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You can count on me.

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2 You can count on me.

3 If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea…

4 Lost in the dark and you can’t see

5 I’ll be the light to guide you

6 Find out what we are made of

7 You can count on me

8 That’s what friends are supposed to do What you should do. How to behave.

9 If you toss and turn and you can’t fall asleep

10 You’ll always have my shoulder when you cry (….. have a shoulder to cry on …… )

11 - You tube version with lyrics Tin tin vimeo (use this after doing gap fill)

12 Grammar: IF ….. After “if” use the present tense If I am hungry I will eat an apple. If I get very bored …. If I fail my exams ……. If I get a good mark in English….. If it rains, …… If I am late for school …..

13 Will / will not (won’t) Use will when you think or believe something about the future I think it will rain tomorrow I think …… when you are making decisions I’m tired, I think I’ll (I will) have a sleep when you want to change your life I will talk more slowly in class I will learn to play the piano

14 IF ….. and will If my friend is bored, I will … If my friend fails the exams, I will … If my friend gets a good mark in English I will … If my friend is sad I will …… If my friend is late for school ….. I will…. If my friend is stressed, I will….. If I don’t get a Valentine present, I will …..

15 A good friend is someone who ….. One way to make friends is to ……. Friends are important because ….. When I am with my friends I like to …. My best friend is someone who ……..

16 I need friends because …… My friends need me because….. The best thing about friends is ….. The people I get on best with are …… On weekends, I like to …….. with my friends

17 One thing I always do for my friends is …. Something I would never do for a friends is ….

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