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1 7.1c

2 Classroom Rules Same rules as Mr. Lopez, including:
Do class work and participate No bathroom breaks No getting out of seats No cell phones No throwing objects Controlled talking only And other normal classroom rules (no cheating, etc)

3 What is controlled talking?
Appropriate noise level TRY IT: Everyone start talking very quietly and grow gradually louder and I’ll raise my hand when the class is too loud If the class is loud, talkers will be punished

4 What is controlled talking?
When I raise my hand, it is a call for quiet and complete attention. When you see my hand raised, you stop talking and also raise your hand TRY IT: Everyone start talking about their favorite video game. I’ll raise my hand after a while.

5 I’m like Teddy Roosevelt
I never get mad, but I am ruthless in giving out punishments Consequences range from having to work standing up for 5 minutes in class (lowest level) to phone call home and even referral. TRY IT: I’ll punish one person in class today. We’ll see who it is.

6 Warm Up and Homework Check

7 TAKE NOTES Square root of an area of a square is the side length
Example: Square root of 36 is 6 because for a square with area 36, the side length is always 6 √3̅6̅ = 6 √1̅6̅ = 4 √9̅ = __

8 Find the side length given area for squares
6 36 9 4 16 3 7 5

9 These lines are not equal in length

10 ____________

11 h. _________ i. _________ _________

12 h. √1̅3̅ 2√1̅3̅ or √5̅2̅ √2̅5̅ or 5 √2̅9̅ √3̅7̅


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