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U NITY - AUTHOR UNKNOWN - I dreamed I stood in a studio And watched two sculptors there The clay they used was a young child’s mind And they fashioned.

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1 U NITY - AUTHOR UNKNOWN - I dreamed I stood in a studio And watched two sculptors there The clay they used was a young child’s mind And they fashioned it with care. One was a teacher – the tools he used were books, music and art. The other, a parent, worked with a guiding hand and a gentle loving heart. Day after day, the teacher worked with touch that was deft and sure. While the parent standing by his side polished and smoothed it o’er And when at last their task was done, They were of what they had wrought. For the things they had molded into the child could neither be sold nor bought. And each agreed they would have failed if each had worked alone, For behind the teacher stood the school and behind the parent, the home.


3 H OW DO YOUNG CHILDREN LEARN ? Young children see the world differently than older students and adults, and they learn best through direct, sensory experience. They need to: manipulate explore experiment with real objects. They learn by doing, moving and talking.

4 T HE K INDERGARTEN P ROGRAM S TATEMENT DESCRIBES CLEAR EXPECTATIONS IN SEVEN LEARNING AREAS :  Early Literacy  Early Numeracy  Citizenship and Identity  Environment and Community Awareness  Personal and Social Responsibility  Physical Skills and Well-being  Creative Expression

5 L OGOS C HRISTIAN P ROGRAM The Logos Program provides instruction of the provincial curriculum within a Christian environment. The Christian perspective crosses all of the seven learning areas just described and is integrated into everything we do. Some activities specific to the Logos program: Daily devotions and prayer Monthly memory verses Chapels (approx. once a month) Books and activities within the classroom

6 W HAT DID YOU LEARN IN SCHOOL TODAY ? “Nothing. All we did was play!”

7 How did you make that? What are you learning about now? What learning centres did you go to today? What was in the sand table today? Can you tell me about the story you heard today? Where did you play today? Who did you play with today? These are some alternative questions that might help your child share more specific information with you.

8 A SSESSMENT IN K INDERGARTEN Assessment is done through:  questioning and talking to children  listening to the language they use  observing their behaviour and their work. In September, we do an quick initial screening of all students for speech & language development as well as fine & gross motor development. If needed, further testing maybe done by a speech pathologist or occupational therapist. Consent forms will be sent home at that time.

9 H OME R EADING P ROGRAM Starts in October Read to your child for 15 minutes. After your child has been read to they may colour in a spot on Wilbur the bookworm. Please colour in only one spot per night as the point of this program is to encourage daily reading rather that reading for 45 minutes one night and then not reading for the next 3 nights. When all of the spots are coloured, return the sheet to school to earn a small reward. Your child will then receive another sheet to complete. In January, we will start a different home reading program where your child reads to you.

10 R EADING TO Y OUR C HILD  Preview the book “What do you think this book is going to be about?”  Read the book and ask questions “What do you think might happen next?”  Talk about the book “What was your favourite part of the story? Or I liked it when...”

11 W HEN Y OUR C HILD R EADS TO Y OU In January we will be sending home books that your child will be able to read to you.  Preview the book  Encourage your child to look at the pictures to give them clues about the text.  Have your child point to the words as they read.  Look at the text with your child – what letter does that word start with, where is the capital letter.  Look at the sounds of the letters.

12 L.I.F.T. (L ITERACY IS A F AMILY T HING ) L.I.F.T. is a program that supports children’s literacy and numeracy by providing books and materials that families can enjoy at home. Begins in January and continues until May. Students are allowed to keep the bag for one week. Please keep items from the book bag together and return them on time. Talk about the books before, during and after reading them to your child. Ask questions of your child. Examine the covers, the titles and make predictions about the books.

13 F IELD T RIPS & S PECIAL E VENTS September Strathcona Wilderness Centre October Sparky the Firedog Halloween Party (regular program) NovemberTeddy Bear Picnic DecemberMuttart Conservatory Christmas Celebration JanuarySkating Rutherford House FebruaryGrey Nuns Hospital Hand Washing Presentation Valentines Day Party 100 Day Party

14 MarchPattern Party Grocery Store Tour AprilHatching of Baby Chicks MayMuffins with Mom Janzen Nature Center & Jackie Parker Park JuneSafety City Field Day Father’s Night Year End Celebration

15 V OLUNTEERS Remember moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other special friends are welcome. We have a variety of tasks for volunteers, ex. Preparation of materials, collate memory and alphabet books, work with students at centers, etc. We also need parents to assist on field trips and at special events. All volunteers must check in at the office and receive a visitor’s badge. Every one will also need to fill out a volunteer form.

16 P ETE THE C AT  Each classroom has a Pete the cat.  Students rotate taking him home for a few days. Friday - Monday or Monday - Friday.  Each child gets two turns a year.  If you are planning a holiday, let us know so they may join you.  Please keep a short journal of some of the activities your child has enjoyed with Pete. Please feel free to add pictures or have your child draw pictures to accompany the journal entry.  Entries should be 1 -2 pages.

17 S NACKS & B IRTHDAYS Birthdays are celebrated in each class. You are welcome to bring a small treat for the class. Please ensure that all snacks/birthday treats are nut free. Please check packages as some granola bars, cookies, etc. are made in facilities where their products may come into contact with some nut products. Snacks are to be a small healthy treat that can be eaten in 10-15 minutes. If your child continually comes home with things not eaten, please send a smaller snack. Small juice boxes are best as many students do not finish the larger variety.

18 K INDERGARTEN H OMEWORK A SSIGNMENTS  Periodically, we will send home fun homework assignments for you and your child to complete together.  Homework assignments focus on various strands of the kindergarten curriculum, ie. Social Studies, Math and Literacy.  Each assignment has specific information included. These activities are meant to be both fun and educational.

19 I MPORTANT I NFORMATION : Kindergarten Hours: 8:35 – 11:27 am 12:12 – 3:04 pm No School for Kindergarten students on the first Wednesday of the month. November Break (No School): November 10-14 If your child is late to school you must stop in at the office to receive a stamp in their agenda. This lets me know that the office is aware your child is now here. If you are picking your child up early from school they must be signed out at the office. Doors in the school are locked shortly after the bells go (morning, recess and lunch). The main doors are always open.


21 F.O.I.P. A ND T ECHNOLOGY (F REEDOM OF I NFORMATION AND P ROTECTION OF P RIVACY A CT ) Phone lists Brentwood Website and e-teacher pages Check out the School Newsletter as well as class newsletters ▫ Photo gallery:  when pictures are put on the website names will not be given  When art work is displayed only the child’s first name will be given  Website consent form needs to be signed

22 QR codes  information in your child’s agenda. Remind WHAT IS REMIND AND WHY IS IT SAFE?  You can opt-out of messages anytime by replying ‘unsubscribe’.

23 The Old Women We teachers are like the old woman who lived in a shoe We have so many children, We don't know what to do. They all wear rubber boots, and rubber boots look the same So every rubber boot should have a name. Every sweater, every coat and all mittens too; The following are some of the other things you can do. Coats have buttons and zippers and ties. So many to fasten, oh how the time flies. Please spend a minute or so each night, Showing your child how to fasten things tight. Then I'll send them home with no clothes lost All buttoned up safe from the snow and the frost. And a great big THANKS will come to you From the big happy family that lives in the shoe.

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