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2 A fashionably tan man sat casually at the bat stand, lashing a handful of practice bats. The manager, a crabby old bag of bones, passed by and laughed, “You’re about average Jack and can’t you lash faster than that?”.

3 Jack had had enough, so he clambered to his feet lashed bats faster than any man had ever lashed bats. As a matter of fact, he lashed bats so fast that he seemed to dance. The manager was aghast. “Jack, you’re a master bat lasher he gasped. Satisfied at last. Jack sat back and never lashed another bat.

4 The throng of thermometers from the Thuringian Thermometer Folks arrived on Thursday. There were a thousand thirty-three thick thermometers, though, instead of a thousand thirty-six thin thermometers,

5 which was three thermometers fewer than the thousand thirty six we were expecting, not to mention that they were thick ones rather than thin ones.

6 We thoroughly thought that we had ordered a thousand thirty-six, not a thousand thirty-three, thermometers, and asked the Thuringian Thermometer Folks to reship the Thermometers; thin not thick.

7 They apologized for sending only a thousand thirty-three thermometers rather than a thousand thirty-six and promised to replace the thick thermometers with thin thermometers.

8 A

9 B

10 C

11 D

12 E

13 F

14 G

15 H

16 I

17 J

18 K

19 L

20 M

21 N

22 O

23 P

24 Q

25 R

26 S

27 T

28 U

29 V

30 W

31 X

32 Y

33 Z

34 i

35 ee

36 ea

37 oi

38 to • at • it • for • from • in • an • and • or • are • your • one • the • a • of • can • had • would • was • what • some •

39 Use a t' or ta sound to replace to.
To be or not to be... He didn't get to go.

40 If that same to follows a vowel sound, it will become d' or da.
He told me to help. She told you to get it. I go to work at a quarter to two The only way to get it is ... You've got to pay to get it. We plan to do it. Let's go to lunch. The score was 4 to 6

41 reduced [t]. We're at home. I'll see you at lunch. Dinner's at five.
Leave them at the door. The meeting's at one. He's at the post office. They're at the bank. I'm at school.

42 'd or ad I'll see you at eleven. He's at a meeting.
She laughed at his idea. One at a time We got it at an auction. The show started at eight. The dog jumped out at us. I was at a friend's house.

43 for This is for you. It's for my friend. A table for four, please.
We planned it for later. For example, for instance What is this for? What did you do it for? Who did you get it for?

44 FROM It's from the IRS. I'm from Arkansas. There's a call from Bob.
This letter's from Alaska! Who's it from? Where are you from?

45 IN It's in the bag. What's in it? I'll be back in a minute.
This movie? Who's in it? Come in. He's in America.

46 AN He's an American. I got an A in English. He got an F in Algebra.
He had an accident. We want an orange. He didn't have an excuse. I'll be there in an instant. It's an easy mistake to make.

47 AND ham and eggs bread and butter Coffee? With cream and sugar?
No, lemon and sugar. ... And some more cookies? They kept going back and forth. We watched it again and again. He did it over and over. We learned by trial and error.

48 OR Soup or salad? now or later more or less left or right
For here or to go? Are you going up or down?

49 ARE What are you doing? Where are you going?
What're you planning on doing? How are you? Those are no good. How are you doing? The kids are still asleep.

50 YOUR How's your family? Where're your keys?
You're American, aren't you? Tell me when you're ready. Is this your car? You're late again, Bob. Which one is yours?

51 ONE Which one is better? One of them is broken.
I'll use the other one. I like the red one, Edwin. That's the last one. The next one'11 be better. Here's one for you. Let them go one by one.


53 Didee?

54 Duzzy?

55 Wuzzy?

56 Hazzy?

57 Willy?

58 Woody?

59 Canny?

60 Wooden chew?

61 Shoodn nai?

62 Woe knee?

63 Didn knee?

64 Has a knee?

65 Wooden knee?

66 Is a knee?

67 Is a nit?

68 Duzza nit?

69 Are nai?

70 Done chew?

71 Can chew?

72 Dju

73 d´Dju

74 Willyu?

75 Wone chew?

76 Wuju?

77 Havyu?

78 R´yu?

79 Eezzee?

80 Eeshee?

81 TH VARIATIONS th + l th + n th + t th + d th + s th + z

82 with lemon with nachos both times with delivery both sizes with zeal

83 th + ch th + j n + th z + th d + th

84 both charges with juice in the was that hid those

85 T + Y =CH What's your name? Can't you do it? Actually
Don't you like it? Wouldn't you? Haven't you? No, not yet. I'll let you know. Can I get you a drink? We thought you weren't coming. I'll bet you ten bucks he forgot. Is that your final answer? natural perpetual virtual

86 D+Y=J Did you see it? How did you like it? Could you tell?
Where did you send your check? What did your family think? Did you find your keys? We followed your instructions. Congratulations! education individual graduation gradual

87 S + Y =SH Yes, you are. Insurance Bless you! Press your hands together. Can you dress yourself? You can pass your exams this year. I'll try to guess your age. Let him gas your car for you.

88 Z+Y=ZH How's your family? How was your trip? Who's your friend? Where's your mom? When's your birthday? She says you're OK. Who does your hair? casual Visual usual version vision

89 I'm very excited by the upcoming election
I'm very excited by the upcoming election. Here in the United States we choose a new president every four years. This year we're electing a new president because president Bush has served two terms. He can't run for the office of president any more. Why is this? One of the most famous presidents of all times was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was elected so many times - a total of four times - that congress decided to limit the number of times a president can serve. Since then, a president can only be chosen two times. In other words, the president can serve two terms.

90 t'day

91 godawork

92 wayd do 't

93 ir't home

94 't c'n wait

95 givid try

96 th's'z fr you

97 a call fr'mme

98 izzæda

99 geddaow de hir

100 z´maddere fakt

101 th´bessd´vall

102 wherzuh

103 w´n´z y´rz

104 w´n´v´m´z

105 f'r'hir'r d'go

106 w´ts th´nay m´v

107 tse top´v th´

108 w´d´dee d´nd´d´zr vit

109 hir zw´n f´r you

110 w'ts'n't

111 gen'n'gen

112 w'dr you doin'

113 wer'r you

114 Whe´r y´r


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