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Judith Vose Davis A Digital Scrapbook “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde~ Jude, thanks for being you!

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1 Judith Vose Davis A Digital Scrapbook “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde~ Jude, thanks for being you!

2 Thanks for sharing your mind, your eye and your heart with us, Jude!

3 Policies, Regulations, Rules & Procedures Memories of the Mind Compact Plans Annual Reports Surveys, surveys and more surveys…. Connect File Storage ResNet So what is “Unity” exactly??? Drupal www4 Locker space IT Accessibility Networking E-mail Calendaring US News & World Report Educause Core Data Princeton Review Writing Editing Editing again Layer 8 Grant applications Mind mapping Student Computing Green IT Coming through with the goods! CPI Strategic Planning IT Governance UITC Who’s the target audience? HTML VCL Framing Information architecture ~Stan North Martin~

4 Memories of the Eye In 2009 (Okay, it’s really from an “earlier time” and was used in 2009 at the OIT Fall Staff Event.)

5 Memories of the Heart When I think of Jude Davis, I immediately think of a person that is very passionate: passionate about keeping the earth safe and green, passionate about making sure the ‘targeted audience’ (especially students) understands the presented information, and passionate about helping others. I’ve known Jude for quite some time and every time we talk or work on something together I come away with more than what I needed. Jude is always thinking of different perspectives and everything I’ve given her to review/edit ends up in much better shape!! After tackling the work-related issues, we always end up talking about other things as well. I’m very appreciative of having the opportunity to know Jude and I wish her the very best in retirement. “Congratulations on your retirement!!! Enjoy your family and enjoy the green effort, as I’m sure you won’t ever give that up. It’s been very great and pleasant working with you!!! All the best!!” ~Mardecia Bell~

6 Memories of the Mind ~SNM~

7 Memories of the Eye Computing Center User Services team members in 1996

8 Memories of the Heart Some Suggested Retirement Activities ~Charles Walker~

9 Memories of the Mind ~SNM~

10 Memories of the Eye Circa 1997

11 Memories of the Heart I will not be able to attend Judith's retirement celebration, but please give her my best wishes. ~Ellen Vasu ~

12 Memories of the Mind ~Stan North Martin~

13 Memories of the Eye An outing with folks from CALS in 1998

14 Memories of the Heart Dear Jude, It has been such a pleasure to work with you over these many years. I have learned to be a better writer from you. I have learned how to stop and take the time to think about things from a very different perspective. I have learned how important it is to have a really nice fruit tray at a covered dish lunch. I will miss all these things and more as you leave NC State for your retirement. You have left your mark on IT at NC State and have set a high standard for professional communication. I wish you the happiest of times as you make this transition. I have no doubt that you will continue to make your mark on your world and the worlds of those people lucky enough to know you. With warmest regards and great respect. ~Susan West Klein~

15 Memories of the Mind Congratulations Jude on being selected as the staff recipient of the 2010 Earthwise Award! In recognition for your many efforts to promote sustainability, both on campus and beyond.

16 Memories of the Eye Circa 2005

17 Memories of the Heart From Henry Schaffer’s “distribution list”:

18 Memories of the Mind Jude’s intellectual curiosity of all things communication… Simple  Unexpected  Concrete  Credentialed  Emotional story

19 Memories of the Eye 2008 OIT Holiday Giving Project

20 Memories of the Heart Jude has always wanted to make the world a better place and has been an advocate for accessibility for people with a disability for a long time. It was her commitment that helped me move the accessibility of IT resources forward at NC State. Good luck Jude, keep on doing your thing! ~Saroj Primlani~

21 Memories of the Mind One of Jude’s most oft-asked editing questions: “Who is ‘we’ (or ‘you’ or ‘them’ or ‘us’) in this sentence (or paragraph or article)?”

22 Memories of the Eye 2008 Holiday Celebration

23 Memories of the Heart Dear Jude, Congratulations on your retirement! I've worked with you for a long time and have many memories of our times together… we've plotted many things and seen many changes on campus. I remember you coming over from the English department to Computing Services. Down on the front mezzanine - our own little family (mostly part-timers!). I remember your first year here, you gave me a pair of NC State Wolfpack earrings - I still wear them for orientations for students! I've learned a lot from you - I've appreciated your help over the years in writing and editing the many documents and publications we’ve done. As others have noted, you always gave us pause to stop and think about things from a different perspective. Thanks for being a friend, for your caring words and thoughts through the years and I wish you all the best in your retirement. And oh yea – “It's gonna be great!” With warmest wishes and regards. ~Sarah Noell~

24 Memories of the Mind “All disclaimers apply.” & Her large grain of salt available to point to when saying the above. “Take that with a grain of salt.”

25 Memories of the Eye 2009 OIT Spring Forward Picnic

26 Memories of the Heart I don't know Jude well, but I have seen her on several occasions at OIT functions and in passing while I was working in the Hillsborough Building. One thing I recall is that she always has a smile. ~Susie Rambeaut~

27 Memories of the Mind Jude’s kind of humor…

28 Memories of the Eye 2010 Birthday Breakfast

29 Memories of the Heart Jude has done a great job for many years and will be missed. Unfortunately, I'll be flying back from California that day and will not be able to attend. Please give her my best wishes for her retirement. ~Tom Miller~

30 Memories of the Mind Here’s to never being “carded” again…

31 Memories of the Eye With OIT-OCC team members in 2010

32 Memories of the Heart Irish Retirement Blessing May you always have work for your hands to do. May your pockets hold always a coin or two. May the sun shine bright on your windowpane. May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you. And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you. “Best wishes for a glorious and full retirement!” ~Gail Rankin~

33 Memories of the Eye Up on the roof (of the Hillsborough Building) in 2010

34 Memories of the Heart The essential Jude catch phrase (said with mock/ serious/ironic tone): “It'll be great.” ~Hal Meeks~

35 Memories of the Eye 2010 OIT Awards for Excellence

36 Memories of the Heart Dear Jude, You are one of the nicest, most talented and most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You and I have had many discussions over the past years concerning a wide variety of topics and not only have I found them interesting and stimulating, but I have learned so much that has benefited me personally and I thank you for that. You are a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stale population!!! I also want to tell you how much I admire what you hold important in life. You are a terrific mother and are always there for your family, giving love, support and whatever is needed at the time. You've stood by your mother, making sure she is in the best facility available for her needs, visiting her daily throughout the week even though the visits are difficult at times. You care about the environment and have been proactive in spreading information to the community regarding recycling and reusing and done it so well that you've won awards for it! You care about the spirit and go to great lengths to educate yourself about it and to nourish it. Your heart and mind is in the right place and given the adversity you've faced in life, I think that, alone, is most remarkable!!! I am so happy for you that you can now retire and pursue those things most dear to your heart. I can't say I'm not also sad to see you go, but that's because I'll miss you. I hope, though, that we can still get together occasionally, between your journeys, and talk of all you've done and learned. As you have always said to me, “Live well and prosper,” Jude!!! ~Terri Riley~

37 Memories of the Eye 2010 Earthwise Award for Staff

38 Memories of the Heart Jude was teaching in the NCSU English Department when she came to work for ITD as head of our Publications Department at a time when technology was revolutionizing the way we communicate. Her leadership helped the Computing Center (later ITD, and now OIT) to take a prominent role in advancing technical information for our students, faculty and staff. But also since I have known her, Jude’s devotion and life-time commitment to empowering the causes of environmental sustainability and social justice has been her passion. She has used both her skills and personal time to make the world a better place – for all creatures, great and small and for protecting and preserving the environment. And I have no doubt as to how she will be spending her time in the future and OIT’s loss will be the world’s gain. ~Bill Padgett~

39 Memories of the Eye With her daughter Muriel at the 2010 Earthwise Awards

40 Memories of the Heart When you hired me It was all so new for us Now a well-danced waltz You get rhetoric In all of its nuances This is the climax Your voice was heard here Sometimes reluctantly so It had to be said Leave this place just so Much better off than it was Now save the planet No alarm clock now Sleep in. Get up. Do either. Life is but a dream Go forth and have fun Keep in touch from time to time Take my best with you ~John Martin~ From Me to You in Haiku

41 Throughout the journey of life, always follow the path of Love. - Rhonda M. Greene (1 Corinthians 13:4) Memories of the Heart

42 We had a culture of food in our Information and News Services staff meetings. ~John Martin & Rhonda Greene~ Actual Staff Meeting Foods We’ve Enjoyed (Well, Jude enjoyed the figs.)

43 Memories of the Heart A handmade gift “IRL”… ~Chris Donald~

44 Memories of the Heart I met Jude Davis in 1999 when I was a quite new faculty member. Jude had a clear vision of the potential for the campus-wide conversation we were starting up, and was an early and enduring voice in the formation of the Teaching, Learning & Technology Roundtable. Jude has also been a strong supporter of the Gertrude Cox Awards, and any effort that brought together different members of NC State and beyond. Jude is a gifted writer and thinker, and a person who connects—with others, with ideas, through her words, through her humor, through her tremendous goodwill toward and interest in others. She has brought a special quality to NC State—a remarkable woman with a spirit that has illuminated all her encounters. I'm grateful to know her. ~Sarah Stein~

45 Memories of the Heart A handmade greeting card “IRL”… ~Carol Hill~

46 Memories of the Heart Speaker When I think of Jude, I think of language Her constructive deconstructions Forming words, forming worlds Sometimes she doubts her own powerful voice Doesn’t see that she is spinning fine sparkling webs Catching the half-formed, uninformed, malformed ideas Offered by enthusiastic conspirators She unwraps their silky bindings Reconstructs once-murky thoughts And whispers them into substance Liberating their brilliance with her own. “With love.” ~Debbie Carraway~

47 Thanks for the memories, Jude! "The butterfly is a universal symbol of change, resurrection, transformation, celebration, young love and the soul."

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