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1 Gilvan A. Alves Lafex/CBPF CMS Experiment Brazilian Contributions.

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1 1 Gilvan A. Alves Lafex/CBPF CMS Experiment Brazilian Contributions

2 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 2 Currently 3 Groups are working at CMS This same group built the FPD at Dzero -Lafex/CBPF (Rio) -UERJ (Rio) -IFT/Unesp (São Paulo)

3 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 3 Currently 3 Groups are working at CMS -Lafex/CBPF (Rio) -UERJ (Rio) -IFT/Unesp (São Paulo) IFT working only on Grid related projects. CBPF mostly working on software projects Muon simulation Castor Database Offline DQM UERJ working on software/hardware projects Castor Software/ Hardware Muon simulation

4 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 4 CASTOR Offline Database : Implement methods for accessing CASTOR data in CMS Offline Database.  Pedestals  QIE data  Gains  Electronics Mapping  Response Correction  Zero Suppression  … CMS - RIO (CBPF & UERJ) : Installation & Software Tungsten/Quartz Calorimeter at 13 m from CMS IP

5 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 5 CBPF 1.Gilvan Alves 2.Maria E. Pol 3.Moacyr Souza (Engineers) 1.Eduardo Revoredo 2.Patricia Bittencourt 3.José Afonso Sanchez 4.Samir Cury 5.Fabiana Fortes Collaborators from other institutes: CEFET ( Professors Alexandre Zachi and Jesse Werner, student André Breitinger ); UFRGS (Computing science) : Professor Claudio Geiyer, student Marko Petek ); UFBA ( Professor Newton Oliveira ). UERJ (Physicists) 1.Alberto Santoro 2.Andre Sznajder 3.Carley Martins 4.José R. Mahon 5.Helio Nogima 6.Luiz Mundim 7.Vitor Oguri 8.Wanda Prado 9.Wagner Carvalho 10.Juan Goicochea Students 1. Dilson de Jesus(D) 2. Sandro Fonseca(D) 3.Sheila Mara(D) 4.Eliza Melo (M) 5.Felipe Silva (M) 6.Diego Figueiredo( M ) 7.Jordan Martins (M) 8.Ana Thereza (M) (D) PhD Students (M) Master Students

6 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 6 -Computing Infrastructure. UERJ – T2Hepgrid 500 Cores 10 Gbps link CBPF 120 Cores (CMS/LHCb) 1 Gbps link (upgrade soon) -Lab Infrastructure. UERJ/CBPF Electronics for Trigger/DAQ FPGA trigger for Dzero FPD CBPF Mechanical workshop Built prototype LHCb Muon chambers

7 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 7 -Lab Infrastructure upgrades. UERJ/CBPF New Electronics tools Spectrum Analizer CBPF Scintillator Facility

8 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 8 Diffraction -Dilson de Jesus Damião – B diffractive Production (CMS) -Sheila Mara – Jet Gap Jet (CMS) -Eliza Melo – Impact of Pile-up on Diffractive Topologies (CMS) -Felipe Silva – Kinematical Correlations on Diffractive Topologies(CMS) -Diego Figueiredo- Dijet correlation in the forward region -Ana Thereza - TBD Electroweak Physics -Sandro Fonseca - Drell-Yan Cross Section and Ressonances of High Mass in the Framework of CMS. PhD Program Master Program -Jordan Martins - TBD PhD Program Master Program

9 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 9 -Forward Physics with CMS Submitted to Funding agencies Castor (+z side) FP420 (electronics) RPC feasibility studies electronics detector

10 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 10 Forward Physics Detectors for CMS

11 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 11 FP420 ATLAS & CMS proposal to build near beam detectors at 420 m.

12 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 12 Summary CMS - RIO (CBPF & UERJ)  Engaged in CMS software/hardware projects Forward Physics  Possible participation in RPC Funding  Colombia-Brazil collaboration

13 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 13 backup

14 Gilvan A. Alves 2008 14  Pierre Auger - Argentina  Proton – Antiproton @ 2 TeV  Proton – Proton @ 14 TeV  Matter – Antimatter Asymmetry  Neutrino Physics: Reactors  Neutrinos Physics accelerators (Minerva)

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