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Maryfield College Senior Cycle Options.

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1 Maryfield College Senior Cycle Options

2 Welcome Information on choices available to students entering Senior Cycle First decision TY or 5th year? If 5th year – which subjects? If 5th year LCVP? Please listen to information provided Questions and clarification at the end.

3 Senior Cycle Options Transition Year
Maryfield College Senior Cycle Options Transition Year

4 Why do T.Y.? “The mission of the T.Y. Programme is to promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of pupils and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.” (Dept. of Education and Science, 1994)

5 Aims of T.Y. in Maryfield To provide a wide and varied curriculum which allows for personal, social, vocational and academic development. To help students to appreciate and interact with their own community and the world of work. To provide the students with opportunities which will allow them to make valid subject choices.

6 Aims of T.Y. in Maryfield To provide a year which is free from examination pressure where personal and social development can be facilitated. To help students become self-directed learners and to help them “learn how to learn” . Provide the students with the opportunity to take part in An Gaisce.

7 Multiple-Intelligence Theory
Proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983. There are many different forms of intelligence as well as mathematical and linguistic

8 Multiple Intelligence Theory
Logical - Mathematical Spatial Linguistic Bodily-kinesthetic Musical Interpersonal Intrapersonal Naturalistic Existential

9 What will the Students study? Core Subjects
Irish English Maths French/German Religious Education P.E. Community Action Careers/Work Experience SPAD

10 Sampling Subjects History Music Physics Biology Business Chemistry Art
Geography Home Economics

11 Other Green School Mini Company Computers Film Studies Drama
Guest Speakers Visits to places of Interest Gaisce

12 Transition Year Programmes
Community Action Programme 6 week preparation in school 18 week Community Placement Work Experience Programme Weekly Careers class I day per week - Friday Placement Extra Mural Programme 14 week programme of activities 14 week programme of Catering & Crafts

13 Assessment Journals – Reflective, Community Action, Work Experience
S.P.A.D – ‘Soap Box’ Presentation Project Work Class Work, Class Participation, Class Tests Self-Assessment Group Interviews

14 Certification of Participation
Department of Education & Skills Certificate of Participation In Transition Year Distinction Upper Merit Merit Pass

15 Costs Associated with TY
Outdoor Pursuits Trip All other activities, outings, workshops Voluntary Subscription Transition Year Book List – Stationery, Dictionaries, Calculator Street Map Book, English Textbook & Novel

16 Costs Associated with TY
You should budget for: An Gaisce – Not Compulsory €10 for An Gaisce Registration Additional cost of lessons/classes

17 Costs Associated with TY
Bus Fares 2015/2016 €25 approx. Additional bus fares may be required to travel to Community Action/Work Experience Placements. Students are encouraged to bring a packed lunch on outings so to avoid extra cost.

18 Maryfield College 5TH YEAR SUBJECT OPTIONS 18 18

19 Choosing 5th Year VALID CHOICE -MAKE A CHOICE
Pupils should not be over influenced by friends’ choices Preferred style of learning –directed structured learning Knowledge of subject strengths


21 Important to make right decision
The choice of subjects for Senior Cycle is a very important one There are 3 main areas to be considered

22 CONSIDERATIONS Strengths: i.e. abilities, aptitudes, academic achievements– look at the subjects you have achieved well in so far. Interests: Subjects in which you have a strong interest and those you like – this can be the best incentive to study Careers/courses: Subjects required in order to pursue various careers/courses in the future

23 What are my choices? The compulsory subjects : English , Maths and Irish (unless exempt), French/German will be studied by all students Three optional subjects must be selected from the subjects on offer

24 Optional Subjects Physics Chemistry Biology Home Economics Music Art
History Geography Business Accounting

25 THEREFORE:NOTE: Students study seven subjects –
the best six subjects in one sitting of the Leaving Certificate will be counted for points A balance of subjects is advisable Some subjects desirable, some essential

A laboratory science subject is necessary for entry to a range of third level courses—from the Medical/para medical /Nursing area to Engineering/Architecture/Computers and all Science courses. Some courses require two science subjects and some require a specific science subject such as chemistry, physics or biology.

27 Examples of specific science requirements:
TCD-Dentistry and Medicine: any two TCD-Pharmacy- Chemistry and another UCD-Veterinary Medicine: Chemistry UCC- Dentistry& Medicine: Chemistry & either Physics or Biology DIT-Human Nutrition: Chemistry British Universities: Medicine: 2 sciences required, usually require Chemistry

28 NOTE: Ability in Maths/Science to do Physics &/or Chemistry
Biology–advisable if considering Nursing, Beauty Therapy Essential for Dental Hygiene UCC Choose Science subjects carefully

29 Languages It is advisable to have a modern language as most colleges require a language

Irish, English & another language for: NUI (National University of Ireland): UCD, UCC, NUI Galway, NUI Maynooth, Royal College of Surgeons, St. Angela’s College, Sligo, NCAD, Shannon College of Hotel Management, Institute of Public Admin & Milltown Institute.

31 More about Languages ! Trinity College & University of Limerick
Two languages-English & another, Irish accepted as “other” Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology and most Institutes of Technology : English or Irish NCAD: Irish, English, a third language or Art

32 Languages 3: Colleges of Education for Primary Teaching: Irish at C3 Honours level Any course that includes a language requires that L.C. Language, usually at Higher level e.g. International Business & Languages, DCU requires Honours C3 in language other than English/Irish

33 Mathematics Requirement for most courses & jobs
Ordinary level but some courses accept Foundation level Higher level for Engineering, some Computer courses, Actuary, Mathematical Degrees, some Sciences, some Medical/Para Medical areas: Essential to check specific requirements.

34 BUSINESS SUBJECTS It is possible to study Business at third level without taking any of the subjects at second level- but advisable to take one if you are good at, like and are interested in this area.

35 ART Essential for all Art & Design courses All require portfolio
Useful for Architecture, Engineering Some Media courses require portfolio and Art can be useful for this area

36 MUSIC Leaving Certificate Music necessary if you wish to study it at third level (standard of Grade 7 at an instrument expected) Audition /music test required for 3rd level Even if you do not want to pursue it at 3rd level– if you are good at music and like it as a subject you should consider it - might be useful for points for third

37 SOCIAL & SCIENTIFIC Traditionally known as Home Economics
Useful for hotel and catering, teaching, nursing, child care, social work, fashion design etc.

38 HISTORY Gives great insight into world around you
Most enjoyable, can develop many skills Not essential at LC in order to study history at college

39 GEOGRAPHY Gives great insight/greater understanding of the world around you For Science, Pharmacy & Medicinal Chemistry-TCD- it is accepted as one of the Higher Level C’s -- science subjects

40 REMEMBER! Choose with care What you like/are good at
Some subjects essential Some subjects desirable Know subject content Don’t get too hung up on career subject links Spread choices – open options! Enjoy your subjects

41 WHAT YOU ENJOY Subjects you enjoy  greater effort Greater effort = greater success

42 DO NOT base choices on : “it’s what my friends are doing”
“that subject is a doss” “there’s too much work involved ---” “even though I really hate it I’ll do it because I’ll need it for college” “only swats/nerds– do that subject”!

43 GET HELP & ADVICE Information on subject content:
1 Dept. of Educ. & Sc. Website 2 Text books for L.C. 3 Talk to subject teachers Talk to Guidance Counsellor about careers/courses/essential subjects Consult College Prospectuses, Career Books, College websites for specific subject requirements.

44 Useful Websites

45 We are here to help! Students can make appointments with Guidance Counsellor Parents can make appointments or get advice over the phone Thank you for listening Questions welcome Best of luck to all students.

46 Senior Cycle Options LCVP
Maryfield College Senior Cycle Options LCVP

47 LCVP What is it? Can everybody do it? Link Modules Assessment

48 Link Modules Preparation for the world of work Enterprise Education

49 Portfolio Core items: CV Career Investigation Summary Report
Enterprise/Action Plan

50 Portfolio Optional items: any 2 of Diary of Work Experience
Enterprise Report Recorded interview Report on ‘My Own Place’

51 Assessment Portfolio of work 60% of total marks
Written exam (May) % of total marks

52 Written Exam Audio-visual presentation Case study
General questions (4 out of 6)

53 Choice of Subjects for 5th Year
KEY DATES DECISION DAY for T/Y or 5th Year Tuesday February 10th Choice of Subjects for 5th Year TuesdayFebruary 10th


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