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Professional standards the evidence Pru Mitchell

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1 Professional standards the evidence Pru Mitchell

2 Where is your evidence? in my head, give me a day & I’ll write it out for you in my filing cabinet, I’ll sort it into a folder for you on my computer, in an email folder on USB, I’ll export it for you in the ALIA CPD database – I’ll print it out in school PD database, I’ll get the Deputy to run a report online, here’s the url – or the list of urls in my last job application or CV – I’ll just update it and send it to you

3 Policy working party Toni Leigh, Qld & ASLA Board Camilla Elliott, Vic Anne Girolami, Vic Margaret Simkin, Vic Anne Whisken, Vic Pru Mitchell, SA Margo Pickworth, NSW Anne Plowman, ACT

4 Think differently the goals to which all teacher librarians should aspire, and inspiration for quality teaching and ongoing professional practice Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians

5 Think evidence-based

6 Think developmental

7 Think standards that are... inspirational aspirational achievable also valid and measurable Ingvarson & Semple

8 What’s it mean for you? Image: Questionmark made of puzzle pieces Horia Varlan, CC-byQuestionmark made of puzzle pieces

9 Mapping VIT to AITSL Professional knowledge 1.Know students and how they learn [AITSL] Know how students learn and how to teach effectively [VIT] 2.Know the content and how to teach it [AITSL] Know the content they teach [VIT] [3. Know their students] [VIT]

10 Professional practice 3.Plan for and [implement] assess for effective [teaching and] learning [AITSL] 4.Create and maintain [supportive and] safe and challenging learning environments [AITSL] 5.Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning [AITSL] Use a range of teaching practices and resources to engage students in effective learning [VIT]

11 Professional engagement 6.Engage in professional learning [AITSL] Reflect on, evaluate and improve their professional practice [VIT] 7.Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community [AITSL] Are active members of their profession [VIT]

12 Professional learning Library and information professionals have a responsibility to commit to professional development and career-long learning ALIA principle, 2005

13 Learn for points

14 Learn differently Type of Prof LearningFocus Job-embeddedClassroom Job-relatedSchool Employment-relatedSystem Career-relatedProfession Self-directedPersonal M Hough 2010 attributed to Joyce 1996/7

15 Act differently The instructional partnership is not about teacher doing content and teacher-librarian doing information literacy, but about mutually solving learning dilemmas with the shared expertises: information learning and disciplinary learning Ross Todd 2005 SLAV conference

16 Mapping ASLA-ALIA to AITSL 3.5 Use effective classroom communication [AITSL] 2.1 3 Foster an environment where learners are encouraged and empowered to read, view, listen and respond for understanding and enjoyment [ASLA-ALIA]

17 Teacher librarian context 3.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programs [AITSL] Highly accomplished teacher librarians actively plan, teach and evaluate with teachers to explicitly teach information skills. They also provide an environment that supports engaged learning by utilising their knowledge of cross curricula and cross school views. [working party draft 1]

18 Content 2. Know the content and how to teach it [AITSL] Highly accomplished teacher librarians support their peers by using their comprehensive knowledge of current content requirements and teaching strategies to collaboratively plan and teach a wide range of topics for both classroom and subject teachers. [working party draft 1]

19 Assessment 5. Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning [AITSL] Highly accomplished teacher librarians work with classroom and subject teachers to collect rich, personalised and accurate evidence of student achievement and report this in a form that facilitates effective communication with students and parents. [working party draft 1]

20 Resources 3.4 Select and use resources [AITSL] Highly accomplished teacher librarians work with staff to develop, recommend, organise and manage appropriate print and online resources to support student learning, and policies relating to the selection, implementation and evaluation of appropriate resources. [working party draft 1]

21 ICT 2.6 Information and Communication Technology [AITSL] Highly accomplished teacher librarians model and encourage colleagues to use new and emerging technologies, digital resources and tools in the classroom. They work collaboratively with colleagues to use digital resources and tools to improve student learning and engagement. [working party draft 1]

22 What is your evidence? learning/skills continuum matrix document collaborative programming, planning documents across different aspects of role minutes of planning meetings implementation video feedback from students and teachers about teaching using Researching Together (SLAV 2005)

23 Teacher librarian mindset Assist colleagues to select a wide range of verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to support students’ understanding, engagement and achievement. [AITSL] Teacher-librarians provide, demonstrate and encourage use of a wide range of resources, including print, electronic, online, audio, software and recordings. [working party draft 1]

24 What resources are there? AITSL Illustrations of practice IFLA case study ePortfolios

25 Sharing differently #vicpln

26 References Hough, M 2010, Libraries supporting staff development, SLAQ/IASL conference Ingvarson, L & Semple, A 2006 How can professional standards improve the quality of teaching and learning science? Mitchell, P 2006, Australia’s Professional Excellence Policy, School Libraries Worldwide 12 (1): 39-49 Todd, R 2005, School Libraries, Productive Pedagogy and the Leading of Learning, SLAV conference

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