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Isn’t it ironic? ( Ya think?) THREE TYPES OF IRONY

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1 Isn’t it ironic? ( Ya think?) THREE TYPES OF IRONY

2 What exactly is irony? Irony is a term used to describe certain situations in life that turn out to be the exact opposite of what might reasonably be expected. It just is not what someone was thinking might happen.

3 Type 1: Dramatic Irony This is when the audience is aware of something that the characters in the drama or fiction are not. We know but they are clueless. Ex. A short story character who is considering suicide while traveling on the Titanic. Gee…what happens to it?

4 Type 2: Situational Irony
This form is the complete opposite of good luck. The rather opposite of what is expected happens. Ex. What if, for example, a famous rodeo rider survived years of physical danger in the ring uninjured, only to break his leg while riding on his daughter’s gentle little pony. Not the way most people would think he would get hurt.

5 The situation – on situational irony
You break a date with the love of your life, so you think, to hang out with your friends and go to the game. When you stop at the concession stand, who do you see? Your honey…and out on a date!

6 Type 3: Verbal Irony This is where speakers or writers use language to express a meaning that is quite opposite from the literal definition. This is the one ALL teenagers understand! Ex. A teenager eats a huge meal for dinner, and then afterward goes to the pantry for potato chips. Seeing this, his mother calls out, “Gee, I’m glad you weren’t hungry tonight.” But, was he?

7 More talk – verbal irony
Friday night means date night. Your boyfriend comes over to pick you up wearing a ripped t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. Smirking, you say, “Gee, glad to see you dressed up for me. We must being going to a fancy restaurant.” You get the idea!

8 The lowdown – irony Three types to love and learn Dramatic Situational

9 Works Cited Laying the Foundations: A Resource and Planning Guide for Pre-AP English Grade Nine. Dallas: Advancement Placements Strategies, Inc. Jones, Jennifer and Laurie Kaplan. “Examples of Irony in Everyday Life.” 16 Feb

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