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PRE- LISTENING DISCUSS THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: * When do you write down other’s addresses? * When do you give other people your address? * Do you remember the last time you write down an address?

WHILE-LISTENING: Task 1 Complete the form below. WRITE NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. VIDEO LIBRARY APPLICATION FORM Surname      Jones First names: Louise Cynthia Address: Apartment 1.72 (1) _____Street Highbridge Post code:   (2) ________ Telephone: (home)                   (3)___________ (work)   Driver's license number: (4) __________ Date of birth: Day: 25th Month:(5) _____ Year: 1977

WHILE-LISTENING: Task 2:Complete the form below. WRITE NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. INSURANCE APPLICATION FORM Name: Mr. Gavin (1) _____________ Address: (2) ______ Biggins Street (3) _________ Date of Birth: 12th November 1980 Telephone: Home: Nationality: (4) __________

5 POST-LISTENING Sentence True or false Listen and check your answer:
1.Mahesh thinks that the two styles of music he plays are completely different. 2.Rhythm is something fundamental to all music. 3.Mahesh thinks that live music doesn’t work in clubs. 4.He thinks that it is too early to try dj-ing at a classical music concert. 5.Indian audiences are far more lively than Western ones. 6.Mahesh is always looking for new experiences.

6 Listen the conversation and fill in the gap:
POST-LISTENING Listen the conversation and fill in the gap: SAM: I'm not _ in the present perfect! I need to ___ more words. It doesn't really matter if my tenses aren't quite right as long as people understand me. JO: She did give us some new words though. SAM: I know but she didn't ____any of them on the board. She was too busy talking. JO: I wrote them in my book if you want to copy them. I know that if I don't write new _____ down I'll never remember them. SAM: Thanks. I'll give your book back to you tomorrow. If I don't see a word written down I can never it either and I need to write it down myself to help my _______. JO: What about the phonemic chart? Did you find that useful? SAM: Yes, although I found it really ______ to hear the difference in the sounds she made. Jo: Yes, I'll need to practice them too. If we use the chart every lesson though I think it might help you to remember new words. If you can 'see' the ______you need to make it might be_______. SAM: Yeah, I think you're right. Maybe you should be my ______!

7 HOMEWORK Work in pairs. One of you telephones the others and leaves a message for somebody (you decide who and what). Your partner writes the message on a piece of paper and delivers it.

8 Enjoy it!! Nguyen Hong Oanh Nguyen Nhan Thien BACK

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