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2 Aims *to enable students do the following: -Use the internet to search for information about the conditional Sentences and to exchange and discuss them with the others Via e-mail messages and discussion forum. -Make power point presentations. -Have them know how to use the 3types of the conditional Sentences. -Improve the students’ language and grammar abilities.

3 Activities Conditional sentences have two parts: The if-clause and the main-clause. If it rains,I shall stay at home. if-clause main-clause There are 3kinds of conditional sentences. Type 1- (probable) The verb in the if-clause is in the present tense;the verb in the Main-clause is in the future tense.It doesn’t matter which comes First: if+present tense_____future tense. (s+if+v1________s+will+v1) e.g: the cat will scratch you if you pull her tail. (the action in the if-clausee is quite probable)

4 Variations of type 1: Main clause: instead of will we can use: *may,might,must,should,can,had better. -if it stops snowing,we can go out. -if you want to lose weight,you must\should\had better eat less bread. *command request or advice: -if you want to lose weight,eat less bread. *another present tense: -if you heat ice,it turns to water. If clause: * if+continuous tense -if you are staying for another night,I’ll give you a better room. -if you are waiting for a bus,you’d better join the queue. *if+present perfect -if you have finished dinner,I’ll ask him to bring the bill. -if you have written the letter,I’ll post it.

5 Conditional sentences type 2- If+past tense_____conditional tense. -if I had a map,Iwould lend it to you. Note: the past tense in the if- clause is not a true past but Subjunctive(unreality). Type2 is used: 1-when the supposition is contrary to facts: -if I were you,I’d study hard. 2-when we don’t expect the action in the if-clause to take place. -if I dyed my hair blue,everyone would laugh. (but Idon’t intend to dye it so). S ometimes this form is used : Were+infinitive If Iwere to dye my hair blue.

6 Variations of type2: 1-main-clause: Might or could may be used nstead of would: -if you tried again, you might succeed. -if I had a permit,Icould get a job. Contiuous form can be used instead of simple form: -if Iwere on holiday,I would be touring Italy too. If+past tense can be followed by another past tense. -if anyone interrupted her,she got angry. When” if “means as or since,variety of tenses is possible in the main Clause. -if you saw her,you should have invited her. -if you saw her,why didn’t you invite her. 2- if-clause: instead of if+simple past we can have: -if+continuous e.g: if my car was working,I’d drive you to the station. -if+past perfect e.g: if he had taken my advice,he’d be a rich man.

7 Conditional sentences type 3 The verb in the if-clause is in the past perfect tense. The verb in the main- clause is in the perfect conditional. if+had+v3_______would have+v3 The time is past and the condition can’t be fulfilled,because the Action in the if-clause didn’t happen. e.g: if I had studied,I would have succeeded. (but Ididn’t study,so Ididn’t succeed). V ariations: 1-Could or might may be used instead of would: -if we had found him,we could\might have saved him.

8 2-The contiuous form of the perfect conditional may be used: would+have been+v1+ing -if she hadn’t been there,I would have been sitting infront. 3- The past perfect continuous can be used in the if clause. IF+had been+v1+ing -if I hadn’t been wearing a seat-belt,Iwould have been seriously injured. 4-Both types 2+3 are possible: -if I had caught that plane,Iwould be dead now. -if I had caught that plane,I would have been killed. 5-Had can be placed first and “if” is omitted: -Had you obeyed orders,this disaster wouldn’t have happened. other variations - If Peter was\were here,he’d probably get it. -If I was\were you,I should wait a bit. (were is more usual). -Were Iyou, Ishould wait a bit.( were is the only possible form). -If I were you, Ishould \would paint it red. (were is better than was When it is contrary to fact).(it is a useful way of expressing advice).

9 RESOURCES - The schooling books: 1rst secondary. 2nd secondary. 3rd secondary. - A Practical English Grammar. (third edition) the sites: -

10 TECHNOLOGY -WEBSITE -DISCUSSION FORUM -POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS - E-MAIL MESSAGES في حال عدم وجود الانترنيت يمكن للطالب الاستغناء عنه باللجوء الى شرائح البور بوينت للحصول على المعلومة. وووووووووو و يتم التواصل مع الأخرين عبرالمجموعة البريدية و منتدى النقاش و البريد الالكتروني و الماسنجر ثانوية في الحسكة ثانوية البحتري

11 Procedure of the lesson 1- warm up: greetings and questions: What will you do if you are thirsty? If you had 10 million dollars,how would you use the money? 2- Have the students search in websites for the information Or have It through power point presentations. 3- group1 should find the grammar points of type 1. group2 should find variations of type 1. groups 3-4 are supposed to find the grammar points of type 2 And its variations. groups5-6 to work out type3+variations. group7 to use the power point to express the conditions through pictures. 4-To exchange the ideas by the forum. 5-To send e-mail messages to their colleagues in other schools. 6-Doing the evaluation. 7-Closing up the lesson: singing a song and saying good bye. سير الدرس Activities:

12 EVALUATION - ACTIVITY 1- showing the students pictures concerned in conditions and have them Describe.Giving marks for grammar accuracy. For example: if I study I will pass the exam. -WRITING ACTIVITY: Ask the learners to complete : -if we could all read others’ thoughts ……... -if stones were used as money…………….. -if cars ran on milk……………... -if there was no daylight……………. -if people lived for ever………….. SPEAKING ACTIVITY: -if everyone forgot how to read………….

13 LISTENING ACTIVITY: Work in pairs: having 2 volunteers to make a conversation,using Pictures, then: Ask the other learners to listen in order to: to check for mistakes. to take notes. to match pictures with description. THE FINAL ACTIVITY: asking learners to evaluate their own activities. Advice for everyone If you have food in the refrigerator,clothes on your back,a roof Overhead and a place to sleep,you are richer than 75% of this world. GOOD LUCK RAWDA SRAIH ALBOHTRY SCHOOL


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