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Email Etiquette Do’s & don’ts To send or not to send…

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2 Email Etiquette Do’s & don’ts To send or not to send…

3 To email or not to email? Are you…informing? Are you requesting action? Who should receive the message? – Use specific and correct distribution lists – Maintain updated address books

4 Pick up the phone! Better yet-have a face to face conversation!

5 Do’s Use business email for business Think before you write: “engage your brain before your fingers” Re-read messages before you send them for clarity and “correctness” – “Once it’s gone, it’s gone.” Compress large files before sending as an attachment Know your audience

6 Do’s Put attachments on before you start writing your message = decrease in multiple emails. Note in the first sentence that there is/are attachments. Use specific subject lines-avoid vagueness!


8 Don’ts  Emoticons : (  Be careful with texting-type of lingo/abbreviations: – “ Meet @ mkt 4 drinks?”. “Can u b here 4 mtg?” – LOL, BTW,  ALL CAPITALS = SHOUTING!  all lowercase = laziness (as i perceive it)  Be gentle with “reply to all”

9 Don’ts Office gossip Forwarding biased or off-color jokes Omitting a closing signature General, non-specific responses or one-liners: – “I’ll be there!” – “You’re right.” Disseminating confidential information Use “blind copy” sparingly

10 What’s wrong with this email and how would you change it?

11 Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!! Flame e-mail: emails meant to “attack” or vent.


13 True or False? Emails are legal documents and can be used in a court-of-law?

14 Works Referenced The Business Writer’s Companion, 4 th ed. (2005) by Alred, Brusaw, and Oliu. Business Communication with Writing Improvement Exercises, 6 th ed (2000-2001) by Hemphill, McCormick, and Hemphill.

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