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The Philosophers of ancient Ionia Chapter 1: From Nea Smyrni to ancient Smyrni.

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1 The Philosophers of ancient Ionia Chapter 1: From Nea Smyrni to ancient Smyrni

2 Let’s go for a walk in the shopping center of Nea Smyrni! I’ll be happy to see your city! This is one of our main streets: Omyrou (Homer) Street! Who is Homer? He must be famous! Here he is! Let’s ask him! Hello! You want to know who Homer was? It’s a long story…. Ok Despina and Mateusz, I’ll tell you the story of this great poet! Ready? Ready! Homer was a poet in ancient Greece. We should ask my uncle Aris! Please tell us! My friend Mateusz is from Poland and he wants to know!

3 Homer was born about 3000 years ago! We don’t know the exact time but scientists estimate that he lived in the 9th or 8th century B.C. Moreover, we can’t be sure about where is was born! Seven cities of ancient Greece, insisted that they where the birth place of Homer! Athens, Argos, Pylos, Ithaki, Kolophon, Chios and our own Smyrni in Asia Minor! Homer gave us two great poems Iliad and Odyssey! Not only great, but big as well! Iliad had 15700 lines and Odyssey 12100 lines! And the most extraordinary thing is that Homer was telling these poems by heart! Some scientists said that Homer was blind. But his poems are full of beautiful pictures that no blind man is able to imagine and describe them so perfectly!


5 Iliad describes some of the facts that happened during the last of the 10 years war between Greeks and Trojans. Achilles, a great Greek hero, goes into battle. He takes revenge for the death of his beloved friend Patroclos, by killing the Prince of Troy, Hector. The second poem, Odyssey, described the adventures of an other Greek hero of the Trojan War, Odysseus, in his 10 years journey from Troy, back to his island Ithaki. You should read these poems! Maybe Homer looked like this!

6 I hope that Homer was born in Smyrni! You mean here, in Nea Smyrni? No, I mean the ancient Smyrni, in Asia Minor. It was ancient Ionia there! What happened to that Smyrni? This is an other big story! You know the history of Smyrni is older than Homer! The first city was built at 11th century B.C.! It was destroyed on the 7th century B.C. and rebuilt by Alexander the Great! On 27 B.C. was conquered by the Romans and on 1076 by the Turks. On 1688 and on 1778 earthquakes destroyed the city. But the people bravely rebuilt it one more time and Smyrni became a great commercial center. On 1919 Greeks took Smyrni back but it was only for a short time. On 1922 Smyrni was burn by the Turks and people had to abandon their birth place and come to live in the mainland of Greece. They named their new city Nea (new) Smyrni, so they would never forgot where they come from….


8 This building is the House (Estia) of Nea Smyrni. We don’t have traditional buildings in my city, but this one is special! I think we had a very interesting afternoon today! Should we go home now, and take a nap? Let’s go! I think I’ll try to find more information about Homer and other important people in ancient Ionia!


10 Oh my God! Where am I? What is this place and who is this old man? Welcome little girl! Welcome to the city of the Ancients!

11 And may I ask who are you, Sir? Oh my dear girl, I think you called me this afternoon!!! MY NAME IS HOMER!

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