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1 Grieving

2 LOSS Death of a loved one Death of a pet Loss of a job Loss of a role
Loss of a home Loss of friends Loss of being needed Loss of health Loss of independence

3 Inappropriate responses
It’s not that important I just need to move on straightaway I’ll get over it if I keep myself busy I need to lose myself in a good book/film I don’t want to burden others In other words, SUPPRESS

4 Inappropriate responses
People aren’t interested in my sadness If I show my emotions I will be rejected It is safer for me to withdraw In other words, REPRESS

5 Inappropriate responses
My sister feels it more than me, she’s depressed One of my colleagues is really angry The old lady is devastated The children miss their friends It’s more work for my husband/wife In other words attributing your emotions to others, PROJECTION

6 Inappropriate responses
My job is gone, it’s not worth getting up My friends are lost, I won’t bother to go out Life has hurt me it doesn’t matter what I do I’m miserable, Iife isn’t worth living In other words, EXPRESSING negatively

7 Appropriate responses
Express positively Have a memorial service Make a ceremony for pet death Have memory swap of good times Make a scrapbook of memories

8 Appropriate or right responses
Confess our feelings to God and to others Talk about what has happened Explore our feelings and try to understand causes Meditate on God’s faithfulness

9 Use the Bible to help Psalms: Psalm 142 Psalm 43 Psalm13

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