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Career Decision Making

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1 Career Decision Making
Career Decision Making Suddhodan Baidya 16 Mar 2011

2 Why do we need to make Career Decision Assessment?
Comparison between 80’s and 2011 One job Vs multiple jobs Comparison between Asia and Canada Education Vs Good Job In 80’s people used to chose their career for life...and it was 100% certain if you are good in your education you will definitely get a good job. What about now? Can people stay in one career for ever? Can higher education people definitely get a good job? We dont know what are the occupations there are in the market?

3 Stages of Career Decision Making
Self assessment (Who You Are?) Exploring career values, motivators, preferences, personal strengths, limitations Career exploration (What Are There?) Establishing options, alternatives and plan B’s, information gathering, networking, reality checking Decision making (What I Do?) Evaluating options, mapping skills and attributes against actual roles, considering options and preferences, clarifying personal factors, making choices Plan implementation (When I Do) Applicant research, CV update and applications, preparing for assessments and interviews

4 Career Decision-Making Style
The Procrastinating Decision Makers - “I’ll deal with it later,” or, “I just can’t decide.” The Intuitive Decision Makers - “I made that decision because it felt like the right thing to do,” or, "I just followed my heart in making this decision.” The Dependent Decision Makers - “What do YOU think I should do?,” or, “What would you do if you were me?”, The Educated Decision Makers - “I need to explore more options before I'm able to make a decision,” or, “I have gone over all the pros and cons and compared them to my other options.” The Recommended Career Decision-Making Style: The Combination Style Educated Decision Making style -Dependent Decision Making -Intuitive Decision-Making style

5 Factors of Career Decision Making
Interest Values Skills Education Physical Capability Social and Economical Factor Salary Labour Market Information

6 Interests Assessment Holland Codes (Self Directed Search)
Myers Briggs Types Indicator True Colors Personality Dimension

7 Values Assessment Values Cards Values Questionnaire

8 Skills Assessment Technical Transferrable Self Management Surgical
Artistic mechanical Transferrable Communication Organizational Problem solving leadership Self Management Punctuality - Dependability Motivation - Positive attitude responsibility

9 Labour Market Information
Association websites website

10 Education Phd? Masters? Bachelor? Certificate ? High School? Trades?
Engineering? Science? Sociology? Advertising? Medical?

11 Physical Capability Outdoor Indoor Lift heavy things
Standing up for long hours

12 Social and Economical Factor
Have to take care of kids and family Religion Need survival job

13 Dr. John L. Holland, 1919 – 2008




17 Go to vpl and careercrusing


19 NOC (National Occupational Classification)





24 Action Plan Plan A Plan B

25 Useful websites

26 Suddhodan Baidya 604-408-7274 ext 2046

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