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Planning for Advocacy Heather Lamond Ikaroa Weekend Hui July 2014.

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1 Planning for Advocacy Heather Lamond Ikaroa Weekend Hui July 2014

2 What is advocacy?  It isn’t lobbying or protest  It isn’t marketing or promotion  Advocacy is about effecting change

3 How not to do advocacy  Turn up only when you want something  Tell them what you care about  Tell them they are making a bad decision  Tell them that again  Tell others that they are making a mistake  Disappear until the next crisis

4 Strategy and Communication  Plan, plan and plan  What’s our value proposition?  Matching story with audience

5 Planning to plan  Shared Understanding  Agreement on Action  Time commitments  Relationships

6 The 5 steps to advocacy planning  Create the Objective  Who is the target?  Develop strategies  Choose your communication tools  Determine your evaluation

7 Objectives  S – specific  M – measurable  A – achieveable  R – relevant  T – time constrained

8 targets  Who are they?  What do you know about them?

9 strategies  What?  Where?  When?  Who?  How?

10 communications  Personal vs mass communications  Petitions  BASIC

11 evaluation  More than just “did we get there”  A pulse-check or milestones

12 Your turn  Create a SMART advocacy objective for an issue that you are passionate about  Think about your target audience – who are they and what do you know pushes their buttons  Create a BASIC message to them that will help achieve your objective

13 Libraries can’t live on love “...we know there’s a huge gap out there between the high regard people have for libraries and the relative invisibility of libraries to decision makers. We are in urgent need of focused and informed advocacy to close that gap – to convert that high esteem into concrete policy and funding support for the future, a future that can’t be taken for granted. Libraries can, and do, die of moral support.” Wendy Newman, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

14 credits This presentation is based on my learning from the Library Advocacy Unshushed MOOC from the University of Toronto. torontox/university-torontox-la101x-library- 1335#.U7YIjRWN2Uk

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