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Countable & Uncountable nouns

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1 Countable & Uncountable nouns

2 Countable nouns

3 Countable nouns e.g. I eat a banana every day. I like bananas.
“Banana” is a countable noun. We can put an ‘s’ on a countable noun: „Bananas”

4 Countable nouns A countable noun can be 1. singular (banana) or
2. plural (bananas) Countable nouns are things we can count. We can say ‘one banana’ ,‘two bananas’ etc.

5 Examples of countable nouns
singular plural  apple apples  pineapple pineapples  cucumber cucumbers  strawberry strawberries  grape grapes

6 Countable nouns We add -es to most nouns in -o: tomato tomatoes
potato potatoes But we just add -s to: radio radios photo photos

7 Uncountable nouns

8 Uncountable nouns e.g. I eat rice everyday. I like rice.
Rice is an uncountable noun.

9 Uncountable nouns Uncountable nouns are things we can’t count.
An uncountable noun has only one form. (rice) Uncountable nouns are things we can’t count. We can’t put an ‘s’ on an uncountable noun. We can’t say ‘one rice’, ‘two rices’, etc.

10 Examples of uncountable nouns:
 salad dressing  lettuce  ham  water  milk

11 There is/There isn’t There are/There aren’t + some/any

12 There is/ There are some
Study the following table:

13 There is/There are some
We use ‘There is some’ when the noun is uncountable. (meat, cheese.) We use ‘There are some’ when the countable noun is plural. (rulers, pencils.)

14 There isn’t/There aren’t any
Study the following table:

15 There isn’t/There aren’t any
We use ‘There isn’t any’ when the noun is uncountable. (milk, coffee.) We use ‘There aren’t any’ when the countable noun is plural. (dishes, watches)

16 Quiz

17 I. Put the correct form of the given words into the spaces.
1.John is eating some __________(potato). 2.Is there any ___________ (water) in the jar? 3.Mother says, ‘son, please give me some __________ (jam).’ 4.There are some _________ (fish) in the river. 5.There aren’t any ______________(tomato) on the table.

18 II. Put the correct answer into the spaces with “some” or “any”.
1.There is not ________sugar in the coffee. 2.There are ___________ stars in the sky. 3.There aren’t ________ roses on the table. 4.Father says, ‘Please give me ________ oil.’ 5.Is there ________ orange juice? 6.There is ________ paper on the desk.

19 Look! How many mark(s) do you get?
Well done! 4-7 You can do much better! 0-3 Work hard! Don’t give up!

20 Thank You Very Much!!

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