CharityForgiveness Modesty ComfortFriendshipPassion ContentmentGenerosityPatience ConfidenceGladnessPeace CourageGratitudeSatisfaction CuriosityHappinessSurprise DesireHonorWillingness

16 The Era of Beingism… Choosing to live your life from a state of Beingness vs. Doingness Virtues are a state of being not a state if doing Neale Diamond Walsh

17 What is the role of Virtues? The Moral Compass of Humanity Virtue is not only about Character Development, health and wellness, raising consciousness, a way of being in the world that defines our divine purpose.

18 Virtue is the Seat of Consciousness There is a place deep inside each of us where consciousness touches energy – especially the energy of virtue. That is where our work as a human being is. It is from that place that we let go. Once we learn to let go from this place, nothing will be able to take our seat of consciousness away from us. Panache Desai

19 25 years of Preparation… Began with three open hearts Transcended around the globe Reminding humanity one individual at a time Deeping truth about: – who we really are – That we have everything we need to be our Divine Self Moving with silent Power never with Force Always with Grace and never with Judgment Always with modesty and never with arrogance Attracting a multitude of hollow reeds

20 What is my role? - David Hawkins - “Make a gift of your life and lift all mankind by being”…Virtuous… “kind, considerate, forgiving, and compassionate at all times, in all places, and under all conditions, with everyone as well as yourself. This is the greatest gift anyone can give.” The Journey begins at home – developing a very personal relationship with and daily practice of Virtue

21 So how do I make a gift of myself? Some ideas to consider

22 Do I live my life Accentuating the Positive! Eliminate the Negative -bP-QGSI

23 Try a 30 Day Negativity Diet Do not say anything negative for 30 days Release negative thoughts Don’t be surprised how hard it is Discover the Power of Virtues Pause.

24 Positivity Conversation Why do you think it is so hard to stay positive? What do you do when you find yourself in a negative conversation/head space? What do you think about the power of the virtue strategies to enable you to keep open with positive energy vs. closing with negative energy? Do you find it easy to find the pause and make the shift? What techniques do you/could you use?

25 Do I work from the Heart vs. Head Choosing to Stay open with heart based positive energy (Virtue) vs. choosing to Close with mind/ego based negative energy VS. The Power of the Pause

26 The Power of the Heart Energy Tap into the power of your Heart Energy

27 Heart Energy Conversation Do you feel that a virtues acknowledgement is a form of heart energy? If virtues based heart energy can change brain waves do you feel that has potential for subsequent behavioral changes? Do you think a silent virtues blessing holds as much power as a spoken virtues blessing? When might you want to use the power of virtues based heart energy silently.

28 Do I Live my Life with Intention? Do I find the courage to state my Beingness intentionally. I am trustworthy…I am patient… I am forgiving… Do I pay attention when life brings me opportunities to demonstrate my intention – law of opposites Do I grab the opportunity to reinforce my intention Do I Release the vibrational energy of the virtue out into the world/collective consciousness Feel the fear and do it anyway! Step into your original intention Neale Diamond Walsh

29 Intention of Beingness Conversation Is it easy to be in a state of virtue in today's society? Do you have a story to share when you stated a virtues intention and then the law of opposites brought you your test? Did you step forward and ratify your intention? If yes how did that feel? If not how did that feel?

30 The power of Intention "We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become." David Hawkins

31 Live my Life in Gratitude Attitude of Gratitude…

32 Can I give up Judgment? Feeds Ego Reveals itself to be self judgment Associated with Force A form of Control No one does anything inappropriate given their model of the world. What Virtue will I replace it with? True Confessions

33 Replace with Modesty

34 Judgment/Modesty Conversation Think of a few things that you have done that have been judged by others to be inappropriate. What model of the world were you holding at that time? Think of a person that you have come not to like so much. Write five virtues that you can see at the core of that person once you get your ego and judgment even just a little out of the way. Find your heart energy and send that person a blessing ball right now.

35 What is my role as a Hollow Reed? We are here to allow spirit to move through us so powerfully, that that which once seemed impossible becomes ordinary. Will you allow spirit to once again move through you that powerfully? Will you allow the divine once again to use you as the beautiful instrument that you are of love in this reality and in this world? Panache Desai

36 What is the role of the Global Virtues Project Community? 2012 - A message of Hope – 30 minute video The Field of Consciousness is the field of Unity “There are not bit parts” What potential lies in the unity of our individual light/heart energy? What is the potential in global virtues community Gratitude, Intention, and Heart Energy!

37 Global Virtues Energy A Unity Conversation Do you believe that combined virtues based heart energy can change global situations? What are some ideas as to how to we might tap into that global virtues community heart energy?

38 What do We need to remember? Remember the sacredness of the work we do, of the time we spend with virtue, and how each and every act, each and every contemplation, each and every acknowledgement, is a boost to the collective consciousness, raising humanity closer and closer to the level of pure love!!!!.

39 What I Know for Sure! The essence of the Virtues Project There is nothing we do not have in order to be who we want to be. We merely need to live our intention to be it.

40 What I know for Sure… The Virtues have chosen many different paths for humanity to find it’s way back home…  Music  Artist Expression  Energetic Healing  Written Word /Scripture  Science  Social Media

41 What I know for sure… The Virtues Project is the Moral Compass That makes sure we get there!

42 What I know for sure… When we choose the state of being in Virtue, we are contributing to our own and humanity’s evolution of consciousness… “To become more conscious is the greatest gift anyone can give to the world; moreover in a ripple effect, the gift comes back to its source.” David Hawkins

43 Always Remember my Pilgrim Friends… …You are magnificent …You have always been magnificent …You will always be magnificent Panache Desai

44 …And I’ll leave you with a song!

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