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 Relatore: Prof. Marco Dotti  Correlatore: Prof. ssa Federica Da Milano.

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3  Relatore: Prof. Marco Dotti  Correlatore: Prof. ssa Federica Da Milano

4 The communication doesn't occur just through linguistic acts, but even through gestures and actions both innate and culturally assimilated.

5 Communicating interpersonal attitudes Completing verbal communication Replacing verbal language communication fulfilled to keep social relations through several moods we complete gesture and movements to verbal communication to strengthen the message we need to spread noisy situations in which we can’t be heard

6 The body language isn't an optional element of communication. The body conveys the person's identity even more than words do, since it gets across information which the subject is inclined to hide under his voice.

7 Your gaze is one of the element which makes the conversation unique. looking in each others eyes lets perceive hidden meanings in the conversation and all the real moods of a person. As regards the posture, it is about an element partly involuntary as very often subjects acquire positions at an unaware level which reflect their status and their personalities. Gestures are typical of human beings. they allow to develop the ability to evolve as a rational and intelligent individual.

8 Facial expressions form a system made up of micro-expressions and movements realized to convey meanings and information which concern an individual's mood and his emotions.


10 Finally the management phase may include individual or group similations analysis of selection criterion, candidacies collection and evaluation methods such as forms Evaluation phase occurs through the use of several elements like psychological tests, which permit to evaluate the individual himself and his relation to others

11 First Part Massimo Pisani Second Part Monica Puggiotto

12 Problem Solving Leadership Collaboration Open Mind Listening Self control Decision- Making capacity

13 Social contactIncentiveControlInformativeInstrument Alleviating anxiety

14 An extremely neat appearance predisposes the selector to positively evaluate the candidate.


16 The eyes assume a main role because they emotions to spread. There are different types of looking: Each look conveys to the interlocutor a specific type of message

17 Posture highlights our emotions: someone who is self confident moves towards the right or left side

18 One of the main gesture during job interviews is your handshake. In fact hands reveal a lot about the candidate and his mood. Putting hands in the pocket Stess unloading with an object Rubbing your hands Touching your hair

19 Smiling may be used as an instrument to attract the attention of the selector and to influence his judgment, it may also have several causes as scorn, derision, gratitude and craftiness

20 Nowadays big data allow the selector to collect, through the net, a huge quantity of information about us, about our personality and tastes. BIG DATA through social networks, create a profile about us based on our likes and sharing. Where will all this take us? Will our real communication essence still be considered?


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