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Positive Attitude! Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

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1 Positive Attitude! Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT


3 3 Attitude is Everything. IT IMPACTS WHATEVER YOU DO.

4 4 ATTITUDE can be defined as a “state of mind or feeling with regard to some matter”

5 5 Attitude can be linked to just one word… i.e. LIFE. It makes an incredible difference in your LIFE. It can be an influential tool for positive action. It can be a poison that cripples you. It dictates whether you’re living life by design or by default.

6 6 Turning ATTITUDE into REAL ACTION!

7 7 Stop Negative Thoughts They’ll never buy. They can’t afford it. They’re a pain to work with. They’re just looking for a good deal. They probably already know what they want. If I ask for referrals, customers will think I’m pushy. They’re cheap.

8 8 Think Positive... They will buy if I give them what they want. They can afford it, if they want it. They have high standards. They want the best value for their money. I can help them discover what they want. If customers like me and my service, they’ll be happy to give referrals! They will spend on things that are valuable to them.

9 9 The choices that you make TODAY impact your successes TOMORROW. Happiness is Yours to create. Build your attitude from the INSIDE out. Watch what you say to yourself.

10 10 The root causes of bad attitude are: Low Self Esteem Stress Fear Resentment and Anger.

11 11 Safeguard Yourself from “Toxic Negativity” People who are: Judges and Critics Professional Victims Soap Opera Stars Bitter to the Core

12 12 Change your PERSPECTIVE to Change your Attitude. Give yourself permission to love and forgive. See Failure as an Event. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

13 13 “Failures” Who Made It Big... Harrison Ford was told early in his career by a studio exec that he’d never make it as a leading man...he didn’t have “it.” In high school, Michael Jordan was cut from the basketball team. Thomas Edison failed 6000 times before the light bulb. Charles Schwab was dyslexic and almost flunked out of Stanford after failing English twice. Vanessa Williams was de-crowned Miss. America and has become a an award-winning African-American actress.

14 Every failure, obstacle or hardship is an opportunity in disguise. Success in many cases is failure turned inside out. Eliminate the negative attitude and believe you can do anything. Replace 'if I can, I hope, maybe' with 'I can, I will, I must.”

15 How do YOU respond to failure? I’m such an IDIOT! I’ll never try THAT again! What can I learn from this experience? OR


17 17 You must have VISIONS, GOALS and PLANS to turn attitude into action. Lack of VISION will make you lose. Develop a complete GAME PLAN.

18 18 BE PREPARED to take action BEFORE a situation occurs. Victory lies on the other side of each challenge… KEEP THE FAITH.

19 19 Hang Around with Positive People

20 20 Network with like-minded individuals…shared values are the foundation. Use your Partnerships!

21 21 Embrace change…it’s inevitable. Develop a “Whatever-It-Takes” attitude. Take your time…change doesn’t happen overnight. Keep your long-term goals in mind.

22 22 No matter what you do in life, if you have a positive attitude, you’ll always be 100%

23 23 According to an alphabet system, if you assign a numerical value to each letter (1-26), attitude will equal 100%


25 25 Make a difference in the life of someone else and be self-fulfilled.


27 Daily Motivation For Your Peak Performance Recharge Yourself With Our Free Video’s Get Connected To The World Of Human Resource

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