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200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 The plot sickens Isn’t it Ironic Point of View Character.

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2 The plot sickens Isn’t it Ironic Point of View Character And Theme Stone Soup (random topics)

3 The plot sickens 100 points The beginning of the story when the reader is given information about the characters and their conflicts Exposition

4 The plot sickens 200 points Clues in the story that hint at what will happen next. Foreshadowing

5 The plot sickens 300 points This is what occurs between the highest part of the story and the end of the story. Falling Action

6 The plot sickens 400 points Name the five basic parts of the plot Exposition, rising action (complication), climax, falling action, resolution

7 To resolve events and conclude the story The plot sickens 500 points What is the purpose of the resolution in a story?

8 Isn’t it ironic 100 If you call someone “Einstein” when they do something stupid, what is this an example of? Verbal irony (and it’s not nice)

9 Isn’t it ironic 200 Is the following an example of situational irony? You forget your umbrella, and it rains that day. No, that’s just bad luck.

10 Isn’t it ironic 300 Define irony. When the opposite of what is expected happens

11 Isn’t it ironic 400 If none of the questions in this category were about irony, that would be an example of what type of irony? Situational irony

12 Isn’t it ironic 500 What is the difference between verbal and situational irony? Verbal irony occurs in characters saying the opposite of what is expected, and situational irony occurs with events not going as expected.

13 Point of View 100 What point of view is the following sentence written in? I was very excited that we get to go to the party. First Person

14 Point of View 200 What point of view means all knowing? Third person omniscient

15 Point of View 300 Point of view can change a story based upon what (hint: we saw this with our fractured fairy tales)? Which character is telling the story

16 Point of View 400 How many characters does the narrator of a third person limited point of view focus on? One

17 Point of View 500 What point of view is the following excerpt written in? He felt overwhelmingly sad as he looked at her and said, “I’m sorry that it has to be this way.” Immediately, she was angry. Third person omniscient (don’t be fooled by dialogue)

18 Character and Theme 100 What is the type of characterization where the author tells the reader the kind of person the character is? Direct Characterization

19 Character and Theme 200 The _____ is the idea the writer wishes to convey about a subject. It must be expressed in at least a sentence. Theme

20 Character and Theme 300 What is the definition of indirect characterization? When the author lets the reader figure out what type of person a character is by telling how the character looks, acts, feels, speaks, or thinks.

21 Character and Theme 400 A person, place, thing, or event that stands for itself and something beyond itself as well. symbol

22 Character and Theme 500 What type of characterization is shown by the following excerpt. She was ragged and dirty. She dug desperately through the garbage and muttered to herself the whole time. Indirect Characterization

23 Stone Soup 100 A gavel (judge’s hammer) often is used to symbolize justice. Is justice abstract or concrete? abstract

24 Stone Soup 200 What type of conflict is the following situation: The tree I was attempting to cut down was too thick for an axe, so I had to find something else. External conflict – man vs. nature

25 Stone Soup 300 What is usually represented by a heart symbol? Is the thing it represents abstract or concrete? Love, it’s abstract

26 Stone Soup 400 What is the part of the story called that leads up to the climax? Rising Action

27 Stone Soup 500 In order to make a setting come to life, an author should use language that appeals to the senses. This is called ___________. Imagery

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