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So you want to go to college… According to the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education*,  PA ranks 5 th in the nation for sending high.

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2 So you want to go to college… According to the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education*,  PA ranks 5 th in the nation for sending high school students to college  PA ranks 45 th in the nation for graduating the same students According to, PA colleges and universities have an 80% retention rate (after the first year of school), and 65.7% graduation rate for Bachelor's degrees (graduation within 6 years) According to US News and World Report, 1 in 3 students do not return to college after the first year *PDE website

3 Retention rates- WHY?

4 Go to:   Choose any College/University you’ve been considering  Look at: ◦ Retention Rates ◦ Graduation Rates  4 year – 5 year – 6 year

5 Academic issues, too expensive, don’t know what you want to do Academic issues  Learn how to study now  Ask for help/use resources  Challenge yourself academically

6 Too expensive  Attend Financial Aid events, ask questions, fill out FAFSA form  Apply for scholarships  Dual enrollment/Transfer

7 Don’t know what you want to do  Caution-the undeclared major can lead to spending extra time in college=more money  See what supports the school offers undeclared majors “Thinking well to be wise: planning well, wiser: doing well wisest and best of all”

8 SURVEY RESULTS  Career Planning Process: 7% Lost 55% Think they have an idea but unsure 37% Found their career choice  Post-Secondary Planning Process: 9% Lost 55% Think they have an idea but unsure 35% Found the perfect …Technical school, Community College, Four Year College, Job, Military Branch Survey Results:  Only 225/397 students have researched careers/colleges online- 57%  Of those 225, 178 used the College Board website. Only 16 went on career exploration sites. “The secret to getting ahead is getting started” -Mark Twain

9 Finding a career Planning a path

10  What are your interests?  What are you good at?  What kind of working conditions do you need in order to feel happy? SELF-ASSESSMENT

11 Other great resources:  Go to  Choose which option best fits your level of knowledge on future plans. ◦ “I’m not really sure,” “I’ll know it when I see it,” or “I want to be…”


13 Important things to remember about  Thoroughly look through the profession/career profile page. ◦ Check out what skills and personality traits are important in that profession. ◦ Find out how much education is needed for the profession. ◦ Take a look at the average salary for the profession.  Check which word is associated with the profession: ◦ Bright Outlook, Green, and Registered Apprentice.

14 Does your expected job fit with your life style?  Ask yourself if… ◦ You want to spend weekends with your family? ◦ You want to work a traditional work day (9am-5pm)? ◦ You will be able to afford your lifestyle?  Examples: eating habits or shopping habits ◦ Does the career match your skill set? Your personality type? Great site for work-related personality type quiz-

15 Top 10 Most Popular Majors: 10. Computer Information Sciences 9. Political Science and Government 8. Communications 7. Economics 6. English Language and Literature 5. Education 4. Biology/Biological Sciences 3. Nursing 2. Psychology 1. Business Administration and Management

16 Top 11 In-Demand college majors:  Biomedical Engineering  Biometrics  Forensic science  Computer game design  Cyber security  Data science  Business Analytics  Petroleum engineering  Public health  Robotics  Sustainability

17 Most valuable majors in terms of salary and career prospects  Biomedical engineering  Biochemistry  Computer science  Software engineering  Environmental engineering  Civil engineering  Geology  Management information system  Petroleum engineering  Applied mathematics  Mathematics  Construction management  Finance  Physics  Statistics

18  Verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization  Work in a team structure  Make decisions and solve problems  Plan, organize and prioritize work  Obtain and process information  Analyze quantitative data  Technical knowledge related to the job  Be Proficient with computer software programs  Create and/or edit written reports  Sell or influence others *Job Outlook 2013, National Association of Colleges and Employers

19 Attention to Detail Calm Under Pressure Honesty Initiative Problem- Solving Skills Rising to the Challenge Time Manage- ment Speaking, Teamwork & Writing Skills

20 See if you can do any of these during high school:  Job shadowing  Internships  Volunteer  Go to field related conferences  Talk to professionals in the field  Bring Your Child to Work Day As many as 1 in 3 students do not return to college after their 1 st year*  1 shadowing experience = 32% higher retention rate in college**  1 internship experience = 52% higher retention rate in college** *US News and World Report ** Vincent Tinto’s research on Retention Rates

21 PLANNING YOUR PATH… You will probably NEED some type of post- secondary education The demand for higher level job skills are rising  In PA there was a decrease in unskilled jobs from 40% in 1994 to 20% in 2011* Your path may include the following:  Technical School  Community College  Four Year College *PDE website

22 PSAT-all juniors took PSAT’s on 10/15 Results back December 22 nd - Results/AP Potential Night for prep, SAT registration for prep, ACT registration ACT vs. SAT? When to take the tests? What is a good score? 2014 SAT State Average: Critical Reading – 497; Math – 504; Writing – 480 2014 Avon Grove SAT Average: Critical Reading – 521; Math – 535; Writing - 506 2014 ACT State Average: 22.7 2014 Avon Grove ACT Average: 25.1

23 Finding the perfect… Technical, Community, and/or 4-year college Think about who you are and what you are looking for in a school: For example, size, location, campus activities/sports  has a GREAT survey you can take- Sizing Yourself Up Survey See the resource list for college search sites

24 Popular College Resources



27 The application process-preparing during junior year  Student Recommendation Form – “Brag Sheet”  Resume Writing Activity  Essay/personal statement  Course selection-choose wisely, explore programs (i.e. dual enrollment) KEEP YOUR GRADES UP!

28 FALL  Challenge yourself academically  Get involved  Explore Post-secondary options  Get organized  Attend THIS presentation SPRING  Complete a “brag sheet”  Continue career search  Begin visiting schools  Begin brain-storming for your college essay/ personal statements SUMMER  Summer job and/or Volunteer  Register – NCAA Eligibility Center  Stay involved  Visit schools  Complete summer work!!! WINTER  Complete a Self-Assessment  PSAT Results/ AP Potential Night  Register for the SAT/ACT  Course selection – choose wisely for your future


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