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Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved. Why do we have a website? phone calls To either increase our phone calls or to directly sell products from our website.

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1 Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

2 Why do we have a website? phone calls To either increase our phone calls or to directly sell products from our website

3 I Will Teach You Genuine Principles on How you can put your website on the front page of Google How to convert more of your website visitors into action takers How to split test keywords for Maximum profits How to make more money than you ever have before from your website All in 8 Genuine SEO & Marketing Steps

4 What is SEO? (SEO) is Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine like Google

5 Have you tried SEO but your competitors still out-rank you on the first page of Google Have you paid for results that didn’t happen? Is it to expensive for you to get done right? Or will you use the principles I am about to show you that deliver positive results and genuinely builds your business and cash flow? Penalised by Google Panda or Penguin?

6 Left school in 1984 I worked as a greenkeeper for 1 year I settled with a sports company Life changing ACCIDENT! Started my own business (7 years) Internet Marketing- Worked and studied for 6 years SEO AdvantageSEO Advantage Mark Briody

7 What is SEO Advantage? Work to improve and in most cases correct conversions of a website Split test and measure keywords in a Google adwords campaign Rank high in Google and other search engines organic results

8 I Want You To Do The Same So You Can Convert more of your website visitors into sales Get more targeted traffic to your website Be able to test and measure accurately because you have more traffic Make a lot more money because of these principles taking place

9 For those of you who know you will need more help than a short training video here I’m going to give you FREE access to some resources at the end so hang in there with me…

10 where you get the clicks As you know being on the top of Google is exactly where people are searching, plus it’s where you get the clicks & make the money and I promise to show you exactly how it’s done… watch this

11 But what do most people, seo companies and business owners do? They guess or do very little research on keywords that are going to do what? MONEY Make them - MONEY!

12 When a client comes to me for help I run by these same 3 principles every single time… And if you use them I promise they will work for you too.

13 1. Let’s first look at fixing your broken wheel (Website). 2. Split test an adwords campaign 3. Roll over the “PROFITABLE” keywords into an SEO program

14 “Family Lawyer Sydney” Let’s go to Google and type in the keyword phrase “Family Lawyer Sydney”



17 When you are at the very top of page 1 on Google you want to keep that position don’t you?

18 most people do next Let me share with you right now what most people do next once they reach the top that costs them all of their income and rankings on Google and how you can avoid making the same mistake

19 What should you do Next is? When you do achieve front page rankings on Google, What should you do Next is?

20 “CASKFLOW” You should listen to what ever your SEO Advisor recommends because his principles are delivering “CASKFLOW”

21 NOT Do NOT go changing to a cheaper SEO company just because you now have top Google rankings… Another company may not continue to deliver the same level of Quality SEO hence damaging your results & income

22 architectural structureof the SEO Another company will most likely change the architectural structure of the SEO and this sometimes costs more to remedy than to start all over again with a brand new website

23 Some of my clients have learnt this the hard way and ended up coming back to me to remedy what others have damaged

24 Just like any industry and lets use what you do for example… I’ll bet my bottom dollar not everyone in your line of business delivers the same quality that you do… Is that a fair enough assumption?

25 OK… Now I’ve exposed the big downfall to avoid… Now let’s show you some genuine principles you can apply starting TONIGHT to help obtain More Phone Calls & Sales From Your Website Before We Rank it High on Google

26 Lets start by taking a look at some real websites What they looked like before What they look like now The actual real time results these people received using the principles I am about to share with you How you can do the same too







33 Get your testimonials right!

34 Don’t Use Hypo Testimonials Be sure you utilise Video Testimonials rather than written ones Ask specific questions to prompt an appropriate answer Follow a format that conveys trust, integrity and truth.

35 Example: It’s in the questions… What concerns were you having before hiring a ?????? How did ###XYZ company### Make you feel comfortable when you hired them? Can you give me 2 reasons why you would recommend ##XYZ company##?

36 We’ve Talked Briefly About Conversion Principles Because before you spending money on more traffic through SEO you want to make sure your website conveys trust and compels people to take action… When you increase your conversion rate by 100% (which is not hard) you have just doubled your income before you spend a single cent additional traffic

37 Step 1: Choose ‘Buying Keywords’ that make money Step 2: Set up a Converting Website Step 3: Website SEO Structure Step 5: Tracking, testing and measuring for maximum profits Step 4: Google Friendly Backlinks 5 Steps to Front Page On Google

38 Step 1: Buying Keywords Most people & SEO companies choose BAD keywords. Bad keywords are keywords that no one is looking for on Google Bad keywords are also keywords that are searched for by freebie seekers (What Is The Commercial Intent) So knowing what the Commercial Intent is will also make a huge difference to your bottom line


40 EVER Let’s Take This One Step Further So You Don’t EVER Loose Money by Bidding On The Wrong Keywords

41 Let’s say you are a plumber




45 Step 2: Your Website Needs CMS to save you money, edit seo tags and content Changes to your website quickly & easily without having to know html

46 Step 3: Website Structure Google friendly website structure The 3 pages every website must have Set up Google Webmaster Tools (register XML sitemap) How to rank internal pages for more buying keywords Content (Words on your web pages) Privacy PolicyTerms Of UseXML Sitemap

47 Includes title tags


49 Description tags


51 Includes title tags Description tags H1 tags


53 Includes title tags Description tags H1 tags Footer links Attractive website to Google Home Contact SitemapPrivacyTerms About Us

54 How to obtain very powerful backlinks Tools to AUTOMATE the process NEVER EVERThe back links you should NEVER EVER do. The right way and the wrong way - Panda & Penguin Save money On SEO? Step 4: Google Friendly Backlinks

55 So What Are Backlinks? Backlinks are either words or a url link sitting on another website somewhere on the internet pointing to your webpage

56 Example:




60 HOW DO YOU OBTAIN BACKLINKS? You could hire a professional Search Engine Optimisation company like Seo Advantage

61 You could do it yourself for FREE

62 HOW DO YOU OBTAIN BACKLINKS FOR FREE? Go to Google site:. inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “Your Keyword” Make a comment and include your anchor text or url.

63 Go To:


65 Social Proof Networks What are Social Proof Networks? facebookGoogle-plustweeting PinterestLinkedinMyspace Social Proof is people liking & commenting about you through facebook, Google-plus and tweeting about you including other forms such as Pinterest, Linkedin, Myspace etc…

66 Example:

67 A Little More On Backlinks? Through blog posting Hiring a professional SEO company Hiring people through out-sourcing With software

68 Be Warned! Some companies and software will do more harm than good Unless you know what to ask for or how to correctly utilise the software

69 Backlinks & the Google Penguin? To avoid a Google slap from their penguin algorithm just do the right thing. What is the right thing? The right thing is not using the key word as the link back to your web page more than 50% of the time.

70 Use variations of the keyword. EXAMPLE: If the main keyword is Party Hire be sure to also use party masks, party company, event hire and so on… Also use urls as the link

71 EXAMPLE: If your website is you would also include this as the Also use different variations of the url such as or xyz.com Be sure to also include the following words as the clickable link Click Here Read More See Here More Here Click Here for More Info Learn More Here

72 Why Do We Do All This? Because it is what Google wants to see in order to rank your web pages high

73 Backlinks You Should NEVER Do! Link farming - On the World Wide Web, a link farm is any group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group. Blog Networks - A group of blogs that are all owned by a single individual and hyperlink to websites for a fee. Reciprocal links – When you link to another website and they also link to you.

74 T.T.M.D. Track your results using Analytics Test different on page principles Measure the results Decide based on the results Increases your earnings Exponentially Step 5: Tracking, Testing & Measuring

75 Do these principles deliver real results? Absolutely 100% Every Time GUARANTEED! Not Maybe… They Do Every-Single-time

76 Step 1: Choose ‘Buying Keywords’ that make money Step 2: Use conversion principles to ‘sell more products’ Step 3: ‘SEO Website Structure’ Step 5: Tracking, Testing and Measuring for maximum profits Step 4: ‘Google Friendly’ Backlinks Let’s Recap

77 real informationNow when you leave this session you’ve got a lot of real information you can use starting right now And for those of you who just cant remember everything you saw here let me help…




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