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Exploring Holistic Admissions at Colorado State University Carlos Jimenez, Associate Director Freshman Initiatives Renee Orlick, Director of Operations.

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1 Exploring Holistic Admissions at Colorado State University Carlos Jimenez, Associate Director Freshman Initiatives Renee Orlick, Director of Operations

2 CSU Class Profile (Freshmen) Typical incoming student F’11 (mid 50%)  GPA: 3.29-3.9 (Average 3.59)  ACT Composite: 22-27 (Average 24.7)  SAT Combined: 1050-1240 (Average 1145) From 49 states and more than 80 countries Colorado residents comprise 76% of all students 19 percent of domestic students are ethnic minorities (difference of 111 over last year). Entering freshman class of 4,504 students Approximately 17,000 applications Approximately an 82% admission rate

3 Holistic Admission What comes to mind?

4 What it means to review holistically Take “non-traditional factors” into account, not just grades, scores and curriculum minimums Consider that different students bring different strengths to the classroom, some of which are not yet evident Assess the difference between a student’s choices and opportunities Select a person, not just a student As much about recruitment as selection

5 What are “the right” approaches? Admit students based on future potential, not just past performance Carry out a system that is as consistent as possible Recognize that “objectivity” is elusive at best Shape a class to fit the institution’s mission Don’t penalize students for things they cannot control Know the student’s “local context” Assess and refine process each year

6 College Ratings of the Importance of Various Factors in the Admission Decision: Fall 2010 Factor Considerable importanceModerate importanceLimited importanceNo importance Grades in college prep courses 83.4%12.3%2.7%1.6% Strength of curriculum65.725.74.73.9 Admission test scores (SAT, ACT) 59.329.47.04.3 Grades in all courses46. Essay or writing sample26.633.022.917.6 Student’s demonstrated interest 23.030.926.619.5 Class rank21.837.225.915.0 Counselor recommendation 19.445.023.112.4 Teacher recommendation Subject test scores (AP, IB) 9.632.432.625.3 Interview9.222.733.035.2 Extracurricular activities7.442.335.115.2 Portfolio5.912.932.948.2 SAT II scores5.311.824.958.0 State graduation exam scores Work1.920.347.230.6 SOURCE: NACAC Admission Trends Survey, 2010

7 Factors Showing Most Change in “Considerable Importance” Rating: 1993 to 2010 SOURCE: NACAC Admission Trends Survey, 2010

8 Holistic Admission at Colorado State Each applicant receives a holistic review by one or more admissions staff members who assess academic rigor and performance and personal qualities. Applicants who meet state and institutional admissions standards are considered priority candidates for admission. Applicants who do not meet the priority consideration standards still are considered for admission; files are reviewed by an admissions committee.

9 Holistic Admission: Academics Minimum six semesters GPA, class size and class rank SAT and/or ACT results – Written sections not used Academic rigor (completed and proposed) Priority Consideration Factors and state requirements Trends in grades – Explanation of discrepancies/deficiencies ? Major requested (competitive, non-traditional, under-represented) Special academic circumstances e.g., learning disability, early graduate, homeschool, non-traditional, GED, portfolio

10 Holistic Admission: Academics Emphasis on the high school curriculum- both the number of courses completed and the academic rigor of those courses. – Priority Consideration is given to freshman applicants with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA (4.0 scale) and completion of the following: The state of Colorado Higher Education Admission Requirements are a subset of these core subjects

11 Holistic Admission: Personal Qualities Colorado State University recognizes that academic preparation may take several forms We endorse the belief that non-academic factors, personal characteristics and individual experiences are important and positive for the campus community. Personal statement/essay, activities list, academic explanation, recommendation(s) offer broader view

12 Holistic Admission: Personal Qualities Activities with particular emphasis on leadership and service Ability to contribute to diverse campus community (e.g., personal background/experience, special talent) Examples of maturity, focus, motivation, readiness for academic and non-academic aspects of college transition Extenuating circumstances and demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles or adversity Student’s understanding of self related to learning or other disability Growth and understanding gained from criminal or disciplinary issues

13 Holistic Admission: The Process We review 900-1200 files a week Committee reviews 100-200 files a week Recommendations for deny receive at least one further review Students can ask for reconsideration and submit additional academic information

14 Holistic Admission in Action Your turn! – 3 Real applications to Colorado State – Review the information – Discuss strengths and weaknesses of each applicant – Would you Admit or Deny to the University? – We’ll discuss the candidates as a group and test your holistic savvy

15 Biological Science 3.56 weighted GPA School does not rank ACT Comp 23 Eng24 Math20 Read23 Sci23 √ 4 units of English √ 4 units of Math √ 3 Natural Sciences √ 3 Social Sciences √ 2 Foreign Language √ 2 Academic Electives

16 Angelina’s Essay

17 Angelina’s recommendations

18 Angelina’s Recommendations cont’d

19 Angelina’s recommendations cont’d

20 Angelina- addt’l info

21 Decision Time Strengths Concerns Additional Comments Recommendation Outcome?

22 Undeclared 3.17 weighted GPA 121/48575 % 2.69 uw GPA 168/48565 % ACT Comp30 Eng26 Math30 Read33 Sci29 √ 4 units of English √ 4 units of Math √ 3 Natural Sciences √ 3 Social Sciences √ 2 Foreign Language √ 2 Academic Electives

23 Matthew- addt’l academic info

24 Matthew’s Essay I’ve been described as an interesting, intelligent, and kind person. I come from a good family, with supportive parents and an older brother who has already graduated from CSU. I want to go to college to show my family what I’m capable of and to follow in my brother’s footsteps. If I can go to college and get my degree I will be able to get a good job and make money, but I’ll also be able to consider myself an equal to my brother. As far as the economy goes, going to college is practically the only sure way to get a well paying job so that people can effectively take care of themselves. I want to gain my independence from my parents and take care of myself. I spend my time as a technician for Drama club for my school, participating in DECA for my school which involves competing and preparing for competitions, and in Pre-Collegiate Development Program (PCDP) to learn how to be successful in college. As a technician for Drama club I build the sets for the school plays, but now that I’m a senior I also have a responsibility to direct and teach the newer technicians. Teaching the new technicians gives me a chance to connect better with them so that we work well together and to share my love of building with someone else. This has improved my communication skills and patience, both of which will be of some use for me at CSU. I’ve always enjoyed building the sets for the school, knowing that every time someone goes to see the show, they were looking at something I helped create. I now look forward to using the skills I’ve developed once I get to CSU. PCDP has help prepared me for college that I feel confident that I’ll be able to do well, along with making me more outgoing so that I’ll be able to socially interact with other students at college. We even took a retreat up into the mountains to a camp called Balarat. At Balarat the PCDP staff led us through activities designed to force us out of our shells and to socialize with the other juniors in the PCDP program. Through this program I have made many friends and now the social skills to make many more. During PCDP’s summer program I had the chance to take a few actual college classes and experience college firsthand. I learned what I’m truly capable of during the program and that I’m ready for college. I do very well in comprehending both science and math at school and I will definitely pursue a career in either subject. I did very well in both of these subjects because I have a natural aptitude for them. I also do well in English but do not plan on pursuing a career in the field of writing because I don’t enjoy it as much as working with math and science.

25 Matthews Recommendation

26 Additional Info- Matthew

27 Decision Time Strengths Concerns Additional Comments Recommendation Guess Matthew’s Index

28 Performing Arts/Dance 3.36 weighted GPA 157/37558 % 3.11 uw GPA 137/39565 % ACT Comp19 Eng19 Math17 Read21 Sci19 √ 4 units of English √ 4 units of Math √ 3 Natural Sciences √ 3 Social Sciences √ 2 Foreign Language √ 2 Academic Electives

29 Denzel- addt’l academic info Academic Explanation My Junior year in high school, my grades dropped/ They suffered because I was going through sever family problems and social anxiety. During this time, I was dealing with my family and friends accepting my sexuality. This caused my grades to suffer because it trapped me in a depressed state of mind.

30 Denzel- Essay page 1

31 Denzel- Essay p 2

32 Denzel- recommendation

33 Denzel- recommendations cont’d

34 Denzel’s recommendations cont’d

35 Denzel- Additional Info

36 Decision Time Strengths Concerns Additional Comments Recommendation What did the Committee do?

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