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Ana Barkaia, Nino Chkhaidze & Trevor Stokes James Madison University

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1 Ana Barkaia, Nino Chkhaidze & Trevor Stokes James Madison University
Increasing Capacity for Qartveli-Georgian Caregivers Supporting Children with Histories of Abuse, Neglect, and Developmental Disabilities Ana Barkaia, Nino Chkhaidze & Trevor Stokes James Madison University

2 Children of Georgia

3 Deinstitutionalization and social inclusion of children with special needs in 2007-2008
Three months training Behavior management team Tbilisi Infant House, Gldani Boarding School and day care centers in Kutaisi

4 Tbilisi Infant House Five trained specialists in Tbilisi Infant House
Functional, academic and social skills; and behavior challenges Supervisions from previous CoG staff members trained in ABA

5 Training in social inclusion of children for CoG staff in 2008
Training by founders of CoG from New Zealand Dr. Barry Parsonson and Dr. JaneMary Castelfranc-Allen Support of foster family services in Georgia Interns from Tbilisi State University (including Nino) also involved in this training

6 Cognitive behavior therapy for PTSD in 2008
In August 2008 there was a war in Georgia Need for psychological support was very high Training in cognitive- behavior therapy for PTSD One year project of CoG, working in PTSD symptoms of war- affected children and their families

7 Early intervention services in 2009
Trainings for caregivers on developing behavior management systems and individual plans for children in Tbilisi Infant House CoG staff focused on helping caregivers implement developmental plans for children Supervision for caregivers

8 Family support services in 2009-2010
Training for foster families Preparation for transitions of children Home visits for families Developing parenting skills Supervising foster parent’s interaction with children

9 Individual cases in CoG psychological helping center
Individual casework Autism cases Counseling cases

10 Process of Deinstitutionalization
In 2011 process of closing the big institutions started in Georgia Two types of residential environments were created for children - Small group homes and foster care services

11 Small group homes in Children of Georgia provided psychological support for children and their families in this process. The project consisted of two stages: Preparing children for transition and matching them with families Providing psychological support for children and for their caregivers

12 Difficulties Social workers inexperienced in non institutional settings Undesirable environment for children Time spent for transition Environmental demands

13 COG staff at James Madison University
Professor from James Madison University, Dr. Trevor Stokes came to Georgia Professional developmental trainings and supervision for CoG staff Learned about JMU graduate programs

14 Connections between COG and JMU
Remote consultations for CoG staff Develop teleconference mechanisms

15 მოგესალმებით ყველას! დიდი მადლობა აქ მობრძანებისათვის.
იმედი მაქვს მოგეწონათ პრეზენტაცია საქართველოს შესახებ.

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