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Ana Barkaia, Nino Chkhaidze & Trevor Stokes James Madison University.

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1 Ana Barkaia, Nino Chkhaidze & Trevor Stokes James Madison University


3  Three months training  Behavior management team  Tbilisi Infant House, Gldani Boarding School and day care centers in Kutaisi

4  Five trained specialists in Tbilisi Infant House  Functional, academic and social skills; and behavior challenges  Supervisions from previous CoG staff members trained in ABA

5  Training by founders of CoG from New Zealand Dr. Barry Parsonson and Dr. JaneMary Castelfranc-Allen  Support of foster family services in Georgia  Interns from Tbilisi State University (including Nino) also involved in this training

6  In August 2008 there was a war in Georgia  Need for psychological support was very high  Training in cognitive- behavior therapy for PTSD  One year project of CoG, working in PTSD symptoms of war- affected children and their families

7  Trainings for caregivers on developing behavior management systems and individual plans for children in Tbilisi Infant House  CoG staff focused on helping caregivers implement developmental plans for children  Supervision for caregivers

8  Training for foster families  Preparation for transitions of children  Home visits for families  Developing parenting skills  Supervising foster parent’s interaction with children

9  Individual casework  Autism cases  Counseling cases

10  In 2011 process of closing the big institutions started in Georgia  Two types of residential environments were created for children - Small group homes and foster care services

11 Children of Georgia provided psychological support for children and their families in this process.  The project consisted of two stages: 1. Preparing children for transition and matching them with families 2. Providing psychological support for children and for their caregivers

12  Social workers inexperienced in non institutional settings  Undesirable environment for children  Time spent for transition  Environmental demands

13  Professor from James Madison University, Dr. Trevor Stokes came to Georgia  Professional developmental trainings and supervision for CoG staff  Learned about JMU graduate programs

14  Remote consultations for CoG staff  Develop teleconference mechanisms

15  დიდი მადლობა აქ მობრძანებისათვის.  იმედი მაქვს მოგეწონათ პრეზენტაცია საქართველოს შესახებ.

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