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Why Spanking Isn’t a Good Idea

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1 Why Spanking Isn’t a Good Idea

2 Thesis Spanking children is not a good way to modify their behavior because: It is not as effective as other methods It has some undesirable consequences

3 “But I Turned Out Fine” Individual cases are not compelling evidence
Lack of a control condition Probabilistic reasoning

4 Spanking as Punishment
Spanking is a form of punishment: a consequence which decreases a behavior Desired behaviors can’t be taught through punishment New behaviors can be taught through shaping

5 Timing The consequence must occur right after the behavior
If the punishment is delayed, then the current behavior (whatever it may be) is being punished, not the target behavior

6 Add Something Remove Something Increase Behavior Decrease positive reinforcement negative punishment

7 Alternatives to Spanking
Negative punishment (paired with positive reinforcement) Premack Principle Negative reinforcement for desired behavior Extinction of undesirable behavior (and avoid partial reinforcement )

8 Alternatives to Spanking
Social Learning Theory Learning through observation Modeling of desired behaviors Vicarious reinforcement

9 Undesirable Consequences
Learned helplessness Classical conditioning Pain paired with spanker Elicits CR to spanker in future

10 Research Shows… Increased use of corporal punishment predicts:
Increased aggressive behaviors Increased aggressive behaviors in adulthood Decreased empathy Increased probability of mental health issues: Anxiety Depression Substance Abuse

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