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Money Isn't Everything Evan Payne

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1 Money Isn't Everything Evan Payne

2 Background Information
This ad was published by the Australian Red Cross. The information under the title reads: “Save up to three lives without spending a cent. Call or visit Background Information

3 What is the first feature of this advertisement that you see
What is the first feature of this advertisement that you see? What details may not appear as apparent upon first glance? The first thing that I saw in this was the phrase “Money isn't everything.” However, with further inspection, one sees that the box underneath is filled with blood, instead of money like traditional collection boxes. First Impression

4 What is the significance of putting blood in the box instead of money, and how does this allude to the title? The blood alludes to the title's claim that money isn't everything, and that donating blood is just as valuable as donating money. Symbolism

5 Who might this advertisement be focused towards (more specific than the general public)?
This advertisement might be aimed at people who are in a less fortune financial state, assuring them that they can make a difference without spending a lot of money. Audience

6 What effect does removing the words above the box have on the overall effect of the ad?
Without the words above, the blood filled box has no meaning, and does not even tie the ad to the Red Cross, thus this removes all ethical and logical appeal, leaving people only sepculation. Analysis

7 What is the logical appeal in this advertisement?
The logic of this ad is the false logic that if money isn't everything, then one could put blood in a donation box and be equivalent to a monetary donation. What is the logical appeal in this advertisement? Logical Appeal

8 How does the author/producer of this advertisement establish their credibility, or ethical appeal?
Since the author/producer is the Red Cross, even in Australia, they already have a lot of credibility in blood donation. Also, they give their phone and website for more information in case the viewer has any doubts. Ethical Appeal

9 How does this make you feel, or how do you think it would make others feel?
This ad inspires me, showing me that everyone and anyone can do their part to help others, no matter how much or little money they possess. It also makes me feel guilty for not being more charitable now. Emotional Appeal

10 Mann, Kiro. “Australian Red Cross: Money Isn't. Everything Campaign
Mann, Kiro. “Australian Red Cross: Money Isn't Everything Campaign.” Orik Designs 4 May Web. 7 November 2011 Works Cited

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