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The Way To Healing Through the Word 2.1 A Life Vision  Copyright Brandy Ann Coffee Marks 1990 Brandy A Coffee Marks, D.R.S.

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1 The Way To Healing Through the Word 2.1 A Life Vision  Copyright Brandy Ann Coffee Marks 1990 Brandy A Coffee Marks, D.R.S.

2 A Personal Journey

3 Last week Ended The Wilderness Journey Review the homework from The Wilderness Journey and make a note of general problem areas. In this section of your personal journey, you develop goals for life based partially on your past journey. Once done, watch this set of slides, take a break, and then discuss what you learned with a counselor, your support group or your pastor/mentor.

4 2.1 A Vision of Life

5 Your original vision may have been lost in the turmoil of growing up, or Maybe you abandoned it because of trauma, abuse or forms of neglect in your childhood, But you can reclaim your life vision and find a way to achieve it with God’s help.

6 Lesson # 1 As you begin to recreate your vision, this lesson helps design the plan Write down ideas as you move along. Brainstorm about whatever comes to mind! Imagine that when God began to create he too began with a plan...

7 God awoke in the dark with an idea that was especially brilliant. As he rolled over and fluffed the pillow of space, he thought:

8 "This is a good day to begin that world I've always dreamed about." Then, He headed for the drawing board.

9 How often have you awakened with an idea or goal in mind? Then, as you thought about it, your idea became less real. What happens?

10 Your idea for a clean and sober life disappears with just one more...

11 Your idea for a happy marriage dissolves in just one more neverending argument.

12 Your idea for a great job evaporates as you get turned down for the 20th time. Sorry, but we can't use you

13 Your dream of friendships and fun vanishes when you find yourself at home alone... Nobody likes me. I am the worst person in the world

14 Your idea to lose 20 pounds disappears along with the candy or cherry pie.

15 Often, we mess up and give up: "I'll never make it!" "I give up; it's absolutely hopeless." We worry, feel overwhelmed or depressed, or we feel sorry for ourselves, and then, we procrastinate and do nothing. Ultimately, our ideas seem to vanish; they disappear like smoke. It's Time to Start Over, Not Quit


17 God dreamed big! He didn't say, "This is way too much; I'll never make it. And humankind will screw it up anyway.” Instead, He started work on it, the first day, and didn't give up until it was done! Since then, He's had problems with people, but still hasn't given up on the world or us. Thus the creation began...

18 Lights sparkled all over, but one small section really caught his attention. When the dust of a billion future stars finally settled into space, before him lay a universe of magnificent proportions.

19 Near one small star, slowly spinning, were several small rocks but, God knew the third rock from the sun was "the one."

20 The earth was located just right And you are just right for God's intended purpose here on earth too. Consider the desire of your heart; chances are, God put it there! Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal(s)?

21 1. Teach (word of God, math class, etc.) 2.Marriage, home and loving family 3. Have money in the bank DARE TO DREAM What do you want out of life? Really, I want to be rich and famous, and have a happy home and family.

22 Why do you want it - honestly? 1.Being a successful speaker will fill my need for attention 2.Marriage will fill my need for love 3. Money will fill my need for security Each of these are wonderful goals, and it's okay to have these, however,

23 When we want it our way 1. Our expectations may not be in God’s plans 2. We try to make our dream happen instead of letting God’s will be done. 3. This is often the source of much conflict in our life and in relationships. Jesus didn’t want to die on a cross, still, he submitted to God’s will. “Nonetheless, not my will, but yours be done.” He said.

24 The Way to get needs met: 1.How often do you have to stand on stage to get the "attention" you need? 2. What if you never get "married" - does that mean you'll never be loved? and 3. How much "money" will it take to fill your need for security - $10,00 or $100,000 In reality, the way to love and security or anything else is by trusting in God.

25 When, like Jesus, we choose to do the will of God and not our own God's will? He says to have an attitude of gratitude. What are you grateful for?

26 God will fill our need for security, as well as love and attention when we let go and give our life to God. What do I rely on others for that creates conflicts?

27 As we look beyond our self to help others, I could be less self-focused and do what I really enjoy to help others who are in need.

28 God shows us how to use the talents and gifts He gave us for His purposes, not our selfish desires alone. I don't have much money but I could give my time to __________________

29 Jesus was a preacher, teacher and healer. I have the gift of gab and enjoy working with people What gifts has God given you?

30 AdvertiseAdultsAdventure ArtAuto repairBible study BooksChildrenConstruction CounselDecoratingDrama EducateEncourageFamilies FinancesGardeningHealth care HomelessListeningMissionary MusicOutdoors Parenting PeoplePrayerPrison RecoverySinglesTeaching... and many other talents and skills Natural talents are those you're born with:

31 God gives us spiritual gifts. Efficiency Start new ministries Skill with handsArtistic expression Know truth vs errorEncourage others Share the gospelConfidence in God Giving of resourcesMeet needs of others Offer food & homeIntercessory prayer Knowledge to helpLeader of others Mercy & compassionProphecy: expose sin Shepherd or pastorTeaching God's word Wise guidanceTongues & miracles

32 Don't worry about whether you can do it or not, instead, name the desire of your heart. I received the gift of education/knowledge. I want to teach and/or preach God’s word

33 What would your friends say is your interest or real passion? I talk a lot, and I love to teach about Christ.

34 “Speak of those things which are not as though they were." DARE TO DREAM My talent is talking, and God called me to teach. Being shy is not the answer, but neither is pride or arrogance; remember Joseph?

35 What would keep you talking through the night with excitement? I love talking about computers and showing people how to use different programs creatively

36 What could you do for others? I'm into construction, and God called me to help build and repair.

37 Which people would you like to help? I'm an attorney and God called me to give my talents to the poor and the elderly.

38 What issues or causes do you feel strongly about? These may be the things are you talk about with friends, very passionately. I feel very strongly about abortion and homeless.

39 List the three main experiences you've had that were meaningful? My experiences that were most meaningful work as a volunteer at Shriner's and counseling teens.

40 Why were they so memorable to you? I was able to use my talents to do something I liked that helped someone else.

41 What do you believe is your passion? (where you would you like to make a significant contribution) I can contribute best by doing what I'm doing. However, art is a talent also, and I could share those skills with others.

42 As the earth circled the sun all sides were now warmed by the star. God gave the planet a twist of the wrist and sent it spinning into a perfect orbit

43 God separated the light from the dark, creating the dawn of the first morning By the end of this section, you will have separated the good ideas from the not so good. So ends day one

44 YOUR LIFE VISION What do you want from life? (list your goals) Why do you want these goals? (your motivation) I am grateful to God for _________________ My God-given talents are ___________________ My spiritual gifts are _____________________ My real passion is for ______________________ People I would like to help __________________

45 Meaningful experiences I've had _____________ I remember them because __________________ Where would you use your gifts? What stops you from using them or achieving? Write about and discuss the differences between power and control and authority. On a new sheet of paper, draw your experience of the wounding, which will be covered next.

46 EXERCISE The child in you has an illness or injury What is it and where is it? Draw a picture of it using varied shapes or pictures from magazine, etc. Throat, lungs, stomach ache, back pain, headache, neck or feet, and so forth.

47 EXERCISE Sit on the floor, feel your body and identify areas that are a problem It may be part of your body (face, butt, feet, belly) or all of you. Maybe you have headaches or parasites that cause problems, periodically. Notice numb spots or places on your body where you tend to be uncomfortable. Take time to draw a picture of these body parts and how they look and feel.

48 Draw your body experience. Use crayons and paper to draw a picture of the illness or injury. Now, draw the healing as it comes and how the wound looks now that it is healed. Use colors/images freely for expression. Jesus sent the lepers to show themselves that they were healed; this removed the doubt that could creep in and destroy their reality. Make it real by creating an image the healing and talk about it with your counselor, etc.

49 Next YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM Overcoming beliefs that keep you from fully achieving your perfect life vision.

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