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MTPL in Russia: present situation and future prospects Istanbul, 7 april 2014 1.

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1 MTPL in Russia: present situation and future prospects Istanbul, 7 april 2014 1

2 MTPL statistics 1 € = 50,41 ruble (20 March 2014)

3 CMTPL statistics

4 2003 – 2009 : Problem: Victim isn’t a client of this insurer Insurer isn’t interested in quality claim settlement Since 2009 - direct claims settlement : Direct settlement of claims 4 Victims Application for claim Indemnification payment Guilty person’ insurer Victims Application for claim Indemnification payment Victim’s insurer Claim for compensation Compensation payments Guilty person’ insurer

5 Indicator2013 Changes 2013/2012 The amount of indemnification payments 17,347 billion rubles +51,88 % The average amount of insurance payment 22,9 ths rubles +12,3% Number of claims rejections68 423+65,49% Number of insurers’ complaints concerning direct claims settlement agreement Part of claims of the total MTPL’ claims 5 28,1% -72% +26% Conclusions:  Number of claims increases  Number of complaints reduces Direct settlement of claims 5

6 Number of complaints reduces Number of claims increases Purpose of direct claims settlement achieves At present: victim may apply for insurance indemnification Direct settlement should become the only possible way for claims settlement (it contains in the Federal Law about MTPL) Direct settlement of claims 6

7 Payments between insurance companies at direct claim settlement 7 CLAIM REGISTER CLAIMSCLAIMS Insurance Payment System Insurance companies payments info reimbursemen t TO reimbursement FROM order to start the payment session Banks for GUARANTE E DEPOSITS (FUNDS) bank FOR PAYEMENT S order to pay the debts money from deposits (funds) GUARANTEE DEPOSITS (FUNDS)

8 Share of requests: 8,09%; It’s necessary to improve the simplified system of accident reporting Maximum amount of insurance payments: At present – 25 000 rubles, is planing – 50 000 rubles. Federal Law “On compulsory Third-Party Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicle Owners” changes : Maximum amount of insurance payments in 4 Russian regions = amount of MTPL limits if:  Vehicle is equipped with GLONASS;  The possibility of using data of surveillance videocamera. Simplified system of road accident reporting 8 20112012Increase Number of settled claims28 48542 59649,5%

9 In 2013 was established centralized CMTPL database, which contains information about: MTPL insurance policies and claims; Bonus–malus Coefficient; Fact of vehicle inspection; CMTPL statistics for analysis of the effective CMTPL insurance rates. Insurers put information about insurance contract in CMTPL database within 15 days from the moment of conclusion of the insurance contract. CMTPL database contains information about ≈ 120 million insurance contracts (40 million of them was concluded in 2013). Information about every insurance contracts includes about 50 items. Since 2013 insurers put into CMTPL database information about MTPL policies blanks. 9 CMTPL database

10 10 E-policy Insurance policy (on paper) At present : Control by police officers (on the road) Future prospects: : Insurance policy (electronic document) Control by surveillance videocamera It will be necessary to connect police database and MTPL database

11 11 Thank you for your attention!

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