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Topic: News Corps Pay Wall Ethan Elias CST 212 MW Presentation 3 ~ Ethics.

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1 Topic: News Corps Pay Wall Ethan Elias CST 212 MW Presentation 3 ~ Ethics

2 The Issue Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation plan to put their content behind a pay wall ~ charge for their news and not let news aggregators or other companies link to or repeat it. Introduction

3 Implications Corporate control of information Private industry threatening the free nature of the internet Ethan Elias CST 212 MW Presentation 3 ~ Ethics

4 The Problem News has traditionally been shared and linked across the internet Will lead to more media companies charging for and blocking content Internet Toll Roads! Introduction

5 Their Arguments News cost something to make, so we should get paid for it. The companies that repeat our news are getting an expensive service for free When all news editors charge for content then consumers will have no choice but to pay (Kramer 2009) Introduction

6 Wrong! Newspapers have always made the bulk of their profits from selling advertising For more than a decade news aggregators, wire services and even local broadcasters have picked up and repeated others stories Consumers will have no choice but to pay when there are no more viable alternatives Introduction

7 Poor Business Principal Drive viewers away Decrease quality of service Limit search engine results and fluidity of internet Logos

8 Greedy Corporation News is traditionally supported by ad revenue Pay wall says they have no new ideas to build advertising and no new ideas to build deeper and more valuable relationships with readers (Jarvis). Desperately trying to charge for what was free to save their dying industry Pathos

9 Media Monopoly Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. own enough media assets to seriously shift the nature of the internet. Ethos Television Fox Broadcasting Company Fox Television Stations WNYW - New York City WWOR - New York City KTTV - Los Angeles KCOP - Los Angeles WFLD - Chicago WPWR - Chicago KMSP - Minneapolis WFTC - Minneapolis WTXF - Philadelphia WFXT - Boston WTTG - Washington D.C. WDCA - Washington D.C. KDFW - Dallas KDFI - Dallas WJBK - Detroit KUTP - Phoenix KSAZ - Phoenix WUTB - Baltimore WRBW - Orlando WOFL - Orlando WOGX - Ocala WAGA - Atlanta KRIV - Houston KTXH - Houston WTVT - Tampa WHBQ - Memphis KTBC - Austin DBS & Cable FOXTELBSkyB Sky Italia Fox News Channel Fox Movie Channel FXFUEL National Geographic Channel SPEED Channel Fox Sports Net FSN New England (50%) FSN Ohio FSN Florida National Advertising Partners Fox College Sports Fox Soccer Channel Stats, Inc. Film 20th Century Fox Español 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 20th Century Fox International 20th Century Fox Television Fox Studios Australia Fox Studios Baja Fox Studios LA 20th Century Fox Fox Searchlight Pictures Fox Television Studios Blue Sky Studios Newspapers United States New York Post The Wall St. Journal Dow Jones United Kingdom News International News of the World The Sun The Sunday Times The Times Times Literary Supplement Australasia Daily Telegraph Fiji Times Gold Coast Bulletin Herald Sun NewsphotosNewspixNewstext NT News Post-Courier Sunday Herald Sun Sunday Mail Sunday Tasmanian Sunday Territorian Sunday Times The Advertiser The Australian The Courier-Mail The Mercury The Sunday Telegraph Weekly Times MagazinesInsideOut donna hay SmartSource The Weekly Standard Big League ALPHABooks HarperMorrow Publishers HarperMorrow General Books Group AmistadCaedmonAvon Avon A Avon Inspire Avon Red Collins Collins Design EccoEos Fourth Estate Harper Mass Market Harper Pakerbacks HarperAudioHarperBusinessHarperCollinsPerennial Perennial Modern Classics HarperCollins e-Books HarperLuxeRayo William Morrow William Morrow Cookbooks Children's Books Group Amistad Greenwillow Books Joanna Cotler Books Eos Laura Geringer Books HarperAudio HarperCollins Children's Books HarperFestivalHarperTeen Katherine Tegen Books Julie Andrews Books RayoTrophy HarperCollins International HarperCollins Canada HarperCollins Australia HarperCollins UK HarperCollins India HarperCollins New Zealand ZondervanOther Los Angeles Kings (NHL, 40% option) Los Angeles Lakers (NBA, 9.8% option) Staples Center (40% owned by Fox/Liberty) News Interactive Fox Sports Radio Network Broadsystem Classic FM Festival Records Fox Interactive IGN Entertainment Mushroom Records National Rugby League NDS News Outdoor Scout Media Rotten Tomatoes Spring Widgets News Digital Media (Who Owns What? 2008)

10 The Solution Let ‘em! Be wary of corporate media messages Pathos

11 References Arsenault, A., & Castells, M. (2008) Switching Power: Rupert Murdoch and the global business of media politics. International Sociology, Vol. 23, No. 4, 488-513 (2008) DOI: 10.1177/0268580908090725 Babu, K. M. (2007) Newspapers and the new paradigm. Ubiquity 2007, August (Aug. 2007), 1-1. DOI= Barron, C. (2010) The Keiretsu-Cooperative: A Model for Post-Gutenberg Publishing. Oxford Internet Institute Issue Brief, No. 4, January 2010 Retrieved from: Bettig, R. V. (1996) Copyrighting culture: The political economy of intellectual property. Boulder, CO. Westview Press Who own what? (2008) CJRs guide to what the major media companies own. Columbia journalism review. Retrieved from Copeland, D. A. (2006). The idea of a free press. The enlightenment and its unruly legacy. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press Dunn, M. (2007) How to survive Rupert Murdoch. British journalism review, Vol. 18 DOI: 10.1177/0956474807086950 Gunther, M. (1998) The rules according to Rupert. Flouting tradition and betting billions. Fortune, Vol. 138, No. 8 Retrieved from: Harris, P. (2010) Rupert Murdoch defiant: ‘I’ll stop Google taking our news for nothing’ Retrieved from: Jarvis, J. (2010) Rupert Murdochs pathetic paywall. Retrieved from: Kramer, S. D. (2009) Murdoch on leading the charging charge. Retrieved from: Martin, E. S. (2008). Freedom of information. The news the media use. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. Murdoch, R. (2005) Speech by Rupert Murdoch to the American society of newspaper editors. News Corporation. Retrieved from: Wolff, M. (2008). The man who owns the news. Inside the secret world of Rupert Murdoch. New York, NY: Broadway Books Ethos

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