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How I Built My Personal Symbol By Johanna Hertwich.

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1 How I Built My Personal Symbol By Johanna Hertwich

2 The Planning I wrote a brainstorm, and then listed and sketched all my ideas that I could include.

3 The Making The Structure Shaping the head – wire mesh Wire mesh for the body.Lacing wire for arms. …And attaching the legs! Attaching the body to the head and arms… Cutting lacing wire for legs.

4 The Making Paper Mache My wire structure! Mixing Paper - Mache Coating my figure in Paper Mache My Paper Mache figure!

5 The Making Painting and Accessories. Painting the head Painting the legs Painting the boots While I’m waiting for the paint to dry, I can make my accessories And I loved this – gluing leaves onto the body for clothes, though it does take concentration and patience!

6 I love all LOTR things and also some other Mediavel things. Plus I like dressing up Medieval, and playing Middle Earth on our Farm. The Finishing Touches I love reading books! I earn pocket money by cleaning the house. I think schoolwork is fun. I am in charge of our goat/s. Every morning I milk our nanny goat, Ohla.

7 The Finishing Touches I painted on my face. Corn Husk Hairs. Ok, not all of these are brown (for my hair), but I’ll do my best to sort out the ones that are. There it is – my finished sculpture! Although it is not like I imagined, I’m still proud of it! After a lot of searching, this is the perfect space (see next page, not telling yet!) – My Willow tree.

8 The Finish TAADAA!!!!

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