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Da Lllypop Express! Issue 2 (Sunday 26 th October 2008) Hi again! Any ideas for the front page? It’s looking a bit plain if you ask me.

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2 Da Lllypop Express! Issue 2 (Sunday 26 th October 2008) Hi again! Any ideas for the front page? It’s looking a bit plain if you ask me.

3 Random Story Page Lets see! Who should I publish for the second part…? Drum roll please! Danny yelled and tried to dive out of it’s grip but he was too late. He felt the claws dig into his clothes and lift him into the air. The cold night air whipped into his face making him shiver. A soaring sensation filled his stomach with butterflies resulting in him feeling slightly sick. He looked down and then closed his eyes at the sight of the pinpricks below him. He wondered where he was being taken. He thought to himself, think like a bird! Where would you go? He realised and then wished he hadn’t. He felt himself beginning to nod off, Danny knew he should keep aware of his surroundings but he didn’t seem to have another option, he could feel his eyelids growing heavy and soon he fell asleep.

4 Letter Page Recently I’ve been rather desperate for Emails seeing as the Lollypop Express is already late coming out, remember, any random question is welcome. ANYTHING! Dear Editor, Why do you include the answers to the puzzles? That way, people will not bother doing them! I'd advise that you put the answers in an email, or separate slideshow. Best wishes, Alley x Dear Alley, I include the answers because I think people will be glad to know whether they’ve got it correct or not. But you have a good point, they might not bother doing them. I think I’ll send the answers round by Email after, like you have suggested. The Editor Dear Hazel....or lollypop express....or who ever you are, MY FLEA IS MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently he is in Hong Kong, and he was squished in Tara’s bedroom. He keeps running away, AND I HAVE TO FIND HIM, (I'll get to the point now) If you were a flea, where would you go? And why? From ~She~who~shall~not~be~ named~.... from friend. Dear Friend, Firstly, I know your secret identity! But, as it’s secret, I will not say it in this reply. Anyways, if I was a flea I would go to the Flea Fun Fair in Florida. Just think of it as their version of Disneyland. They wouldn’t be able to avoid a place like that! The Editor

5 Not much to say really. Please email? Advertisements

6 IMPORTANT NOTICE as many of you will of heard, ALIENS ARE AMONG US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The secret agents have been trying hard to stop the aliens! I’m not too sure of their progress yet..........................................................BUT STILL WE DON'T KNOW IF THEIR STILL AMONG US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Important Notices By Ami Jones

7 Puzzle Page Soz about the background of the Sudoku you’re about to see, I know it’s a bit annoying to have sample in the back of your work, hope that’s OK. I also apologise for the lack of numbers in the dot to dot. It’s pretty self explanatory plus it took me ages just to group the dots, it’s so fiddly! Oh and I got kinda stuck working out the answers for Sudoku, I’ve done my best but I’ve decided there might be a competition to see who gets the correct numbers! I’ll think up a prize of some kind. I’ve decided to send round the correct answers for these puzzles in an Email afterwards so don’t expect to see them in the pp. Um…I think that’s all. Now get puzzling!

8 Auntie’s Behind the Scenes! Welcome all elderly to our Auntie’s Behind the Scenes! Here’s what us old ladies have been having a nice cuppa tea over. Puff! Hello kiddies! I’m Aunty Elderly (Hazel). Also meet my dog Roland. And I think you all know *pardon me, think I had too many beans* who I am! Aunty *excuse me* Fartie (Tara)! Wuff! I’ve decided to change my splendorous *fart* speech bubble to red as I support Saffron. Indeed! Me too! Wuff! However me lovelies I’m not too sure about Roland. He’s been acting a bit weird lately what with all these Walden posters on his doggy hut. Ooh that’s not a good sign! Maybe you should have him put down. Well I don’t know. It’d be awfully quiet without me lovely Roland here Fartie! Well you do what you need to in order to get rid of this silly phase *fart* ! Well, darlings, I came here in the first place to have a lovely cup of tea with all of you elderly members out there! Well, wasn't the weather jolly freezing today my chaps? Indeed Fartie! Ooh! Looky looky! I’m getting a letter from my Brian in Alaska. Oh yes, your great great great nephew who went on a holiday there? Read it out and show us all! Dear Great great great Aunty Elderly, What do you mean “cold”? You pansies don’t know what cold is. Now sit down and shut up! Having a horrible holiday, how Are you? Brian Charming.Not too polite is he? Could do learning some manners couldn ’ t he darling! I can remember it quite perfectly too! Yes. You’re right. I think I will try and show him how to behave marvellously in the next issue, toodles for now! Yes, cheerio! Next time you will see perhaps *fart* more Aunties, how Elderly here manages to sort out Roland and how we sort out this bad boy!

9 Here’s another nice portion of S.T.U.F.F! Singing, Tara getting banned, Um…big balloon blowing! Fings that are spooky Fourts about the new page Stuff Halloween has been! What did you do on the scariest night this year? What do you think of the New page? Email in and Tell me what you think! Any improvement ideas? A lot has been going on lately and it certainly doesn’t help that I missed out on an issue. This was ages ago but there was a Big Sing. Alley Described it to me: “Yup, the 'Big Sing‘! It was a concert involving primary schools and SWCHS choir.We saw: Mrs Hield, Mrs Geeves, Mrs Mawson, Mrs Couves, Mrs Gill, Mrs Connolly, Mrs Jorgenson and Mrs Evans!!” Big celebration, ALLYPO’S BIRTHDAY! At the time This pp is out at it will have Passed, but still. I’ve Decided to start mentioning Birthdays in this. Tara has been BANNED FROM EMAIL! But has recently RETURNED! There has been a huge argument online about Which side is the best Saffron or Walden. Personally I’m voting on Saffron but it all Depends on which side you’re on. People have been going Simply dotty over the Recent y7 maths Homework!

10 CREDITS! Editor: Hazel Meades Important Notices: Ami Jones Letter Page: Allypo and Friend (still not mentioning the name!) Auntie’s Behind the Scenes: Auntie Fartie and Aunty Elderly Music When I’m 46 Funky Drum n Bass Saxy French 1 Walking Music Kids music 2 If you could not hear any SFX please go to With thanks to… Partners In Rhyme For certain SFX and Music A Hazelworld (Planet Gobbledegook) production Yummy Moon Central! An big thanks to…Yummy Moon Central (Ami’s logo) for contributing A big thanks to Rowdy Nanny productions for contributing (Tara’s logo)

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