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Destination:. Planning it all out  I have to stick to a $2000 budget.  I have to estimate the cost of the gasoline.  I need a hotel.  I need to purchase.

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1 Destination:

2 Planning it all out  I have to stick to a $2000 budget.  I have to estimate the cost of the gasoline.  I need a hotel.  I need to purchase the tickets.  I will go for 4 days.

3 DECISIONS I have to pick a hotel, but there are so many to choose from!  Melia Orlando Hotel at Celebration, Formerly Mona Lisa Suite=$119.01  Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa = $ 77.35  Bahama Bay Resort & Spa = $65.84  Seralago Hotel & Suites $40.95

4 I pick Bahama Bay Resort and Spa!!!

5 Bahama Bay Resort and Spa Accommodations and Prices  $65.84 per night x 4 days = $263.36  Fully equipped kitchens including refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, coffee/tea maker, crockery, cookware, utensils, and glassware  Two full bathrooms with dual sinks, separate showers and tub in the in the master bath  Spacious living room and dining area  Screened, private balconies with table and chairs  Vaulted ceilings  Laundry room with washer, dryer, iron, and ironing board  Cable television with two televisions throughout the Villa  Safety amenities including fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and telephone

6 Cost of Gas I will depart from my house. My address is : 2995 Caney Branch Road, Adamsville, TN. 38310 Bahama Bay Resort & Spa 400 Gran Bahama Bay Boulevard Davenport, FL 33897  12 hrs 17 mins / 724.48 miles  Florida’s average gas price: $3.28  Vehicle:21 mpg  Total cost: $250.00

7 I have everything except… TICKETS!!  4 day Base – Adult= $238.45  The Magic Your Way Base Ticket pass gives you admission for the number of days on your pass to:  MAGIC KINGDOM  EPCOT  Disney's Hollywood Studios  Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

8 Money I will spend so far….. $ 250.00 in gas. $263.36 for my resort reservation. +$238.45 for my Disney Base tickets. $751.81 I’m doing good so far.

9 3 Meals A day Since it’s just me, I will spend about $12.00 per meal a day. $12.00 x 3 = $36.00 $36.00 x 4 = $144.00 I will also need money for snacks. $7.00 x 4 = $28.00 but I’ll take $35 just in case. $144.00 + $35.00 = $179.00. I will take $180.00

10 Off I go! These are the cities I will have to drive through: Birmingham, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama Dothan, Alabama Tallahassee, Florida Gainesville, Florida Ocala, Florida I will drive during the night so I can be there all 4 days

11 Animal Kingdom for my first day! I have arrived at Animal Kingdom. I have to remember that I parked in Giraffe 35. When I get to the main entrance, I have to get my bag inspected. Next, I’ll insert my ticket and I’ll enter the park! I get my map brochure, and I also get the flyer that contains all the times and schedules for all the shows. I enter the park at 10:00 and the Festival of the Lion King starts at 10:30 so I’ll go get in line.

12 I LOVED the music and the dancing of the show! Now, I can go watch the other show which is “It’s Tough To Be a Bug!” Now I feel like riding something. I’ll go to the Kilimanjaro Safari ride.

13 It’s Time to have some Fun! Kali River Rapids Finally the one I’ve been waiting to ride all day: EXPEDITION EVEREST! Since it’s just me, I’ll go on single riders, but I’ll get a fast pass in case I want to ride it again and the waiting line is long.

14 Those rides were great! Now it’s time for another show. Finding Nemo the Musical is going to start at 3:15. It lasts around 45 minutes. It’s 2:45, so I’ll go get in line.

15 I’ve watched all the shows, and now I’ll get on some more rides in Dinoland, USA. I’ll get on the Primeval Whirl first! I was wearing a hat, but it flew off in this ride.

16 It’s 5:00, and my fast pass ticket for Everest is from 4:15 – 5:15. I will ride it again before my time limit expires. I’ll go back to Dinoland and ride Dinosaur. The waiting time is 30 minutes. It’s not that long, so I’ll wait.

17 Day 2: Hollywood Studios I love this park because it shows you how they do all the special effects and explosions in the movies. Also, it has one of my favorite rides, Rock’n’ Roller Coaster.

18 I have no order in which I’m going to do things, so I’ll go to the ones I like the most first. ROCK’N’ ROLLER COASTER starring AEROSMITH NEXT:

19 I can then go to Toy Story Mania and Star tours before the line gets too long!

20 One of my favorite shows: Lights, Motors, Action!

21 I have two things I also want to see: The Studio Backlot Tour and Beauty and the Beast

22 Fantasmic! 8:00

23 Day 3: Epcot This park doesn’t have many rides, but it’ll be a very long walk all day. Since I’m already in the main entrance, I’ll get on Spaceship earth. It’s in here.

24 I’ll go to all of the pavilions, too.

25 There are 3 main rides that I’ll want to get on.

26 Day 4: Magic Kingdom This is one of my favorite parks! I’ll go to all the shows and rides.

27 These are the ones that I’ll make sure I get on:  Splash Mountain  Big Thundermountain  Space Mountain  Buzz Lightyear’s Spin  Tomorrowland Speedway

28 Time to go home!

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