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MoHousing  We are a project funded by the Mo. Developmental Disabilities Council.

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2 MoHousing

3  We are a project funded by the Mo. Developmental Disabilities Council.

4  We are working in partnership with the Division of Developmental Disabilities to increase housing options for individuals with developmental disabilities in Missouri.  We are a support agency to the Divisions Regional Offices and the Community Living Coordinators.

5  We assist agencies in the development of affordable, universally designed, quality housing for individuals with developmental disabilities.  We assist developers and builders design and construct high quality, universally designed, affordable housing.


7  To develop quality, affordable, universally designed housing for people with developmental disabilities in safe locations where they can access support services, transportation, employment, and recreation throughout their lifespan.



10  Over 100,000 Missourians experience Developmental Disabilities.  The Division of DD supports approximately 32,000  Approximately 15,000 individuals with Developmental Disabilities are living with a caregiver over 60.



13  Learning self-determination skills are the most important factor in quality of life outcomes for all people. Teaching self-determination to people who have developmental disabilities can be difficult, but the impact is immeasurable.

14  Self-Determination is the ability to determine one’s own fate based upon freely determined set of criteria. ◦ This does not mean people are free to do whatever they choose without ramifications for poor decisions.

15  “I don’t have to be told what self- determination means, I know it is just another word for a life filled with rising expectations, dignity, respect, and opportunities” Robert Williams


17  The bringing of people together into unrestricted and equal association


19  No one is truly independent. We are all interdependent of others around us. We are shaped, both good and bad from people whom we trust and our past experiences.

20  Supporting a person with a disability includes providing them with complete information, presented in a manner they can understand, so they can make informed decisions to the best of their ability


22  The design of products and environments to be useable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.



25  To live in a quality home that allows you to live a full and productive life.  A home that doesn’t take all of your money!


27  "the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level." [ [


29  Approximately 871,500 citizens 65+ in Missouri  Citizens 65+ make up 14.2% of the population in Missouri  Support Staff Need

30 Your Assignment

31  Identify your housing needs.  Identify the strengths and weaknesses you have in the identification of your housing needs.

32  How will you develop these homes?  Identify the strengths and weakness you have in the development of homes in your region.


34 If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get your there. Caleb Crawford


36 It’s harder!

37 Individuals and Families Funding Partners Developers & Builders MO Housing (MIHDC) Community Living Coordinators Support Coordinators Other Community Partners Support Providers




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