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Customized Individual Development Plan / CIDP® Refined Analytics 2014

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1 Customized Individual Development Plan / CIDP® Refined Analytics 2014

2 Content  What is CIDP?  What to expect from CIDP?  How CIDP works  Developing CIDP with 360 o assessment

3 What is CIDP?  CIDP is a set of Human Resource Development Blueprint to improve the quality of Human Capital in an organization  The Development Plan is assigned to each individual according to their own unique requirement

4 What to Expect from CIDP?  Highest Return on Investment on HR training and development plan  The most effective and efficient organizational structure  Job analysis to bring the most of every individual  Salary structure to increase employee motivation  Improve employee satisfaction to greatly improve performance and loyalty  Human Resource integrated and holistic development  Business process and performance improvement

5 How CIDP Works  Individual job description and evaluation assessment  Organizational cultural analysis  Competitive Pay structure analysis  Current job duty evaluation

6 Individual job description and evaluation assessment

7 Director of Operation ImportanceFrequency Skill possessed People Development474 Ability to delegate/follow up, getting jobs done through others744 Multi-task abitlity744 Process technology drive111 Understanding the financial position and details of your company144 Handle problems and bottlenecks477 Process improvement strategies444 Meet people face to face414 Ask questions and listen attentively441 Understand business wholistically111 Team building and environmental development444 Communication: verbal and written777 Enforce standards (safety issue, food quality, cleaniness)447

8 Organizational Cultural Analysis

9 Competitive Pay Structure Analysis PositionMinMedMaxBonus General Manager 42,00046,00050,0001-3k District Manager 55,00062,50070,0005-8k Pay Experience and performance 42 50 Ideal pay Next Step: Compare individual pay to market pay rates

10 Current Job Duty Evaluation

11 Skills possessed Importance & Frequency of current job Business understanding Technology Planning Technology Business opportunity cultivation Data entry People development Delegation Multi tasking Listening Communication Stay calm under pressure Problem solving Audit assurance Taxation Strategy Financial acumen Strategic leadership Client relations Self development Planning Developing sales Financial acumen Maintain records Computing net earning Product delivery Presentation skill Business vision Communication Meet people Financial audit Attention to detail Organizational skill Corporate reporting Financial management Coaching & mentoring Performance & QC Coaching & mentoring Attention to detail Integrity Problem handling Standard enforcement Supervising Initiative Regulation and trends Diversity awareness Analytical thinking Planning Coordination Influencing Coordination Client relations Diversity awareness Multi tasking General math Analyzing information Approachable Prioritizing Under Utilized Skills Training OpportunityBest Fit Director of Operation Administrator CFO District Manager Human Resource & Payroll

12 Current Duties (before CIDP) Corporate Projects 20% IT 10% Driving 10% HR 20% Store Checks 40% New Duties (after CIDP) Operations improvemen t Business development People development

13 Developing CIDP with 360 o Assessment Customized Individual Development Plan Performance evaluation Scores from manager assessment Results of management practice survey Results from job description self-assessment

14 Manager – Top View Peer – Horizontal View Self Assessment - Bottom View

15 Manager – Top View Peer – Horizontal View Self Assessment - Bottom View Manager – Top View Peer – Horizontal View Self Assessment - Bottom View Before CIDP Weighting After CIDP Weighting Distributing Assessment Weight Proportion For Maximum Results

16 Finding Correlation Between Individual and Company Performance Office 1 Office 2Office 3Office 4Office 5Office 6Office 7Office 8Office 9Office 10 Office 11 Office 12Office 13Office 14Office 15 0.79(0.24)0.260.430.16(0.14)(0.07)0.22(0.04)0.01(0.13)(0.32)(0.11)(0.17)(0.24) 0.700.15 (0.18)0.350.85(0.02)0.330.15(0.02)(0.63)(0.35)0.28(0.52)(0.67) 0.410.470.10 (0.33)(0.03)(0.23)(0.46)0.670.10(0.40)0.02(0.61)0.070.18 0.760.330.63(0.04)0.530.03(0.04)0.40(0.27)(0.12)(0.54)(0.04)(0.37)(0.34)(0.60) 0.230.520.17(0.05)0.12(0.08)0.28(0.16)(0.08)(0.13)(0.11)0.03(0.76)(0.35)(0.16) 0.170.450.670.620.45(0.25)0.12(0.10)(0.35)(0.13)(0.22)(0.30) (0.02)(0.55) 0.440.450.220.050.25(0.25)0.390.42(0.35)0.30(0.61)(0.03)0.05(0.08)(0.22) 0.420.990.180.460.590.390.29(0.21) (0.04)0.68(0.37)(0.33)(0.34)(0.66) 0.170.620.310.760.42(0.08)(0.41)(0.39)0.02(0.41)(0.02)0.01(0.08)(0.38)(0.03)

17 Finding Correlation Between Individual and Proxy Assessment Correlation with Proxy Assessment Individual Assessment

18 Individual and Business Performance as CIDP Benchmark Business Performance Individual Evaluation

19 Spotting the “Hot Area” For the Most Effective Training For the Highest ROI Q2, Q5, Q6, Q10 1. I know what is expected of me at work. My immediate supervisor focuses me. 8. My immediate supervisors help me to see the importance of the mission and purpose of the organization, and makes me feel that my work is vital in accomplishing it. 9. My immediate supervisors hold my coworkers and me accountable for doing quality customer focused work. 13. Overall my supervisors create an environment where I can be most productive and successful 11. I talk frequently with my immediate supervisor about my progress. This includes my contributions and how I might improve 7. At work, my immediate supervisor listens to my ideas and values my opinions 12. My immediate supervisor challenges me and also gives me opportunities to learn and grow 4. I receive recognition and praise for good work. My immediate supervisor helps me see the value I add. Q14,Q15,Q16,Q17 Rating Correlation

20 Employee Satisfaction and Motivation Booster Data from our past project with one of our clients in the US

21 Data Employee Satisfaction Training Pay Recognition 52% 58% 65% By reading the data, we would conclude that our client needed to increase pay to boost employee motivation Data from existing employee

22 Data vs Normative Employee Satisfaction Training Pay Recognition Normative Data from in similar industry 48% 52% 71% 58% 65% Data from existing employee When we compare with normative data, we may reconsider to focus on increasing recognition towards the employees

23 Analytics Employee Satisfaction Training Pay Recognition 48% 52% 71% 58% 65% The strongest leverage point identified through analytics Normative Data from in similar industry Data from existing employee With deep analytics assessments, we found that training was the strongest point to improve the company performance

24 CIDP has been successfully implemented in various companies, for example:  Starbucks Coffee  Conoco Phillips  Pepperjax Grill  Green Plains Renewable Energy  REMAX  Capital One  Maharishi University of Management  etc

25 Contact Us: Refined Analytics

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