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Zach Freeman Joseph White Last but definitely first Don 2/22/13.

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1 Zach Freeman Joseph White Last but definitely first Don 2/22/13

2  The distribution of power and wealth creates a sense of judgment upon the lower class by the upper class.  How can an unjust person under free will make a case just?  It is possible for a judge to be biased based on family or friends that have a case.

3  The opposition is that there is a jury that is non biased.  It is still up to the judge for punishment upon the guilty person. The ceo of the banks were held accountable for the loss of money and the banks going bankrupt themselves and didn’t get anything charged against them even if they did the worst thing imaginable.

4  Justice has many sides and really isn’t exactly justice anymore.  The country stresses on different types of justice. Restorative Justice is the most popular and tends to not even be used correctly in the world today.

5  The enforcement of justice is important, yet many theories and claims create prominent conflicts within the public.  The purpose of restorative justice is to serve as a punishment to the injustice in the world, but is used now just as an alternative to imprisonment.

6  There are unrealistic expectation which is placed an police to understand, interpret, and follow “reasonableness” guidelines. Until the expectations and limitations on the use of force are clarfied, in behavioral terms, police officers will be required to adhere to the vague standards of the “reasonable person.” 9% of non whites said that they had been mistreated or abused by police. That’s not justice

7  Police officers posses awesome powers. They perform there duties under hazardous conditions and with the vigilant public eye upon them  Police officers are permitted only a margin of error in judgment under conditions that impose high degrees of physical and mental stress.  Amazingly several studies revealed that one third could be classified as excessive.

8  Roach kent, “changing Punishment at the turn of the century; Restorative Justice on the rise, “N.P., n.d. Jeb 19 Feb. 2013  Alpert Geoffrey P., “How reasonable is the reasonable man?; Police and Excessive Force.”, N.p,n.d.. Web.  Sullican, G.R.. “is criminal Law Possible?” N.P., n.d. Web 20 Feb. 2013.

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