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Where’s Your Fortune? #1 #2 #3 Buy a BRAND NEW HOME for as low as $832 a month Get up to $16000 when you buy a New Construction Home TODAY! (FREE MONEY)

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2 Where’s Your Fortune? #1 #2 #3 Buy a BRAND NEW HOME for as low as $832 a month Get up to $16000 when you buy a New Construction Home TODAY! (FREE MONEY) Find your dream home or amazing FORECLOSURE deals with our knowledgeable team

3 Why Buy in Lawton Now! #1 #2 #7 BRAC – Demand (insider trading) Market Conditions – Pre BRAC Implosion Selection Motivated Sellers Interest Rates Foreclosures/Short Sales New Construction BRAC #3 #4 #5 #6 #8










13 will help YOU find Team DreamHome Your (or Dream Deal) JayKinder’s How


15 Back Stage Pass to MLS Search from our site every home available for sale 1.

16 2. We will give you access to our inventory of homes before other buyers and agents even know about them. 11. Free List of OUR Homes

17 We can help you negotiate a contract that gets you 60 days with no payments. 3. 60 Days No Payments

18 The government is giving First-Time Homebuyers $8000 FREE Money to buy a home… 4. $8000 Tax Credit (I’ll tell you how we will double it!)

19 In today’s market, we can often get the seller to pay your closing costs so you come to the table with little or no money to buy the home. 5. Seller Pay Closing Costs

20 We’ve had great success getting the seller to pay for a home warranty for our buyers, saving them thousands in potential home repair headaches after they close. 6. Home Warranty Included

21 We publish a regular list of foreclosures, bank-owned properties and distressed sales that are available for as much as 30% below market value. 7. Published List of Great Deals

22 We publish a list of vacant homes and homes that have been on the market for longer than 180 days, where the sellers are typically very motivated to sell their home below market value. 8. Desparate Seller Program

23 We have aggressive negotiation strategies that can help you save thousands to get a great deal on your home and in many cases, get the seller to pay your closing costs. 9. Aggressive Negotiation Tactics

24 Our team has created a system to get access to homes that are not yet for sale. 10. Pre-Foreclosure System

25 Our services will not cost you a penny Cost of our Services?

26 for as low as $832 with the help of... NewHome Buy per month a Financial Concepts

27 Rent vs. Buy Savings Calculator


29 You know what you can afford It tells sellers you are a qualified buyer It lets you make an offer right away, before someone else does before someone else does Why be pre-approved

30 Steady income or variable income Pay bills on time Low to medium debt Cash for closing costs or down payment 2 month’s reserves of PITI in the bank Are you ready to buy?

31 Housing costs <29% of gross monthly income Housing costs include: mortgage, taxes, insurance, other association fees Mortgage payment is based on lender’s “qualifying rate” Housing costs plus long-term debt not to exceed 40-45% of gross monthly income Long term debt includes: car payment, credit card payments, and other loans How much can you afford?

32 Most Popular and Preferred Payments remain the same over the life of the loan Typical terms are 15, 20 or 30 years Advantage: Predictable monthly payment, won’t go up if rates go up Fixed Rate Mortgage

33 How to establish credit: Apply for 2 or 3 secured credit cards with at least a $500 balance per card Use these cards for your normal daily purchases, including groceries and other shopping Keep the balance below 30% of the credit limit Pay more than the minimum payment, but less than the full balance Get added as an “authorized user” on a family member’s card with a good payment history

34 How to improve credit score: Pay all bills on time and keep balances below 50% of the available limit and below 30% if possible Don’t close unused accounts. The zero balance helps Pay off recent collection account or charge-offs Let old items over 2 years remain unpaid Become an authorized user on someone’s credit card with good payment history Have your mortgage consultant analyze your credit score to see where you can gain points

35 Credit Repair Services There is no “magic wand” that erases bad credit legally There is a procedure you can follow to get incorrect items removed Credit reporting can not verify the negative information, it must be removed Legitimate credit repair services can often get negative items removed from your credit One such company is Global Advantage Credit Solutions… Advantage Credit Solutions…

36 when you buy a $16,000 Get up to NewConstruction TODAY!

37 Custom Built Homes

38 Quality Interiors

39 Choose your Area: Lawton Elgin Cache


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